Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Phil Nelson

Robert Caro's LBJ: Passage of Power

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  1. What was the real reason why LBJ delayed his swearing in and eventual departure from Dallas? Surely LBJ must have known he was already President and did not need to be sworn in? Why the delay in finding a judge (who wasn't needed, anyway)? How difficult is it to find a judge in Dallas? Was LBJ's overriding desire to have JFK's dead body on the plane? LBJ knew he could not leave JFK's dead body in Dallas where an autopsy would have revealed the true cause of JFK's assassination. The intricate toing and froing in Dallas was nothing more than a smokescreen which gave the conspirators time to get JFK's dead body on the plane. The whole sordid affair was an elaborate, well-orchestrated, well-rehearsed and ghoulish dance of murder and death from start to finish.