Saturday, September 17, 2016

Jeff Rense and Jim Fetzer on Hillary

Health issues and body doubles


  1. Just like the twin towers Hillary went down on 9/11 and just like WTC1 they put up a newer sleeker version. Enter, Shillary. It almost seems like a satanic ritual.

  2. I looked very hard for a mole in the debate but couldn't see one.

  3. Jim, this double was used before and is really close in some ways but *health and no contingency stool in debate*, plus *certain head angles showing flatter bone structure under puffy cheeks* and context indications mean debate and next day isn't Hillary.

  4. Dr. Fetzer, I say this as one of your biggest fans and acolytes and with a tremendous amount of respect:

    I think you're way off base on the Kaepernick issue. Any research into readily available FBI/DOJ crime statistics, supplemented with research into human biodiversity and evolution, will prove that black americans are not being killed at any disproportionate rate. In fact, LEOs are less likely in any interaction to use deadly force against black men than white men, probably because of the hellstorm that follows any LEO who does so.

    The myth that police officers are hunting down innocent black men is a preposterous lie that someone like yourself should be exposing and debunking rather than subscribing to.

    The likelihood of being killed by a police officer is a function of how likely it is that you will interact with one combined with how you will handle yourself during the interaction. Black men are insanely more likely to commit (violent) crimes and much more likely to act impulsively and resist the officer during these interactions. We know this because of their more highly concentrated serum testosterone levels and higher allele frequency of the warrior gene (MAOA).

    The lies that the Black Lives Matter movement is based on can be placed in the same category as flat earthers and should be treated with similar ridicule.

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