Monday, July 14, 2014

Ian Greenhalgh

9/11 Nukes and NASA's Apollo hoax


  1. It would be nice to have Jim Fetzer's and Ian Greenhalgh's opinion on this startling talk by NSA operative--intelligence agent Gordon Duff.

    Intelligence agencies have been behind the media lies for decades and now, they want us to believe they are telling the truth:? Please comment.

    ? VT Radio (6-4-14) Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Jim Fetzer "Gordon Unloads" - YouTube#t=0
    Published on Jun 4, 2014

    Stew Webb & Jim Fetzer both believe this is one of Gordon Duff's best interviews! Gordon unloads on a wide range of topics. Some of the topics covered are:

    The 350 stolen W54 nuclear warheads that were illegally sold out the back door when they were supposed to be destroyed by US facilities and how those weapons have been traced to Israel and were used to take down the towers during 9/11

    Proof of the stolen W54 warheads through pictures of a UN recovery operation of the nuclear pits in South Africa

    The nano thermite theory was a government psyop from the beginning and all who pushed it are being paid as intelligence assets including Alex Jones and many others.

    How Alex Jones has been outed as controlled opposition now by pushing the Israeli Mossad asset Edward Snowden who pushes fairy tales concerning 9/11 to take blame away from the Israelis and the Bushes.

    It can now be reported that the US Navy sank 2 Israeli submarines in the May 2013 time frame that were attempting to start the war with Syria. One of these submarines was sank in partial retaliation over the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. It was reported that Israel contracted with Germany to replace the two lost submarines and paid for them with nuclear weapons.

    Nuclear pits used to take down the towers were machined and modified in Israel.

    Victor Booth as portrayed by Nicholas Cage in the movie "Lord of War" sold these stolen nuclear pits of the US W54 nuclear weapons.

    The nuclear bombs used on 9/11 were Neutron Bombs withs 3% fission initiator that vaporized much of the buildings. Dimitri Khalezov was basically right all along and that's why his videos were taken down relentlessly when they first came out!

    Russian and French Intelligence are dumping a huge amount of Intelligence files to stop the US insanity of trying to start wars in Ukraine, China, Syria, etc.

    US News is now being completely fabricated by the mainstream news sources. The US has no elections and is the most corrupt country on Earth at this time. Our judges are corrupt, our law enforcement is corrupt and our government doesn't answer to the people in any way.

    Gordon Duff calls on everybody to get on the winning team now or be destroyed in the future.

    Gordon Duff calls on all US Citizens to quit financially supporting and sending out information from known disinformation sources in the alternative media such as Alex Jones, Glenn Beck etc or wake up in a FEMA cell wishing you would have instead pushed the articles written by VeteransToday personnel - the largest and most accurate news organization on the planet that are actually doing something about things now!

    1. How do you sleep at night Joan?

      Doesn't your conscience bother you that you're aiding and abetting the evil bastards that murdered tens of thousands of New Yorkers with nuclear weapons?

      Disinfo shills like you are among the lowest forms of life and deserve nothing more than scorn and contempt.

  2. i didn't hear any information in Ian's presentation why standard demolition explosives could not have been used on 9/11. The choices were between nano-thermite and nuclear Do you see anything at all in these standard CDs remotely resembling the most likely faked photos of collapsing buildings on 9/11?
    Where is the volcanic ash coming out ot the tops of the towers?

    ? "CDI - The Art of Demolition" - YouTube

    1. Again, spreading disinfo shamelessly.

      You're scum Joan, utter scum and thoroughly disgusting.

      No point in discussing conventional explosives or standard controlled demolition because the destruction of the towers was carried outwith nuclear weapons, we know this for a fact now.

      Jim should just go ahead and banish you from his site as continuing to give you a forum to pour out your lies is not a good thing.

      This article contains the specific details of how the nuclear bombs were used and how they destroyed the towers, it is highly classified information that has been leaked from the highest levels of the US nuclear weapons industry.

    2. The eternal saga of Truther Wars aka False Dilemma. Fetz is lumping up truthers with his countless academic degrees and military badge. I applaud. They all deserve that much. F******ing molten metal.

  3. Whatever are you talking about, Ian? The video I posted is favorable to your nuke case.

  4. The collapse of building 7 looked like a controlled demotion. The collapses of the WTC towers looked different yet I think that was ordinary controlled demolition too, only that the construction of the towers was different than building 7.

    1. Read the article, it tells you precisely how they did it, it was not a controlled demolition in any conventional sense, they used nuclear bombs, this is not a theory, it is proven fact.

    2. As someone said: the lie is different at every level. I think Gordon Duff may believe what he has been told, and still nukes could be a complete hoax, which only those at higher classified levels know about. Even people in high positions within the chain of command may believe that nuclear weapons are real, while in reality all of it being a monumental hoax.

    3. Don't be silly, nukes are not a hoax, there is far, far too much evidence that they exist.

      We received information from more than one source which included two different nation' intelligence services and the top US nuclear weapons lab, so we can verify the information by cross-checking.

      There is no doubt, 9/11 was a nuclear event, this is absolutely undeniable.

    4. Ian, The Babbler Of Babble

      Ian, u're so FULL OF IT--"absolutely un-deniable"--ho ho ho ho. Don't u see u "protesteth too much"? Tell us, what are ur qualifications for ur "scientific" expositions and assertions?

      So u rec'd info fm more than one source...and top US nuke weapons lab..."?--are u sure about that?--how would u know?

      But u are a brilliant name-caller, that's for sure, ho ho ho ho ho

  5. That's it. Military bozos may believe, and believe is all they can. They have no clue. You have to ask prominent nuclear physicists like Davy Cricket how it works. He will tell you that fusion edge diverters with oxidised multicore plasma layered boundary reactor cylinders make boom. If you miss Mr Cricket, no worries, ask other prominent nuclear physicists. You have a great choice courtesy to Wikipedia.
    When you satisfied your curiosity and learned how nuclear processes work, you can write a paper and if it’s bonkers enough you stand a chance to win the prestigious prize in Nuclear Physic.
    There is a prize and there is a stamp, one can’t scuff at the bonner on top.
    The last lucky winner is Witold Nazarkiewicz. That guy appears to be pushing the frontiers. He writes books and stuff, and discovers chemical elements, and most of all he invents words. One of his books is titled The Nuclear Many-Body Problem. That should explain why his newly discovered element is called Ununoctium. Octium seems to lack a cognate so he may be inventing cognates as well. The only explanation directs you to a place called IUPAC, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Another tricky place. It could also be cabalistic nomenclature, and there you go. It’s very complicated.

  6. Is Ian Greenbaum Trust-Worthy?--NO, I Submit

    Folks: I read the text at; it's interesting to be sure, but I'm mere hist. major, and all that physical and nuclear science crap is just babble and un-substantiated assertion to me--how can it be verified?--why should any non-scientists take it seriously? Judy Wood ( makes lots more sense.

    What are Ian Greenbaum's qualifications?--excuse me, that's Ian Greenhalgh, ho ho ho ho ho.

    I remember Ian babbling on another radioFetzer comments section pretending that Jews (Talmudists) are okay, it's just "Zionists" who are anti-human, ho ho ho ho.

    And now we see Ian here--AGAIN--just resort to calling names at anyone who questions him or his "information."

    I actually read Chris Bollyn's work, and he makes lots of sense, esp. for his grasp of the Israeli terror proclivities and other manipulations, though he indeed could be wrong about nano-thermite doing all the work for the towers' destruction--again, I think Judy Wood makes most sense.

    1. apsterian,

      You sir, are an idiot. The USGS dust samples prove 9/11 was a nuclear event. We see clear evidence of uranium-235 fissioning and the fission fragments decaying. Let's look at two elements found in the dust, strontium and yttrium:

      Strontium was found at very high levels in the dust samples. Strontium-90 is a radioactive isotope of strontium produced by nuclear fission with a half-life of 28.8 years. It undergoes β− decay into yttrium-90, with a decay energy of 0.546 MeV. Strontium-90 has applications in medicine and industry and is an isotope of concern in fallout from nuclear weapons and nuclear accidents. Yttrium-90 is a decay product of strontium-90. Yttrium-90 is produced by chemical high-purity separation from strontium-90, a fission product of uranium in nuclear reactors. We see strontium decaying into yttrium in the USGS dust samples. This absolute proof of nuclear fission.

      Ian's assertions are well founded. There is massive evidence for nukes at Ground Zero. Whereas non-existent nanothermite and DEWs can't explain anything.

      Ian is right on the money calling Bollyn a shill. Explosive nanothermite doesn't exist. Anyone that promotes a known lie cannot be a truth seeker.

    2. Why do you write like a 12 year old? Maybe because that's how old you are?

      Certainly an infantile brain at work.

    3. Who're u talking to, Ian-the-Jew? "Infantile brain"?--isn't that like u, who merely asserts without substantiation? Ho ho ho ho

    4. Ian,

      "Why do you write like a 12 year old?"

      You're being too kind, Ian. I'd say the "apsterian from fairy land" aka "the Bullshitter from Bullshitsville" writes more like a 5 year old....baboon. According to Simon Pimon the "apsterian from fairy land" aka "the Bullshitter from Bullshitsville" is still in baboon diapers and Simon (donkey) Pimon just hates him for it.

      It's so annoying!!

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    7. Tom: time for u to STFU, eh? Ho ho ho ho

  7. No Music, No Adverts

    Ian Greenhalgh • 9/11 Nukes • NASA's Apollo hoax



    Wagging the Moondoggie, Part I
    October 1, 2009
    by David McGowan

    Ian Greenhalgh

  8. Good 911truth, now can you make a version with no Ian Greenhalgh?


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  9. What was the point of having this Ian Greenhaig retelling, from what he could remember of, Jay Weidners movie "Kubricks Odyssey"?

    1. I couldn't agree more, motorfot. Quite embarrassing how he flaps his gums as if he has an original thought. The Apollo portion was a total ripoff of Jay Weidner.

      Please Dr. Fetzer, dig as deep as Jeff Rense does when planning your guests.

  10. so ian's an expert on the usgs dust samples and the apollo hoax? so much so that he tackles both issues in the same episode.

    ian would like us to believe with epistemic certainty that nukes were used on 911 because of the dust samples collected by the usgs. apparently, i must trust the usgs because ian seems to know that the usgs would never participate in a hoax.

    well ian, why the hell is the usgs bragging about being deeply involved in the very same apollo hoax that you are supposedly an expert on?

    the title of the propaganda piece issued by the usgs above is: usgs played crucial role in moon landing, apollo program.

    seriously, the fantastic bio of its first administrator of the usgs should tell you all you need to know about the survey.

  11. Thanks so much for that USGS link, seu bobo...

    "U.S. Geological Survey scientists and cartographers played an important but relatively unknown role during the Apollo 11 moon landing 40 years ago this week. USGS astrogeologists trained the Apollo astronauts in the science and strategy of field geology. The training was intended to provide the astronauts, mostly pilots, with enough knowledge to decipher the geologic story displayed at the landing sites and guide the collection of lunar samples."

    I guess Mr Greenhalgh trusts the USGS when it comes to upholding the still widely believed Nuke Bombs - while he distrusts the USGS when it comes to the Apollo Hoax (which has now reached a critical mass of disbelief among the general public). I do not envy Mr Greenhalgh's predicament. The Nutwork's castle of deception is tumbling faster than ever - in a dust cloud of dire, pathetic contradictions.

    Simon Shack

    1. simon, i'm sure you know the name harrison schmitt, the first scientist-astronaut to go to space.

      well, it seems old "jack" was a geologist that worked at the same flagstaff usgs site that is mentioned in their propaganda above.

      jack schmitt did so well playing astronaut they let him be a senator for a term.

  12. yes simon it's tumbling. let's push it a little further.

    it seems the second director of the usgs was none other than john wesley powell, the founder of the cosmos club.

    it seems the cosmos club and the nuke hoax have a long history, as this oral history from another fraud that ran the cosmos club will attest.

    1. by the way, i'm just using official narrative stuff here i don't have any top secret sources in a "big science" lab to rely on.

    2. guess where nasa's first offices were?

      you got it--the old digs of the cosmos club-- the tayloe/dolly madison house.

  13. Th USGS dust samples comprise only a small part of a large body of proof. Therefore your argument is untenable nonsense, as per usual because it ignores all the other evidence that supports the USGS samples.

    1. ok, let's throw out the dust samples.

      you have other theories you want me to destroy?

    2. What is that "evidence," u dumb Jew?--give the list.

    3. How can the vast body of evidence legit USGS samples when the director of the USGS was the founder of the Cosmos Club. With tripe like that you won't get a job in the Cosmos club as a lackey, let alone a junior alchemist.
      This all shite reminds me of the story about the naked king and his invisible clothes. To cut it short, if you have forgotten, a couple of weavers insisted they could weave new clothes of magnificent value. The clothes they assured would be so magnificent that only the smartest people would be able to see them. The king told them to weave, and soon his garment was ready. He sent his best ministers to inspect it. The ministers could not for the love of god see anything, just the empty wheel spinning away. They were all learned men with academic prowess, very very smart, but couldn’t see anything! Did it mean they were dumb? Maybe they were, but to admit it, they could not. So they returned to the king and told him the clothes were indeed magnificent.
      Do you see how it relates nicely, do you see Ian?

    4. 1. Being Jewish or not, a person has a right to argue a point. You are being bigoted, based on the connection of Rothschilds affiliates and political duped pro-Israel policy factions (Zionists and Sionists).

      2. Cosmos Club is a group meetup for intellectual sharing. As such, ideas of oligarchic and freethinking can flourish, which is always the way: these things sort of go together in elite groups, but they are separate items as well. Good ideas and bad, different persons and attitudes. Not all are plotters.

      3. USGS is a group which would have wanted access to the site. Just as with legitimate police (incl. FBI), plotters for 9/11 would know that there would be legitimate persons also with access to the site.

      4. With the incredulity of the public about the conspiracy angle and the bean-counter role (mere quantitative analysis done) by the USGS, the findings of high levels of certain elements would be not a worry for perpetrators.

      5. To this day, the findings on their own are not sole "proof" of the event's having been a set of nuclear explosions.

      6. There are other indications of something nuclear's having occurred at the location. - Some of it is the video evidence, when properly sifted, which you discount in entirety and in fact, fanatically. That certain views were maintained and layered, yes, you have proved. That some footage was reprocessed, even composited later you have proved. But that the perps would not have some cameras pointed at the event for one layer (the building destruction) and the matching multiple photographs from all angles with natural backgrounds and foregrounds, you have not in fact disproved. In fact, parts of your proofs of problems show also exactly a proof that the footage in part was LEGITIMATE.

      A good example is "the Ball"; another is the "white-out" at the inconvenient moment where the spire turns to dust (one can just see it start).

      Ian is not as on side with understanding your work as I, nor does he consider that nuclear effects might come from other weaponry than formal nukes as well, but he is good at what he is actually basically doing, as you are in the basic work you do.

    5. I ran upon a couple interesting articles today.

      "Nanothermite-Based Microsystem for Drug Delivery and Cell Transfection"
      You can download the pdf.


      After extensive study of the WTC dust and red-gray particles found within it, accredited forensic scientist Dr. James Millette has conclusively demonstrated that the particles are NOT thermite in any shape, form, or function.

      “The red/gray chips found in the WTC dust at four sites in New York City are consistent with a carbon steel coated with an epoxy resin that contains primarily iron oxide and kaolin clay pigments.”

      “There is no evidence of individual elemental aluminum particles of any size in the red/gray chips, therefore the red layer of the red/gray chips is not thermite or nano-thermite.”

      The red layer is an epoxy resin containing primarily iron oxide and kaolin clay pigments. Paint, in other words. The gray layer is the carbon steel.

      Millette confirmed the earlier re-investigation of Frederick Henry-Couannier, who was given WTC dust samples by none other than Richard Gage himself.

      Dr. Millette is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and works with internationally known microscopy experts. An ad hoc international team of these experts, as well as architects, engineers, and other specialists, contributed their expertise to this study.

      This study debunks the thermite claim and the Niels Harrit paper.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Replies
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      So there u go Gary: are u a Jew?

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  15. Did they change your meds recently?

  16. Here's what Jim, Ian, and Don have in common with Alex Jones, Steve Jones, Gage, Khalezov, Jim Stone, Jeff Rense, CNN, and Israel... You are all fearmongering, trying to scare the living shit out of everyone. Good luck with that, but it's stopped working on me and judging by the number of fake accounts popping up here on this blog, you are not doing a very good job.

    1. Jim Hollander,

      Well said, Jim.
      Spoken like a true Jew.

  17. seu bobo said : "ian would like us to believe with epistemic certainty that nukes were used on 911 because of the dust samples collected by the usgs. apparently, i must trust the usgs because ian seems to know that the usgs would never participate in a hoax.

    well ian, why the hell is the usgs bragging about being deeply involved in the very same apollo hoax that you are supposedly an expert on?"

    Heh! Such delicious hypocrisy! :-)

    Regards, onebornfree.

  18. The only reason the Fetzer scholars claim nukes were used is because it neatly supports the government's narrative that three thousand people died in the towers and that some of them, due to the high heat generated by nukes, jumped out of the windows.

    They don't tell us how the nukes were deployed. Apparently, there was no need for tedious pre-demolition preparations such as evacuation of the area of people, furniture and fixtures and other potential flying projectiles.
    Were the nukes planted and ready to go off, trapping people on the upper floors?

    I think some details are missing from this nuke theory and people who are renown for their logic and scientific reasoning ought to know better than leave so many loose ends behind like holograms and rational explanations of important phenomena.

    Anyone who has studied demolitions, and there are plenty of pictures of them on YouTube, ahat we see in the "live" videos on TV is NOTHING LIKE a real demolition. CDs don't result in buildings spewing volcanic ash in larger and larger plumes from their ROOFTOPS!

    This nuke theory is incomplete and "untenable." Isn't it time questions of the plane-shaped gashes, the smoke, the fireballs and the alleged trapped thousands of people were answered?

  19. Joan Edwards said : "The only reason the Fetzer scholars claim nukes were used is because it neatly supports the government's narrative that three thousand people died in the towers and that some of them, due to the high heat generated by nukes, jumped out of the windows."

    "Scholars" Joan? I can think of several , far more descriptive adjectives, but let's not go there :-).

    We can endlessly speculate the reasons why these "scholars" promote their silly little " Izrail dunnit wiv nookes and hollowgramz" theory.

    And your speculation might be correct.

    Others who have seen through the pontifications/bald assertions of these particular "scholars" might just as justifiably argue that these particular "scholars" only goal is to wholly protect the state's propaganda machine [i.e. the MSM] , by willfully diverting attention away from its plain as day total complicity in the whole psyop, and towards the wholly irrelevant, [and most likely non-resolvable] issue of how the WTC buildings were demolished in real life.

    One thing seems certain, whether or not these particular individuals are paid disinfo agents, or not, they _are_ , willfully or otherwise, definitely seeking to draw attention away from the undeniable fact [at least to those of us who have studied the original footage, and the research of persons like Simon Shack], that _all_ of the original broadcast "live" MSM footage showing either a plane approaching a building, or a WTC building being destroyed, is fake [i.e every pixel of it], and had to have been prefabricated on computers prior to that day.

    But please don't expect any of these particular , er, "scholars" to ever reach these , or similar conclusions :-) .

    Regards, onebornfree.

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    I wonder what would happen if the other bloggers on John Friend's Blog somehow found out that apsterian is a Jew.


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  26. Ian Greenhalgh, 9/11 "Scholar" Said:
    "The USGS dust samples comprise only a small part of a large body of proof. Therefore your argument is untenable nonsense, as per usual because it ignores all the other evidence that supports the USGS samples."

    Let's hear ALL OF YOUR EVIDENCE, Greenhalgh. That goes for Gordon Duff's hearsay on the nukes, too. Stop fooling around and lay out your case. Where is this "large body of proof"?

  27. where can i see this usgs data?

  28. In the file cooler of the Cosmos Club. The vast body of evidence consists of the vast body of evidence. It's brilliant.

  29. Joan Edwards said :"Let's hear ALL OF YOUR EVIDENCE, "

    Sorry to have to nit-pick Joan, but if you think about it, I believe you mean "possible evidence", or "prospective evidence", and not "evidence" per se.

    I would propose that for 9/11 and similar_nothing_ can/should be called "evidence" until proven to be, at the very least, most likely genuine [preferably irrefutably] .

    Therefor, 9/11 photos. videos, alleged eyewitness testimonies, and all alleged US government reports [eg from USGS and DoE] , are, contrary to the assertions of Fetzer, Fox, Greenhalgh,Wood, Kalezov, Baker, Jones etc.etc., to this date, _not_ "evidence" of anything at all, as they have never, to this day, been proven to be genuine - indeed, _all_ of the promoters of the various 9/11 building destruction theories and related [ Fetzer, Fox, Hall, Jones, Wood, Kalezov, Baker, Reynolds, Johnson etc. etc.] , have steadfastly refused to undertake any serious, prolonged, close examination of any/all "possible evidence" available, and have instead simply cherry-picked whatever "possible evidence" they fancied and automatically elevated it to the level of genuine, irrefutable "evidence" [be it photos, videos, US gov. reports, eyewitness testimony, or whatever] , to "prove" their own particular currant favorite 9/11 theory.

    And so it goes :-) .

    Regards, onebornfree.

  30. OBF said: "[ Fetzer, Fox, Hall, Jones, Wood, Kalezov, Baker, Reynolds, Johnson etc. etc.] , have steadfastly refused to undertake any serious, prolonged, close examination of any/all "possible evidence" available, and have instead simply cherry-picked whatever "possible evidence" they fancied and automatically elevated it to the level of genuine, irrefutable "evidence" [be it photos, videos, US gov. reports, eyewitness testimony, or whatever] , to "prove" their own particular currant favorite 9/11 theory."

    "Evidence" is synonymous with "proof." Ian says he has "proof." I just asked to see it. What proof does this group have other than the USGS of the dust which is circumstantial at best? You can't go around making claims without proof.

    I know they think the videos are real. I just want to hear them say it. I want to hear them say they've examined all the archived video record of that morning and that it was taken live in real time.

    I want to hear how there were 3,000 people trapped above floors where the non-existent planes hit, how the gashes were made, how the smoke was created and how the fireballs were created. I want to hear how controlled demolition by nukes causes enormous volcanic eruptions from the tops of buildings.

    I want to know all these things because it is obvious the nuke theory eliminates the need to explain any of them. By not explaining these things, they might as well believe planes hit the towers.

  31. Ian's main concern with the WTC research is, as he puts it, to find justice for the families of those killed.

    How about some justice for all of us who have been conned by these false flag events, or does Ian deny that too?

    Right now, people can go to Shanksville PA where the alleged "Let's Roll" plane UA93 heroically went down. It has only cost us $20 million, with $10 million more yet to be raised, for a state park honoring the victims (justice), Similar to the Vietnam memorial, it has a wall, only in white. But the really amazing thing is 95% of the plane UA93, complete with passengers, didn't crash but rather slipped into a mine shaft and has not been recovered. What about the families of those victims?

  32. apsterian said:
    "But Chris Bollyn gives outstanding evidence for Jews (which he always calls "Zionists") being present and responsible for planning, principle operations, cover-up for investigations and litigation, and then the dis-info campaign still on-going."

    First, applause for organizing your case. 9/11 was a crime and it must be adjudicated in a court of law, not by philosophers and critical thinking "scholars", but by lawyers.

    Finding solid evidence is the hard thing. Though it sounds good, I would think even Bollyn doesn't have any direct evidence as to Zionists being the perps. This is way too general of a concept. Are you going to indict all Zionists, for example? (It would be nice to see this evidence, though.)

    To me, the most damning evidence is that "Manifesto" published by the Project for a New American Century, (PNAC), calling for America to be the policemen of the world but to accomplish that and get the support of the American people, a "New Pearl Harbor" was necessary.

    Along with many prominent Zionists like Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, this document bears the signatures of Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, Dan Quayle and other non-Zionist Neocons. See: David Ray Griffin "A New Pearl Harbor."

  33. Excuse me, that should read: "Dan Quayle and other NON-JEWISH Neocons."

  34. Hi Faivish!!

    Why are you spending so much time lately posting on Jim Fetzer's blog? What exactly are you angling for, Faivish?
    It's Shabbat! You should be praying, eating and dancing like the good Jew you really are!!

    Gut Shabbos, Faivish!!

  35. "So what Joan?--because there's a non-Jew present on the side, like a moron like Quayle, all of a sudden it absolves Jews?"

    Of course not. Obviously you've never heard of the PNAC and the Neocons and their connection to 9/11. You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. Cheney signed the PNAC manifesto calling for a new Pearl Harbor as did many other non-Jews in government.

    This manifesto and other writings by the PNAC is the closest thing to solid evidence that the Zionists made 9/11 happen. I'm surprised you're not familiar with it.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. apsterian will be extirpated and obliterated until nothing remains of him but a greasy spot on this blog which, for some reason, the rat apsterian has chosen to infiltrate and defile with his stinking, rotten presence. That completed, we'll start on the greasy spot and annihilate it totally.Then and only then will Jim Fetzer's blog be cleansed of the rat in almost human form that was the vile and loathsome apsterian.

    Quod scripsi, scripsi.

    So let it be written.
    So let it be done.

  38. Kikes will be going way of dodo bird soon, eh? ho ho hoho ho ho

  39. The growing web "troll" industry
    Yes, it's real and it's big business

    Does it ever seem to you that certain people seem to be working to disrupt Internet discussion groups?

    Well, your perception is 100% reality.

    Thousands of people are being paid to "shape public opinion" on Internet discussion boards on behalf of the US Air Force, the Pentagon, Israel, and other entities.

    It's not your imagination. It's documented fact.

  40. The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey being a pilot project for a moon mission hoax is an interesting idea. Richard C. Hoagland's "glass structures" on the moon are probably merely reflections of the glass beads in Scotchlite front projection screens.