Wednesday, February 11, 2009


9/11 video evidence


  1. Klltown, of course, is promoting the "total animation" theory of Simon Shack, Fred and co. For the correct explanation and research of the 9/11 video composites, visit:

    -Ace Baker (not quite dead)

  2. On the show, anonymous Killtown presented his 3 points for why the Hezarkhani video was suspicious. They were:

    1. He pans the camera up and to the left as if he knew the plane was coming.
    2. He maintains his composure, is not frightened by the big loud jet behind his back.
    3. We hear, but do not see any of the other tourists on the boat.

    I agree, these are all suspicious things. But the absolute most important thing to note about eh CNN Hezarkhani video is that the right wing appears to pass through the wall of the tower, and no damage occurs to the wall.

    Killtown said he agreed with that.

    But . . .

    Can anyone please provide a link to where Killtown has shown this? Killtown has hundreds (if not thousands) of internet pages. He's large. Where does Killtown show and discuss the magically healing columns?

    And why does Killtown delete my threads and finally ban me from his forum, while allowing blatant defamation against me and blatant disinformation about no-planes?

    -Ace Baker