Monday, June 1, 2015

The Real Deal # 63 9/11 DEBATE Round 2

Michael Costa and Tim Michels square off against Jim Fetzer and Don Fox


  1. I have always been curious as to who were the 2 men with camera's right past the Babuska Lady with her camera and Mary Moorman with Jean Hill as Mary was taking her photo. Nobody ever talks about these 2 men and what happened to there film, they filmed the whole thing? take a look it is at the (1:21 mark)

  2. You think, Jim, the Carolina shooting today was to distract from Fast Track vote (and inflame black fear to increase support for gun confiscation)?

  3. Jim: You can find your articles on Veterans Today by going to the Wayback Machine which archives billions of internet pages. Here is the link to go to.