Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jim Fetzer / Gary King

Gaza massacre / The New JFK Show #20 Show/Evidence of Revision. We added comments to one of the greatest underground JFK videos of all time entitled, "Evidence of Revision", a 9 hour presentation about our Presedent which has no narration whatsoever. Jim and I attempt to translate the lies and propaganda that were in hyper-overdrive that fateful day into the REALITY of what was happening to our world 11/22/63. These are unusual radio shows in that they are loaded with historical news clips as Jim and I weave in and out to add commentary to a documentary that has none.


  1. The music behind this JFK series is annoying, and it ruins the archival nature of the underlying clips, they are useless to other researchers with the "emotional" "music". JIM please put your foot down. If you like music, why not add it to every show? BECAUSE IT SUCKS, DISTRACTS, cheapens.

    1. Gary King's production is amazing. These boneheads don't deserve these amazing audio presentations.. Unbelievable.

  2. I'm listening to the debate and Jack Blood is ALREADY butting-in to Fetzer's responding, talking-over and -through. Blood is all emotion, no facts. 30 mins into debate. Blood just asked "why did no children die?" ho ho ho--begging the question--what a joke.

  3. 47 mins into debate w. Blood, Blood says, "gee, Jim, but u still haven't proven why no children died." Ho ho ho ho. Golly gee, Jim, but "u still haven't proven no children were killed," ho ho ho ho

  4. James: Dave Gahary is a moron; u're at dis-advantage whenever u try to work w. him. Jack Blood is a psycho.

  5. Interesting that I looked up Ruth Paine a few days ago since I've heard so little about her. She made an appearance on CSPAN during their 50th anniversary show. Coincidentally, I see mention of Craig and the Paine green car.

    Why the CIA Assigned Ruth Paine to the Oswalds
    Ruth (b. 1932) and Michael Paine (b. 1928) were a CIA couple assigned to babysit another CIA agent Lee Oswald and family while they resided in Dallas. We believe that the primary reason for the association was James Angleton’s plan to murder Oswald.

    When Oswald returned from the USSR in 1962 under eyebrow raising circumstances with a Soviet wife, James Angleton was all beside himself, fearing that Oswald had been compromised or was a double agent. To limit his perceived losses, he spawned an elaborate plan to murder Oswald.

    Shortly after returning to the US, CIA operative George DeMohrenschildt introduced Oswald to Michael and Ruth Paine at a party given by an employee of the Magnolia Oil Company, Volkmar Schmidt. Ruth Paine, allegedly a Quaker, claimed that she wanted to help the beleaguered young couple establish themselves in Dallas, in return for which Oswald’s wife, Marina, would give Russian language lessons to Ruth, who claimed that she wanted to learn the language.

    The main problem with her story is that Ruth already knew Russian for she was teaching it at a school in Dallas. Furthermore, we know that she had family connections to the CIA, including associations with Allan Dulles, director of the CIA until 1961 when Kennedy fired him for his bungled Bay of Pigs disaster.

    The salient point of interest is that Paine knew Russian and would be the ideal babysitter for Oswald as she could monitor Lee’s and Marina’s conversations when staying at her house – something which she insisted that Marina do from the beginning. It is well known that the CIA sent Ruth Paine to many foreign and domestic locations to gather intelligence. So her work with the Oswalds was fully consistent with her job as spy.

    Paine was also used to plant false evidence on Oswald, including the famous backyard photos of him holding a rifle. We also speculated with good reason elsewhere that Paine was the one who used the fake identity of Alek Hidell to order a rifle from Klein mail order, an identity which was subsequently planted on Oswald after his arrest.

    In addition to these connections, Dallas Police Officer Roger Craig noted in early 1968, when he finally saw his testimony to the Warren Commission, that the Commission altered his statements concerning Ruth Paine – a clear indication that she was far more important than most anyone knew.

    Craig had observed Oswald enter a light green Nash Rambler which, he stated to the Warren Commission and in his memoirs, did not have a license plate matching Texas plate colors. According to Craig “The driver of the station wagon was a husky looking Latin, with dark wavy hair, wearing a tan wind breaker type jacket” who had been arrested immediately after the assassination but just as quickly released because he did not speak English!

  6. Ruth Paine, cont'd

    But the point about the Rambler is extremely important because it appears in 2 more instances of the investigation. Edgar Eugene Bradley, whom Craig said claimed to be a Secret Service agent, stopped him for information about the Rambler into which Oswald entered – in fact he was obsessed with the details about it.

    The reason for his interest in the Rambler was undoubtedly because Ruth Paine owned such a vehicle of the same color, a fact which police officer Buddy Walthers confirmed when he and “Harry Weatherford, and we met Officer Adamcik that works for the city [Irving] and Officer Rose and another one of their officers…” went to Ruth Paine’s home in Irving, Texas where they saw a similar vehicle. Our speculation is that it was the same one.

    Paine told the Walthers that she was expecting them, yet the news of Oswald’s arrest had not been made public and Marina did not seem to know that he had been arrested. Thus, Paine let slip very incriminating evidence that she knew Oswald was being framed as the patsy.

    If the vehicle which the “husky Latin” was driving was indeed Paine’s vehicle, he had completed his errand by the time police arrived at the Paine’s. We believe that his assigned task was to take Oswald to the Texas Theater where he was caged like a trapped rat.

    The man claiming to be a Secret Service agent – Bradley – was in reality a right winged preacher from North Hollywood and closely associated with Carl McIntire, both of whom we believe were involved in the assassination conspiracy.

    Later in life when Paine was on assignment in Nicaragua during the 1990s, she very briefly and opaquely opened up to a friend concerning the murder and her part in it:

    There was, however, one occasion when the friend tried to bring up the assassination when Ruth began to say how sad she was that her daughter (then about 40) was estranged from her. Ruth said that her daughter told her that she refused to talk to her until “she came to grips with the evil that she had been associated with.” The friend said that Ruth had tears in her eyes when she said this and was certain that this was a veiled reference to the Kennedy assassination.

    Of course we have no sympathy for Paine who is indeed an evil woman who framed an innocent man and assisted the assassins in their goals of murdering a president.

    But in 1963, Paine’s largest value to the CIA was her knowledge of Russian which made her the perfect babysitter for the Oswalds. Her avid interest in an ostensibly non-descript, returning defector, can only mean that she was eye ball deep in the CIA, and assisting Angleton in the murder of Oswald.


    Steve Jones, New Evidence Regarding Ruth and Michael Paine, Kennedy Assassination Chronicles, Winter 1998

    Bill Kelly, Ruth Paine's Garage, JFKCountercoup, December 9, 2009

    Various, Ruth Paine's Station Wagon, Education Forum thread, started April 28, 2006

    Roger Craig, When They Kill a President, 1971, republished electronically

    1. Joan,

      Thank you for this excellent overview of Ruth Paine. To add to your bibliography: Jim DiEugenio has also done excellent research on Paine for the second edition of his book “Destiny Betrayed.”

      In another touch of irony to the JFK case, the Ruth Paine house in Irving, Texas, is now a museum:

      I think it is fair to say that the points you have enumerated above will not be a part of the tour guide's playbook at the Ruth Paine House!

      All the best,


  7. Jack Blood is such a bitter hack... I used to like that jerk.

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    1. I weep for the german people, who still suffer to this day in psychological terms for all the utterly undeserved woes visited on their people over the course of the last century.
      that 100 years is up and the sooner these and all other harsh truth are out, the sooner we can all begin to heal.

      I know we don't have long to go now.
      then all changes. changes utterly.

  9. isn't it funny how you (normally) bundle the jfk fassassination in with other now proven staged hoaxes sandyhook and boston in the main introduction to your programme? do you know more than what you are letting on gary? what did a diligent researcher like yourself make of culto's work on the matter which i recommended you check out a good while back?

    all you has to do to see that the jfk fassassination was equally hoaxed is to keep your eyes solely on jackie kennedy during the entire footage of the event from the zapruder film.
    she is seen awaiting her cue to act(ivate the hollywood squib attached to the actors head) which is taken from connolly.

    sandy hook was made to be exposed. jack blood is helping your 'cause' jim (as are count one and keith johnson (who sounds like the spit of quentin tarantino)) with their deliberate ridiculousness. it is all an act.
    i have to say that both yourself and wolfgang come across to me as genuine, and even though some lies are necessary (in this theatre), i think your overall motivations are for the good of all.
    it seems that columbine was another staged affair so wolfgangs 'testimony' regarding his involvement there is very suspicious (but i don't think this inclusion any accident - all truths must out). (a very good case is made that trey parker and matt stone (of southpark (school) fame) are non other than dylan klebold and eric harris of columbine imfamy. kyle and eric are the two main animated characters in southpark.

    i think you will find that much of what is reported regarding gaza is completely fabricated jim. but the world sure is angry with israel. this is all scripted. israel hasn't been implicated so (superficially) deeply in 9/11 and many other 'atrocities' for no reason. something, longsince in the planning, is coming to a head right about now 13 years after 9/11.

    btw. dennis cimino did a complete u-turn on john friends show and agreed almost completely with septemberclues and cluesforums findings (pre-fabricated video, collapse sequences, evacuated area and no victims). amazing considering some of the harsh words used by him in opposition here. but not really. it's all a game.
    he did leave us in that interview on a dire note (as jim did in his section here) by warning that we don't have long left before absolute catastrophy comes our way in real world terms.

    something is coming to a head, that is for sure.
    i prefer the word upturning as opposed to catastrophe.

    definitely, dennis.

    it took a while for fakerytruth to take hold, but now that it has, there no putting that shit back in the hole.

    fakery fakery everywhere
    and we lap it fucking more!

  10. would you rather I laugh at the misery of a nation most wronged? although all isn't clear, enough is.

    did you just sign up to say this? can you weep?

  11. OMG

    It's that fecking Ennis twollocks again!!

  12. One of my most important videos

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  15. some people are trying to get this comment section closed off. oh well.
    we are all one.

    1. Yes, my main suspect is Dr James Fetzer.

      Is he false flagging his own blog?

  16. Jim is done after Norwegian nuked six little snipers into very fine dust. He went smug about it for years and boom. He went smug cause nobody gave a damn what he was talking about as people assumed he was spinning anyway. He probably will retire now to greener and safer pastures with his little flock of sheep consisting of Ian Greensomething. Honestly it serves him right. He got the job to make Simon part of the freak show and tried it for years but got busted by his opponent in the end. Fair game only.

    1. the insanely discordant vibe in this place of late makes me wonder if the good professor didn't swipe his peculiar jfk assassination theory from robert anton wilson's peculiar jfk assassination in illuminatus!.

      they are damned similar.

    2. They are damned identical for all purposes and intends. I more like imagined Jim personally would arrive in Dallas one Sunday morning with optical test equipment to track each sniper nest and make crosses with chalk as he went, then triangulate bullet paths and say Egad! or something to that tune, like in high suspense hollywod stories.

  17. The great god Baal Hadad has just renewed the forum with great lightning and rolling thunder accompanied by torrential cleansing rain and rushing floods to once more refresh and make fertile the forum that had descended into a hell of filth and verbal debauchery. This is a regular occurence on Jim Fetzer's forum for some unknown reason.