Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jeff Gates

Israeli influence on US foreign policy


  1. Your guest is wrong about mens rea, or the state of mind of the 911 conspirators, particularly, Gen. Myers, Sec. Rumsfeld, and Vice President Cheney. Their specific intent is evidenced by the numerous national security exercises staged to occur on or about 911. This is what is known in the intelligence operations field as a "cover and deception plan." The existence of the plan is proof of the specific intent of the highest officials in the nation to carry out the staged 911 false flag attacks. I know you are aware of many other such indicators.

  2. Very nice point, teoui. Thanks for posting. And thanks for listening.

  3. If I read him correctly Jeff Gates has a very specific language and approach and aim, and I approve. He does not like to hear for example that ‘the US government’ did x or y, if what we really mean is that rogue elements within a US government agency acting outside official channels did x or y. Especially so if the rogue elements were not acting in the American national interest, and among them were parties working to advance the interests of another state or a distinct people other than Americans (I’m not necessarily talking about the JFK thing here).

    Gates is concerned to pin the guilt for various crimes where it properly belongs, on specific individuals or gangs within, for example, the CIA or America or Israel or Jewry, and thereby protect the innocent from guilt by association.

    This is a great way to approach a sensitive subject because any honest person will see first of all that Gates is careful to avoid scapegoating, but it also challenges us, his readers or audience, to identify our own interests and responsibilities, be they political, ethnic, civilisational, economic, within the issue.

    This is important because most Americans and Europeans, insofar as we pay any attention at all to what’s going on in the world, act or react as individuals according to very proximate stimuli blind to the bigger picture taking shape behind unfolding events. I think this is true even of ‘our’ politicians. But others, frequently it seems, are motivated by an ethnically-centred, long-term, global political agenda, and are able easily to manipulate others lacking such a focus. And great effort is expended to ensure there exists such a lack of focus.

    My only quibble: WWII naturally reduced the unemployment rolls but did little else to lift the US out of the Great Depression. The real economic lift-off occurred post-WWII as government drastically downsized and industry was turned over to business.

  4. I think Mr. Gates adds value to our cause by giving us a tool with which we can better handle the Occam's Razor criticism that is so often leveled against us "conspiracy theorists" and honest revisionist. He reduces the entities involved by breaking the group into three categories, where only one (the Agents) are those who really need to be "in the know." While indispensable Assets and Helpers play a much more global role in the conspiracy, we need not implicate them in the mens rea guilt of the Agents. They are but puppets whose stages were set and emotions pulled.

    But I do think after we've used that tool to soften the seekers we must have the freedom to let quality research and critical thinking expand the class of Agents--even if it brings in our civil leaders. This is the value of Dr. Fetzer's work.

    I don't know why Mr. Gates is reticent to implicate those with government titles as if that's any less conspicuous a charge than calling out the Ashkenazi Jewish criminal syndicate!

    That being said, I value both Gates and Fetzer tremendously. I'd give my neo-con father-in-law a Gates book, but I only give Fetzer to those whose Statist worldview is already weakened. The former lays the explosives, the latter sets off the charges!

  5. Highly recommended! This is just one of the very BEST interviews I have heard in a long time. THANK YOU!

    Somewhat off topic but still relevant is the LIES that lead back to the foundation of Israel. The greatest Zionist Phys-ops program to date is the ongoing SMEAR campaign against WWII Germany and Holocaust Revisionism.

    Conscientious historians, including some Jews, are now agonizing over the realization that the Homicidal gassing of "Six Million Jews™ " could NOT have taken place, that this legend is a gigantic, SELF-serving Zionist hoax that grew out of rumor and atrocity War Propaganda which could NEVER survive unbiased scientific analysis.

    For this reason, elaborate unprecedented measures are needed to protect this Jewish dogma: open discussion must be stifled, strict censorship is often imposed, political and psychological warfare tactics are employed and "Holocaust Denial™" has been made a CRIMINAL offense in much of The West.

    See:Absurd Claims made about Holocaust Denial™


    (Holocaust) Revisionists, AFTER concluding THEIR OWN Research,AFFIRM that there was NO Jewish genocide and NO homicidal gas chambers, and that the "final solution of the Jewish question" consisted Of the removal of the Jews from Europe, by EMIGRATION if possible, And by DEPORTATION if necessary.

    The Revisionists STRIVE to ESTABLISH WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED; they are positive.
    The Exterminationists doggedly continue to tell us about THINGS WHICH DIDN'T HAPPEN: their work is negative."

    - Professor Robert Faurisson, The Journal of Historical Review, Jan-Feb. 1999, p.21

    Don't be afraid to investigate Holocaust Revisionism - and what REALLY occurred (not the lies we've been force fed since birth) What happened during WWII Germany is EXTREMELY RELEVANT TODAY!

  6. I found this interview very interesting and powerful. More proof any organization can be taken over and manipulated for evil.