Monday, November 8, 2010

Greg Hallett

Target of Treachery


  1. Muckraking journalist or conman extraordinaire?

    This, along with the previous interview with Hallett, is most disturbing and makes me begin to deeply question Fetzer's common sense and overall credibility.

    Hallett once again comes off as a crazy congenital liar dangling titillating tidbits of outrageous information without a scintilla of evidence to verify them. Why Fetzer, an expert on logic, is so enthusiastic for his stories is beyond me.

    This is all the more disturbing as Fetzer is often quite authoritative elsewhere-- as is Stephen Lendman-- who also periodically dips into strange flights from reality, for instance:

    It makes me sorely regret what I have previously written about the two of them.

    1. So you usually rip people to shreds by automatic reflex, huh? Well one day too soon, you will have cause to very sorely regret not learning what has been presented. Your funeral.

    2. All I can say about Hallett is WOW......what planet is this guy from????

  2. Robert B. Livingston, I have listened to you speak. You are stupefyingly dull. By the time you make a point, Karl Marx would have reincarnated into the White House. Please do not recommend me to your knitting circle.
    Blitz -- get back in your chicken coop.

  3. greg believes hitler was a british agent, that HITLER died in Barcelona, Stalin was a british agent, too..

    i went through his book, and its like a Erich von Daeniken book, except it tiring to the max ... sifting though Hallet's claims. Many of which are fever dreams, total concoctions without evidence and often without even a logic connection to the motive.

    Robert B Livingston has put it concisely. Hallet's comment here is that of an angry child.

    One can read better stuff HERE

  4. u2r2h, I note you do not give your name, not even in your blog. I also note that you have not bought any of Greg Hallett's books, but have read off his website, which purposefully has pages missing. If you bought a book of Greg Hallett's then you would see the footnotes and the bibliography and the index. That way you could research your claims, rather than relegate yourself to the ideological chicken coop with Robert B Livingston, and the angry child Blitz.
    Greg Hallett challenges u2r2h to name which book of Greg Hallett's he has read, and to name himself (sound of chicken "bok bok bok bok ...")
    ... You have ten days to put up or shut up ...

    Perhaps you should observe your own quotes: "Our civilization is locked in the grip of an ideology - CORPORATISM. An ideology that denies and undermines the legitimacy of individuals as the citizen in a democracy. The particular imbalance of this ideology leads to a worship of self-interest and a denial of the public good. The practical effects on the individual are passivity and conformism in the areas that matter, and non-conformism in the areas that don't." John Ralston Saul

  5. Hallet,congratulations! Your one of the worlds greatest liars.Your right up there with Irene Weisberg Zisblatt and co.

    1. And you, are 'outed' dear. That stuff is kindergarten level and boring as hell. It's everywhere and nowhere.

  6. To the two trolls here, Livingstone and Blitz: Why don't YOU get off your asses and write a book on why you THINK Hallett is wrong? Let's see YOU do some due diligence instead of mocking those of us who have? It comes off as sour grapes on your part. We are trying to get to the bottom of what's going on in our world (means examining all possibilities) for the benefit of all, and you two seem more concerned about WHO is getting the limelight than TRUTH.

  7. Wow. The slamming into Greg's work and delivery is astonishing in ignorance. Suspect super Egos who lack years of research, observation or have anything depth of experience on these matters.

    With so many pied pipers weaving fantasies, together with mainstream regurgitators, Greg's work clicks the Big Picture into a cohesive patter.

    Awesome cowardice from juveniles who'd rather be spoon-fed the same comforting porridge then step beyond their current level of understanding and risk being slapped in the face by a tsunami of 'reality'.

    Like a couple of bad bitches throwing a major hissy.

    We encounter you everywhere, more's the pity.

  8. There is a new serieso f books available from Greg Hallett and the British Exilarch Francisco Manoel:
    The Hidden King of England