Friday, January 20, 2012

Greg Hallett

Blackmail in New Zealand


  1. Wow, great interview, very interesting. My hat is off to Mr. Greg Hallett. This pedophile/Satanist/blackmail/drug running stuff ALWAYS seems to pop up in all parts of the world, especially the Western World. Jim, I too have difficulty understanding this stuff. One thing I know is that there are some very Evil people running the affairs of this world, and they must be exposed and arrested for the sake of our children.

    I first ran into this stuff after reading John DeCamp's book The Franklin Cover up, which detailed an elaborate pedophile ring centered in Omaha, Nebraska, but which had links all over the country. It's a pretty long story, and I'm sure most here are familiar with it. I am from Omaha and I had NEVER even heard of this until about 3 years ago... that's how much power they have to cover this stuff up. Simply disgusting.

  2. Absolutely, John Friend. The reality of what was uncovered in the Franklin scandal materials, and the McMartin and Presidio Daycares court cases, and the long history of cultic activity and creation and infiltration as well, by negative aspects of intelligence circles ... all dovetail with what Hallett emphasizes.

    As I said on the interview about where the pro-Paul McCartney was Replaced (also known as Paul is Dead) argument stands currently, the questions of cultic activity come up and are interesting in their own right.

    Dave McGowan's pages on under the "Laurel Canyon" series, are not just for studying what might or might not be going on in music/commercial artistic media circles, but also for how cults operate, and how some of the intel circles and military persons may become doubly or triply entwined in these things.

  3. And no, John F., I don't mean to imply that the cultic information necessitates that PIR (Paul is Replaced), though it comes up as part of a pro-PIR argument, if the forensics of P also PIR, as they currently seem to do.

    Cultic/ Sex/ Mind control information stands on its own, however, as Hallett's comments show, whether it also contributed to PIR or instead PIR is false.

    But it is an issue raised when studying PIR. That's what I'm saying. I already knew of the issues Hallett raised, before wondering about the forensics and cult implications in a pro-PIR hypothesis.

    But I, too, really only learned of the seriousness of cult/ pedophilia/ adult sex attack networks/ mind control about when you did. I thought it was nuts to suggest any kind of organized crime of that level ---- though some of the actions of already-known organized crime might delve into these crimes as well from time to time, I thought.

  4. Hey Clare!

    I'm afraid that ritualistic, Satanic child abuse, child pornography, snuff films and human/animal sacrifice, ect have been going on for a looooong time now. These techniques have been perfected by the intelligence agencies and military to the point where they can literally program people. Dave McGowan, as you mention, is an excellent source for all this. There is a blog at that really exposes this stuff, almost on a daily basis. This sickness is a lot more prevalent than most people think. I put up a brief post a couple days ago about some recent examples that suggest this stuff is still going on.

    I've been screaming for a couple years now that we need to arrest the politicians, bankers, and other elites that pulled off 9/11, the illegal wars of aggression, torture, financial crimes, ect, but after taking into consideration how deeply infiltrated and compromised the ENTIRE justice/law enforcement system is, who is going to arrest the criminals? We've seen in many instances of child abuse and Satanism how the police, judges, FBI, CIA, lawyers, ect were all involved in the crimes. Who can we turn to arrest the top elite level criminals?

    Jim, you may consider inviting McGowan on the show. Nick Bryant is another author who wrote extensively about the Franklin Scandal, he would make a good guest, too.

  5. Right, John F. -- Wouldn't that be wonderful, if Jim had McGowan on, especially about his work on Laurel Canyon, rather than the Moon, which he also did an interesting set of pieces about. And also Bryant about the Franklin Scandal!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the interview, Jim. Hallett's obsession with anti-feminism is untenable, but I understand his feelings about extreme forms of any rights group, where injustices happen and can cover deeper moral-crime networks as well.

    A few caveats for the casual listener: Hallett's comments should be more overtly backed up as he speaks; he makes a lot of claims in conversation, and a casual listener would not believe him, which is unfortunate (and why I tried to mention sources on the material, at least in passing, when I did my PID show).

    He also mentions intelligence tips so regularly without also mentioning any awareness he may have, that some intelligence tips are disinfo or misinfo.

    But I've come to love him, whereas at first I felt he didn't back up what he said. The more I learned, the more the gist of what he said showed to be true.

    About Obama's family's CIA connections: the Kenyan Muslim-focussed coup movement (Barack's father's father and Barack's father) was greatly tied to Britain and to the CIA; and Barack's mother was into Russian studies and international Brzezinski-like "nationalist" coups at the time when these were beginning to be controlled through the CIA. It goes deeper than this, but these are some aspects.

    Hallett overemphasizes Israel and Rothschilds alone, by the way, because the British elites are the major part of this problem. They were as much influenced by Venice's spy networks and banking as they were by the Jews within that banking system. William of Orange was a coup against Leibniz and Dafoe, who were working for a National Bank and for positive nationalism in Britain and Ireland and the Continent.

    A good article on this was put out (in a polemic, so ignore that aspect if you wish), written by the LaRouche affiliates at the American Almanac magazine:

    Hallett also misunderstands "handouts" and "Socialism", as if support payments are never necessary or that's all that being Socially National in policy is about. This is as much a misunderstanding as saying "monopoly" and "Capitalism" are always synonymous.