Wednesday, February 25, 2009

John Stoltenberg

On capitalism and other economic systems

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  1. I like John Stoltenberg: he's honest and he's humble.
    The most important points he made would not be noticed by most people. Even John himself possibly doesn't fully realize their significance, and Jim Fetzer didn't seem to register their importance.
    These points were made when asked to describe what sort of reforms he thought are necessary.
    I paraphrase the points he made:
    1.common people (for the first time in recorded history) would have a say in deciding their society's priorities of what is to be done, and what is not to be done;
    2.such priorities would necessarily have to evolve by a process of trial and error; in this respect the motto of the Mondragon cooperatives is worth noting - “we build the road as we travel”.
    Obviously, such reforms would be messy and - by fascist standards - “inefficient”, but democratic decision-making in a diverse society must necessarily be slow and difficult because all views would have the right to be respectfully and exhaustively examined.
    Plainly the powers-that-be would fight such reforms by all means and at all costs.
    Bravo John Stoltenberg.