Friday, November 25, 2011

Phillip F. Nelson



  1. Fetzer. You Rule... I don't watch tv anymore... I don't listen to the radio... I don't listen to music. I listen to THE REAL DEAL, I wish it had pictures!

    Thanks for having these amazing jfk interviews, they're outstanding. I wish you could get Judy Wood back on and you guys could collaborate on solving the 911 plot to the level you've done with JFK.

    I always thought the Zap film looked strange with the stemmons frwy sign and the big green field that just keeps going by, like a bad cartoon.. with people looking behind the car instead of at the president. You've finally resolved this mystery for me and revealed so many things... I can't even name them all. Thank you for sharing so much.

    Now call Judy Wood and make up! Time's a wastin.

    And now I get to listen to these two new posts !!!! so excited!

  2. Jim Fetzer is one of the most knowledgeable and brilliant show host Ive heard.I don't listen to Fox news I listen to the real deal with Jim Fetzer. I download the programs to my phone and ipod so i can listen anytime I want.

  3. this tyrant can't even keep a straight face when forced to pay tribute to a man he's not worthy of even mentioning.

  4. Amazing interview. I used to hear stories of lbj backhanding lady bird (who also shared his initials) in the face, in the oval office when she spoke out of turn from the old timers I used to know when I lived in Dallas. I can't believe that gangster got away with this. I wish this country would wake up and face the truth about this horrible lineage of scumbags that have tarnished this country and the presidency since this freak.
    I'm sure that project mockingbird groomed this current prez. And all the media that capitulate in this revolting display of fascistic corporate entitlement.
    I can see why they want the 99% to be considered terrorists.. They know we're awake and coming for them.

  5. Another very interesting show.

    I was hoping to hear what role John Connally may have played as I just learned that Connally made sure that the route of the motorcade was changed to make sure it went by the Texas School Book Depository building. I guess there is something on that subject in Mr. Nelson's book.

    I am now convinced that indeed LBJ was the mastermind of the JFK assassination. I knew he was deeply involved but he appears to have all the qualities it would take to be the mastermind.

    I find the personality descriptions quite interesting. It appears LBJ had bi-polar disorder, or manic-depressive disorder, which is classified as a psychosis. I do not think they knew back in the 60s how to manage that condition at all as well as they know and do today. Many with that often undiagnosed, untreated condition just drank heavily to manage their lives.

    On top of that LBJ had what I believe might be called "narcissistic personality disorder", a condition that is widely attributed to Barack Obama. I have been reading quite a bit about Obama's LIES and many are documented on YouTube videos of him - big bold blatant and baldfaced. Visions or illusions of grandeur are a large component.

    This is quite an unusual combination.

    I also read back in the 60s a Time Magazine article that said LBJ had a very high I Q, second only to Robert MacNamara's of all the top federal government officials at that time. I think his intellgence helped him hide his psychosis and personality disorder, something I think would be almost impossible to do without that quality.

    (Won't get started on Bill Moyers. He is NAZI-like on his website in obliterating any mention of 9-11 being an inside job or any negative mention of LBJ. Moyers was a 100 percent protege of LBJ who made him.)

    1. I believe you have your words mixed up. Psychotic and psychopath are completely different. LBJ was a garden variety psychopath, nothing more.

  6. The main beauty of the interviewee is his marshalling of the evidence about LBJ. And he's WONDERFUL on that. Amazing.

    Love the general idea of LBJ's huge role in making the governmental normal roles turned into accessories to the plot. But MASTERMIND? No.

    The idea was coming from the people all around LBJ. Or at least, even breathed the idea the first time as a more serious thing than a wish, a sigh, which they all shared, he was not the mastermind.

    This came from multiple players, many of whom had corporate-capital attitudes (ideology of "fanatic right wing") in the "anticommie" form of their day, but some of whom have to have APPROVED FROM ON HIGH.

    Who is really high? American local capitalists (barons)? No. I'm going to sound weird for a minute, but the following is true: the fingerprints of other "approvals" of the deed are all over the case. Who crops up? The Masons and the Jesuits / Knights of Malta's secret side (not your average members of each). They show up linked in the usual strange places, in this case.

    One connection (an obvious one) is the connection to the P2 Lodge, which laundered its money through the same Bronfman bank in Montreal, that Garrison discovered funnelled a lot of the money: PERMINDEX.

    This links the plot to approval through royalty and pseudoreligion, i.e., to Europe and royalty and oligarchs, and ideological weirdness.

    The particular bank, too, links through the Bronfman family, and their friendship with the Meyer Lansky (and Jack Ruby) side of mobsterism, to the Zionist side. Of course, I'm talking top Zionists -- not mere regular Jewishness, as average people, and not merely Israel as a nation state either, but ideological fanaticism at the top levels.

    The whole scene isn't just Texas oilmen, etc. The connection goes more international: we have to see the secretive networks partly disliking their international plots. Who runs such decisions in those circles? The more Luciferian circles (occult-Crowleyite-Masonic circles) inside Britain as well as elsewhere.

    Why would powerful Zionists be linked to powerful Egypt-occult religion Masons? Well, the ideas of specialness and secretive clap-trap clog both groups -- not your average Zionist, of course. As well as apocalypticism of a strong kind. And the Masons, for their partE, claim a Hebrew, Hiram, supposedly the first special mason on the Egyptian pyramids, as their founder. A keeper of secrets from even higher realms. Yadda yadda.

    This was not a mere LBJ masterminding. Cannot have been. But yes, the main beauty of the interviewee is his marshalling of the evidence about LBJ.

    JFK was killed in the top Masonic area of Dallas, and on the Grassy Knoll today is their monument, the Egyptian obelisk to JFK's "memory". This was as much a smug hit for power play as it was linked to occult timing and interests and abilities. Not merely USA.

  7. Guess it depends on what the defition of mastermind is.
    mas·ter·mind n. A highly intelligent person, especially one who plans and directs a complex or difficult project:

    Just as Dick Cheney could properly be called the "mastermind" of 9-11, I think LBJ fits the mastermind defintiion perfectly. He may well have planned and directed the JFK assassination. GWB was dumb and pretty much out of the loop on 9-11, so the mastermind does not have to be the president -- but it helps.

    These kind of big black-ops have to have a leader.

    The masonic and other influences have been strongly around since long before 1963 and certainly they supported the assassination but they also supported WWI, WWII, Korea, and every other unjust military action by the USA as well as the many false flag terrorist events of the last half century.

    There are some people who claim that the Freemasons, the Neocons,many Protestant "Christian" churches, large faction of Roman Catholic Church, and those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit are all one and the same and really cannot be distiguished.

  8. above comment..... The point is that he controlled the situation from the highest representation of government in our country.. it wouldn't have happened just as it did otherwise.
    This giant blame the big picture diffuses the crime like a corporation diffuses it's criminal actions in the form of limited liability.
    You could call the trigger man the murderer. you could call the queen of england an accomplice, or blame the yale or the farrows of egypt but all you're doing is only a favor to the gangsters that have taken over this country. I don't want to create a tapestry of secret societies, I just want accountability in it's purest form, based upon the individual's deeds and not his political affiliations.

  9. Now,that's enough! We Farrows had nothing to do with this. The Farrows are good people - decent, hardworking and reliable. A good family. Sure didn't JFK have a pint of Guinness in Farrows pub when he was in Cork? Okay we came from Egypt but we were only out there building the pyramids. Because of the tan and a mix up over passports, the immigration boys thought we were Egyptians. I'll thank you not to mention Egypt again.

    Thank you very much and God save Ireland!!

  10. oops, I actually meant Will "Ferrel"l when he's imitating GW... sorry but I think his comedy is a threat to national security! Didn't mean to offend the Irish!

  11. Ha ha ha!, Mr. Farrow. ---- And I should very much clarify to ALL readers, that I am not at all taking issue with the largely co-ordinator mastermind role of LBJ. He was a mastermind, the key "top" player in the doing.

    But for this wonderful and accurate writer and thinker to dismiss the other threads behind the assassination as "yes there was all of that, but LBJ was the main one", was a mistake. In saying that, it puts me in mind of the following issue:

    The author has been attacked not only because of his calling LBJ a mastermind, but for merely placing CLEAR emphasis on LBJ.

    I would wholeheartedly concur with the author on everything he says in general; but I have a very specific objection to the word mastermind.

    It's too simplistic. The others did not just follow a psychopathic/sociopathic criminal Texan wannabe president then president, named LBJ. Sure, he could have pushed them, and they him, but he would have had to have been APPROVED by them.

    The author has thus missed a key issue: in some cases, one person pushes an agenda and others approve of it.

    In some cases, a person pushing an agenda is CHOSEN to push that: his own or her own proclivities are exactly what others want. Thus, LBJ, if he were the latter, would be as much a front man for THEIR agenda, as LBJ would also have wanted things on his own.

    There is no true power to LBJ, but that does not mean I am supporting those who attack the author as merely suggesting the unthinkable, i.e., that LBJ was the American-government lynchpin and a major player who actively wanted Jack dead and made sure it happened.

    The wide tentacles of regional-network (interest group) approval here, and of active assistance by others, in the plot shows that LBJ didn't just think this up and push it. If he thought it up (which I doubt he did on his own), certainly he wasn't the only pusher.

    That's too simplistic and "American", as if "American" politics, even when corrupt, are simple. They are not. They involve at high levels various internationalist (globalist) interests.

  12. And also (sorry for another comment): Mr. "t" [stevie.t], :)

    I must say: this idea of yours, of "simple accountability" is fine if you don't confuse my reminders of the larger picture, with others who MERELY talk of the large scale.

    BOTH are true. It is as idiotic to stop thinking at the local level, as it is inane to bring in the big picture alone.

    Yes, there are many who talk of the large picture. Forgive them! Thank God the research is getting done. Don't close your mind and heart to the fuller truth.

    On the other hand, much can be and must be clarified on the more local level, the lower upper levels of these events: the science of the crime and following the groups overtly involved (parts of parts of gov't: CIA, FBI, etc., Oilmen and other corporatists, Anti-Castros, some mafia, etc.).

    I deny NONE of the level you want handled; and I KNOW there are many idiots who merely jump to the large scale ALONE.

    But it would be better for you and all of us as students of this assassination, and 9/11, to get used to the large scale, and appreciate the (good and bad) research going on into those levels. For this assassination had some of those levels directly involved, it seems.


  13. And yes, I loved the interview and I personally don't mind the word "mastermind" but I think the author is fooled about how much LBJ could have done this without approval. The approval is as important as the one who desires the murder. In fact, they wanted it: LBJ desire for the death and friendship networks were convenient.

    The ones he DIDN'T have control over were those who APPROVED of HIM, in turn! That's the importance of not quite using "mastermind", or getting stuck in the crime's immediate liability. The real criminals who are controllers -- i.e., those behind the controllers such as LBJ who "did" the crime -- do not get prosecuted.

    Also, I'm glad at least "JEANNON" took up the bigger issues. They should not be forgotten while we learn about the "overt" mastermind, LBJ.

  14. He is like a modern Macbeth. Yet with most of his dreams realized he spent the last years of his life spilling his guts to an overpaid psychiatrist. He was evil from the start. He had his own sister murder because she was too much of whore with too many secrets for the man's comfort. He had a string of murders before he accepted the purple. You can look this up by viewing The Guilty Men. I understand he was a lower level criminal, but it looks like he organized most of the wet-work.

  15. Dr. Fetzer, are you ever going to address or even invite Michael Collins Piper on your show to discuss his book, "Final Judgement" which points to the Mossad of Israel as being involved in the assassination? This seems to be a subject rarely, if ever, covered by any of the "mainstream" JFK researchers so to speak. I asked Len Osanic and Jim DiEugenio about this, and they both dismissed it basically. Piper has put together a pretty substantial case regarding the Mossad's role in the assassination, don't you think? And we know how involved they were in 9/11...

  16. To John Friend:

    Agreed. He should. And also have people who will link overlap in top-end actions between the British Royals, Israeli Zionist top end (not all), and Vatican subgroups. It seems all of these had an approval nod to give about Kennedy's death and other things.

    I'm not just throwing in big names here, like some uncareful or crazy people I've read; there are good pieces of work (even spread among the less-careful people), which suggest cultic overlap and co-ordination between some of these people, not just for expedience and negotiation, but concurrence.


    While people in Atlanta, Ga were lynching Jews, the Johnson family, along with young LBJ, were hiding in the basement of a Texas farm house with armed guards stationed all around. Two of LBJ's grandparents were Jews. Everything LBJ accomplished would have been no different than had he been a full-blooded rabid Zionist Jew. The only way LBJ was NOT a Jew, was in name. Every Jew knows LBJ was a fellow Jew.

    There are two, distinct levels of truth. Jim Fetzer, Alex Jones and others, all peddle a sort of "middle truth". Jim is ostracized and marginalised for exposing this middle level of truth and I thank him for it. But it is NOT the full truth. If you tell the full truth, you will be completely ostracized and completely marginalized, just like me.

    Charles Drago is a Zionist Jew. The reason Charles Drago throws a fit when Jim Fetzer mentions that he believes LBJ was the assassination mastermind is because Charles Drago rightly identifies LBJ as a fellow Jew. THIS IS THE FINAL PEEL TO THE ONION. We are forbidden to make this final logical connection.

    Middle truth: American mega-banks are busting out the American economy.
    Full truth: The criminal CEO's who run those banks are all Jew.

    Middle truth: Our media is a propaganda tool of the government.
    Full truth: Jews own and control the media.

    Middle truth: America is no longer a government of the people.
    Full truth: Israeli nationalist Jews occupy the highest offices in the American government. America has been taken over by a virus. That virus is Jewish. Non-Jews who hold the highest offices are only non-Jew in name. Case in point, every US president since JFK.

    One last important point... A Jewish psychopath is a redundant term. Anyone who does not understand this, does not understand what "Jewish" means. For more information, read the free torrent book, Judiasm Discovered by Michael A Hoffman II.

    1. How about a different important point: that Judaism is as many things to as many people as any religion; that its negative tendencies as religion and even race-based religion (it has those tendencies in parts of its tenets as "chosen tribes") are important, but so are its spiritual and social lovelinesses. If you mention one thing, mention the other or the impression is not education but bigotry in your post.