Monday, May 21, 2012

Peter Lavenda

Churches, covert ops, JFK


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  2. What I meant to say was that before the Iraq war DNS attacks originating from the server at a major Christian university were targeted at posters of anti war comments on the web. The US occupation government of Iraq employed graduates from these Christian evangelical collleges. Peter Phillips book American Theocracy lays out the political function of "southernizing" the entire US by three christian denominations. The analogous use by western intelligence agencies of retrograde religious sects in foreign nations is well known.

  3. Another most interesting show.

    Here are three people that I wonder about as far as seeming to be affilitated with odd "Christian" churches.

    "Brother Nathaniel" Kapner,
    Claims to be a Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) monk.
    Praises Putin continually.
    Interesting to do a search on the term "Russian Orthodox Church, KGB" to see the long established close connection between that church and the national state of Russia or the former Soviet Union.


    Most Reverend Archbishop Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Ph.D. Star Wars expert and 9-11 truth activist in the Steven Jones / thermite gang style.

    He is Presiding Archbishop of the United Catholic Church.

    A photo of him in his full regalia is found here...


    William "Bill" Schnoebelen

    Claims to have been a priest in the
    a priest in the Old Roman Catholic Church. When he refers to his stint as a bishop, he simply says he was a bishop in the "Roman Catholic Church," leaving out the "Old" in the name of this church. This guy's bio reads like the schizophrenic's delight. You name it, he's done it!

    There is a free audio download available for a short temporary time on where Frank Vasile & Dr. Edgar A. Lucidi speak about having known Bella Dodd. Dr. Lucidi said that the Roman Catholic Church was infected with a fifth column in the 300s and 400s with several "pharasaic" leaders becoming priests in the Church as well as several "pagan" priests also becoming RCC priests. Quite a revelation!

    I regard communism and NAZIism two sides of the same dialectic coin. Both are hideous and probably Satanic. The international banksters have desired a one world death and slavery system at least since 33 AD and probably since long before.

    His whole speech characteristics impress me as what I refer to as "flim-flam." He is a frequent quest on the Protestant Christian conspiracy Internet radio shows.

  4. Correction:

    This paragraph
    "His whole speech characteristics impress me as what I refer to as "flim-flam." He is a frequent quest on the Protestant Christian conspiracy Internet radio shows."

    was posted out of order in previous post and refers to William Schnoebelen.

  5. The Nazis and their offspring are building the Fourth Reich right now in the USA. The two edged sword off Operation Paperclip is starting to cut the wrong way.


    That is part 1 of

    The Power Elite and the Secret NAZI Plan

    There are 22 parts to this interesting series of articles.

    Dr. Cuddy has a book by the same title I think.

    The NAZIs are alive and well and thriving for a full revival.

  7. One of the best interviews, thank you very much.
    I think you spelled the authors name in a wrong way, it's Levenda...

  8. Jeannon ... the Nazi takeover of the world is probably more advanced and satanic than you think! OMG!!!

    Just consider how the Nazis - it must be they because they run everything as you know - have put poor persecuted Jews into virtually every prominent role in finance, banking, the media, the academy, the War on Islam Propaganda, the War on Whiteness Propaganda, etc.

    Now why would they do that?

    I can only imagine it's to make the Nazi's old enemy look bad as the world's people turn against an apparently Jew-run world order, blaming the innocent Jews and turning upon them all over again as so often in the past ...

    The diabolical Nazis are probably going to mind-control us into Holocausting the Jews all over again!!!!

    And I swear I saw a guy at the gym looked just like Hitler. Those cloning movies pumped out by the Nazis' who run Hollywood are probably true!!!!

  9. Great interview
    Please have him on again