Friday, October 2, 2009

A 9/11 Trio

Don Meserlian / Rosalee Grable / Jeff Hill

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  1. im, I have read several of your books and listened to countless shows and interviews with you and have been tempted to point out discrepancies and blatant omissions in the past but this one I couldn't let slip by. I have heard you speak with Jeff Hill in the past and on your previous show with him he played several clips including a few with a couple of guys from NIST, one of which was being clearly evasive and the other that called the melding of the plane into the building "miraculous"! My question is: Why did you not point this out when Jeff said no one with a technical background has come forward to state that it looked odd or couldn't be a video of a real plane? Why didn't you use his own evidence to refute his claim? You have stated that Jeff Hill has done some of the best work in the 911 research community and I couldn't agree with you more so why didn't you bring-up his own calls to Boeing where the people who built these planes laughed at the notion that they could travel at the speeds indicated in the videos (at sea level) and confirmed by several scientific agencies, including NIST? When he asked you why you haven't produced anyone with a qualified background to back-up the claims of no planes, why did you not bring-up John Lear?