Monday, October 5, 2009

John Lear

No planes crashed on 9/11


  1. Is there not a single honest and patriotic lawyer in America, who could sue Rumsfeld
    (etc), for involvement in 9/11?

    Perhaps a retired lawyer, with less to lose?

  2. Dear John Lear, The perimeter panels in the upper levels of the WTCs I and II were merely bolted into place, with the additional welding procedure halted at lower levels to minimize the considerable financial loss incurred by the developer's mistakes stemming from the extraordinary zeal they had developed implementing engineering technology and materials they arrogantly figured were well within their grasp of understanding. The idea that a 200,000 pound to 300,000 pound jet travelling at a MINIMUM of 300 miles per hour could not knock a few 10' X 30' panels of 1/4" to 1.2" stock out of place while a hologram certainly could defies reason. This was no normal project, and a totally new concept in design for efforts to construct buildings of up to perhaps 2,000 feet or more was tested and managed. "Alchemy" was specified in the contracts by the developer as being the method by which Kaiser aluminum was expected to solve the electron migration problem between the aluminum and steel of the aluminum adorned steel perimeter columns. Kaiser's failure meant that barring some miracle of some kind, the WTCs I and II would have to come down in 30 to 40 years TOPS. Scrimping and corner cutting became standard policy, which pissed off the Skilling Engineers radically, and a demolition system added just after the time of Kaiser's revelation in late 1968 to early 1969. Those panels were knocked out. A substitution of the jets by military versions or perhaps a Boeing 737-300 or two has been suggested. Additional prep to facilitate instant removal of the contacted panels may have been carried out. This was no ordinary jet crash. It may well have been planned beginning in 1968.