Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Real Deal # 58 Jim Fetzer Gordon Duff

Critque of the Jim and Gordie Show/The New JFK Show


  1. After listening to the Gordon Duff part of the show, based on the clips that were played, I'm of the belief that Gordon Duff may be clinically insane. He never has made much sense, but it seems now that he has totally lost it. Replacing you with the President of Iraq is laughable. What's he going to post? The US should give more aid to the Iraqi government to fight ISIS?

    1. Imagine one year from now - May 2016. Looking back from then how would we be able to tell who was correct about Jade Helm GD or Prof. Fetzer? What metrics should be used? Clearly someone is wrong. Who will it be? Prof. Fetzer I think would admit and apologize to the world if his Jade Helm analysis and predictions do not come to pass. GD should do the same if he's proven wrong by the facts.

    2. Something is up and Duff's covering for the Rockefeller/Rothschild/Lloyd's of London placement of the nuke demolition systems in the WTC twin towers designed by Kellogg Corp. at queen Elizabeth's Idaho ARCO Nuclear Testing reservation tells me GDuff is in deep by choice or by lobotomy. The number of military vehicles, unless trick photography, number over two thousand. These vehicles are neatly parked out in the Texas desert by a freeway. Huge motoir pools of UN busses and rail cars ALSO are situated. Only a fool would ignore these things or scoff at those who ARE quite alarmed.

  2. I knew Duff was a lieing sack after listening to him for about 3 months ... yet it took Fetzer 4 years to find out?

    This story has the stench of BS thru and thru! Notice the "please donate" theme to their "new" site ... veterans truth network ... and everyone of them are bs artists!! Just like Duff.

  3. Boston Marathon, The Gift that keeps on Giving:

    Will there be a "vicsim's" fund for these people?

    Hearing loss rampant in victims of Boston bombing

    MAY 25, 2015, 6:50 PM|Researchers have been looking at how the attack on the Boston Marathon led to a number of hearing related injuries. Doctors say Doctors say 90% of patients hospitalized for injuries also had ruptured ear drums. Michelle Miller reports.CBS

  4. The Beatles thing is really dumb.