Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Russ Baker

George H.W. Bush and JFK's assassination


  1. I read that, again, Pakistan promises to release Osamas Wives. Now if that would ever come true, I think it is vital to interview, ie debrief them as soon as possible, before they have any accidents. It seems they lived in abbotabad for five years with Osamas son Hamza. We all know that OBL died 2011 in tora bora, but the rest of the world have trouble keeping up with us.
    They must be educated.
    And there is a chance Obama will let the women live, he is crazy and believe he is omnipotent after staging the fake raid (he must know by now) and blatantly posting a FAKE birth certificate (he must know by now, I men his mothers name is written in MSPAINT). He thinks he can get away with anything, maybe he can but we sure cold try and stop him before they nuke Iran or worse. Well, just a thought I had since you are friends with Barrett and all that, maybe you two could work something out to get the truth from the ladies before they disappeare or whatever.

  2. Wonderful interview.

    Good point, motorfot, as well.

    And CoopAlrod: who cares if he's Jewish? Are you obsessed with the Mossad aspects of some conspiracies? Or do you just generally over-apply the term "Jewish" to ALL conspiracies? If so, either way, CoopAlrod cannot differentiate between persons who are Jewish and legitimate and illegitimate questions ... about some Zionists -- top ones, and not all of them Jewish, anyway, since Zionism is conflated in reality with Sionism, which is British-German paganism mixed with Occultic-Egyptio-mysticism (top Masonry, magicians, etc.).

  3. Mr. Baker: you are correct as to what a journalist has to do to present opposing views. It is unfortunate that you don't currently know enough about 9/11, or cannot assess at least some of the research on its own merits as Jim gives an overview, that you can see which side wins the argument.

    It is true that Bush and Cheney could, in the abstract, have had many reasons not to have a Commission right away, or to speak under oath or with notes taken.

    However, some issues are not mere beliefs in the case. Get educated on it, and you will see (as regards 9/11). Thank you for your contributions on the umbrellaman in the JF Kennedy death, and your contributions on the Bush Family.

    Also, you are right that journalists should be educated persons (in the true sense), not mere "journalism students".

  4. I hope Russ apologized to Jim after the show for his (Russ') sniffy and truculent start to the interview. Russ should thank Jim for having him on the Real Deal and refrain from throwing a bender about the telephone arrangements.Glad the interview quickly got back on an even keel.

  5. In this excellent podcast, one of the topics covered by Jim and Russ was the whereabouts of George H. W. Bush at the time of the JFK assassination. In “Family of Secrets,” Mr. Baker describes how Bush tried to demonstrate his patriotism when he phoned the FBI with a “tip” about a young man named James Milton Parrott, who Bush alleged had “been talking of killing the president” (p. 50) in the weeks leading up to the assassination. Bush was so vague about this “hearsay” tip and Parrott had such an air-tight alibi that it appeared as though the poor stoolie Parrott was serving as a cover story for Bush as innocent bystander on November 22. Mr. Baker documents how Bush had spent the night at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas on Thursday, November 21 and delivered a speech in nearby Tyler, Texas on the day of the assassination. Mr. Baker’s account of the Parrott saga is the most thorough I have ever read.

    But where was “Poppy” Bush at 12:30 pm on Friday, November 22, 1963? A tailor-made alibi for Bush was provided by his wife Barbara, who apparently wrote a letter at the exact moment of the assassination. According to Barbara, she and George were in Tyler, and she was writing her letter at precisely 12:30pm while seated in a beauty parlor! While most of us alive on November 22, 1963 were making use of the telephone to contact loved ones at this moment of national crisis, Barbara Bush claims that she wrote a group letter to family members during her hair-styling session.

    Barbara’s letter (quoted in Mr. Baker’s book) begins with the generic salutation of “Dearest Family,” and there follow two extremely specific time references placing George and Barbara Bush in Tyler, Texas on the afternoon of November 22. But the most revealing moment of the letter is when Barbara writes the following in which she speculates that the death of the President was the handiwork of a lone assassin: “We are sick at heart….We are hoping that was not some far right nut, but a ‘commie’ nut” (p. 53). Of course, it turned out that the alleged assassin WAS portrayed as a “commie." As Jim and Russ describe in detail in the podcast, the false legend of Lee Harvey Oswald as a "left wing nut" fits the exact profile noted by Barbara Bush. How perceptive of Barbara to assess the workings of the assassination from the Tyler, Texas beauty salon on the afternoon of November 22, just prior to the arrest of Oswald!

    Another topic covered in the podcast was the so-called Umbrella Man. One of the important themes stressed by Russ was how the media will take legitimate evidence and then distort, trivialize, or even mock it. Thus, photos of a suspicious man raising the umbrella near the Stemmons freeway sign are reduced by "The New York Times" to a ridiculous story of the impersonation of Neville Chamberlain.

    In the year 1940, a young Harvard graduate dusted off his senior thesis and published it as “Why England Slept.” The author recognized the complete failure of Chamberlain and Munich accord, and his historical study sought to understand why England was completely unprepared for World War II. The name of writer: John F. Kennedy.

    There exists video footage of the House Select Committee hearings in the 1978, wherein the congressional members are seen laughing during the interview with Louie Steven Witt about an umbrella that could be used like the high tech weapons from a James Bond story. With the congressmen enjoying such a light-hearted moment, who could possibly take seriously the evidence of the man holding the umbrella?

    It is good that we have trenchant researchers and writers like Russ Baker who do not consider the pictorial images of Umbrella Man and his cohort with the walkie-talkie to be a laughing matter, but rather important pieces of evidence in our understanding of the JFK assassination.

  6. Excellent post, James.

    Have you listened to Josiah Thompson's sniggering, laughing ramblings on the
    Umbrella man? ( See Jim's latest posts. I can't recall which one ). Thompson really has become a sniveling little prick latterly and probably laterally as well - if you get my meaning. As regards your post, wasn't there some reference somewhere that JFK is alleged to have assured the Bay of Pigs veterans of "total umbrella air cover" for the
    botched and doomed invasion of Cuba?
    Was the umbrella pumping something to do with that - a not so cryptic message to JFK?

    A propos de rien en particulier......

    Have you ever seen the film Hoffa starring Jack Nicholson?
    There's a scene there, if memory serves, of a union confrontation which
    takes place on a lonely road during pouring rain. There are cops all around who are waiting to lay into the union activists. Hoffa unfurls an umbrella and starts opening it. While he's pumping it open it, some guy shouts:
    " Is this an ambush?" and Hoffa replies:
    " You're darn f****** right it's an ambush!"

    Totally unrelated and fictional but interesting nevertheless.


    P.S. Ref Shakespeare.

    Methinks you are on to something, forsooth.

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  8. As Mark Lane once wrote:

    " Never trust anybody who pronounces the word " jewish " with more than two syllables."