Monday, January 30, 2012

John Carman

Whistleblowing: Customs Service, Secret Service, more


  1. Jim, Your Radio programs are intellectual gold, Research is my hobby and with how hectic life is for a working stiff your podcasts are incredible sources of up to date information that dish out facts that would take me years to come across, as well as spoken in such an intelligent way it really gives Truth a new kick in the seat. How can naysayers argue with a Jim Fetzer hammering out real science and intellect behind every act of conspiracy our government is blatantly guilty of!

  2. Very interesting show, especially for someone living in San Diego!

    I do have to say, Mr. Carman simply has his facts wrong about Islam and Muslims. Judaism actually allows for the deceiving, conning, and otherwise cheating and lying to of non-Jews, not Islam. I think Mr. Carman buys too much into all the Jewish propaganda we are subjected to from childhood on. The Holocaust is a major farce.

    The interview was great though, I just wanted to point that out. Even more confirmation of just how corrupted out government really is. It's really mind boggling. The entire system needs to go, and the crooks at the top need to be locked up or executed for treason. Every last one of them.

  3. As long as there are a few more good guys than bad guys we'll survive as a society. Otherwise we are doomed. Another great guest and great show.