Thursday, April 9, 2015

James Larson

James Larson on "The Beatles' Greatest Mystery"


  1. To listen live, use this link:

    Also archived at and at:

  2. take the microphone away from your face, professor. wear a set of headphones. Very annoying to listen.

  3. James talked about Shakespeare being a constructed identity. Others have claimed that too. I believe it could be so. What I'm curious about is who exactly were behind the Shakespeare identity?

    Hopefully without going too far into tinfoil hat land speculations, Richard Dolan has talked about what he calls a breakaway civilization. A secret organization that has knowledge and technology far more advanced than what is available in the public society. Could the breakaway civilization be behind Shakespeare?

    The breakaway civilization must actually be good, or else they would have crushed the public society a long time ago. The reason for the secrecy then is that we in the public society are not able to "handle the truth" yet so to speak. For example zero point energy technology could be too dangerous in the hands of the general public.

  4. Why is no-one facing the death case, or their resistance to it, on this thread, but focusing on Clare's presentation?