Friday, September 11, 2015

The Real Deal #103/ Dinnis Cimino

The 14th Observance of 911/Who was Responsible and Why


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    1. according to fetzer, cimino was the navy's top electronics expert ... then he shows up on youtube as a commercial pilot with 2000+ flight hours and he also is a flight data recorder EXPERT!! Yet when i last heard from fetzer, he was driving a truck for a living!?!?

      a guy by the name of halbig was touted by fetzer as a "former florida state trooper" only to discover later that he was a florida trooper for a year ... and probably 6 months of that was in trooper school!!!

      here's the problem fetzer ... back in the early 80s when reagan was in office, there was a lot of interest in taxes and government growth. it was determined back then that more than 50% of the american people relied on a check from the federal, state, or local government for either all or part of their income. today it's probably in the 80% range.

      that's how
      our government was usurped ... they slowly gutted our industrial base and replaced it with a welfare base! are people going to risk losing the meager lifeline for 9-11 truth???

      where were you fetzer when we could have raised hell and possibly stopped this monster before it became what we have now???

      jerry bolduc


    2. This guy is a total loser. Those who whistle-blow are treated badly by those in power, who do not want to be exposed. Dennis was the Navy's top electronics trouble-shooter, does have extensive flight experience--and spent close to a year driving a truck!

      Does this a--hole not know that the economy is in terrible shape and anyone who has a job is among the lucky, where the unemployment rate must be close to 50%! And he even admits that Wolfgang WAS a Florida State Trooper. No one claims he spent his life doing that: he was also a US Customs Agent, a school principal and a nationally-recognized school safety expert.

      People like Jerry Bolduc have nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs and sit on them. He is a nice example of a complete disgrace to the human race. Suffering a profound sense of inadequacy, he strikes out at those who are more intelligent, more principled and more accomplished than he--which is a rather large percentage of the population. Pity him for having no better way to waste his life away.

    3. Wassamatter fetzer? Truth hurt? You can dish it out, butcha can't take it?

      Funnyman fetzer ... the guy who never drew a paycheck that wasn't taxpayer funded! Disgraceful indeed!

    4. Tell us about the time you were a marine corps officer in charge of the target practice range again ... thatsa a goodun!

  2. Mr. bolduc, you ask: "where were you fetzer when we could have raised hell and possibly stopped this monster before it became what we have now???
    Mr. bolduc, I ask you: Where were you?
    I ask you: Where were you?