Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chris Everard

Sandy Hook JFK and more


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  2. James: u attempt a distinction btwn "Zionist" and Jew, or anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic, but there's no essential diff. Both Jews and Zionists hate gentiles, this according to their Talmud. Zionist seems merely to be fanatic for nationalism based in Palestine, but there's NO DIFF. for Jew and Zionist attitude towards gentiles.

    1. Good sources on Jew Talmud is and

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    3. There Is No "Good-Evil"

      Yes, but "blue...," u gotta get hip to way kikes work--making use of non-existent "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy. For we're all sinners, without a perfectly "free" will, only God having perfectly "free" will.

      That's how kikes and allies work, intimidating folks by means of this "good-evil" crap, "good" being worst enemy of TRUTH.

      Remember TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH is what Christianity is all about (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

      Jews are anti-human psychopaths, addicted to worship of lies--but there is no "good-evil," which is for kids.

    4. Have you read your Christian Old Testament, apsterian, that 'Christ' came to fulfil?

      The land for foreskins / 'gentile' hatred is present there as well as in the Talmud.

      The problem is a Jew thing, not a Jew who believes in the Talmud thing. It is a problem of perceived chosen-ness and even your Yeshua ben David exhibited some of its meaner traits in your New Testament..

      This chosen-ness has sometimes exhibited in Christians infected with the Jew thing: Cromwell's Puritans and the 'muscular' Christians of the Jews' British Empire for example. We call them scum.

      Muslims in general have adopted the sickness wholesale and to this day would conquer the wold in the name of their ultimately Jewish God if they did not happen to be drawn from quite unintelligent and feckless populations.

      But yes, you're right that the Zionist/Jew distinction is a bogus one if the Jew is not supposed to be a colonizing, racist, supremacist, enslaving, genocidal article just like the Zionist.

    5. Jews Not Same As Judeans

      Nick: not sure what u're really talking about, but Christ clarified Law of Moses--against Pharisees, who's followers wrote the Talmud and are present Jews, Jews NOT same as Judeans of time of Christ, Pharisees only leading about 5% of the Judeans of the time.

      Later, the Talmudists missionized the ruling class of Khazars of 8th/9th cent.s, these now the "Ashkanazi" (Russian) Jews who aren't even related to original Hebrews or Israelites, now mass-murdering Palestinians, insisting it's their land.

      U're certainly right lots of puke calling themselves "Christian" relate w. Pharisees/Talmudists--including "Christian-Identity" who pretend they're descended fm fictional (for all we know) "Israelites."

  3. Guys, if you look thru the archives .... Greg Hallett, Barry Chamish, Stew Webb, One Born Free, Gordon Duff, Goldbug/Chiraini ... Everard may not seem such a criminal half-wit in comparison.

  4. A stupid con-man, specifically.

  5. Re: Sandy Hook Photos and Videos. I wish I could find the post where I saw footage a while ago, shot in the SHES parking lot. It shows people standing around talking. In the background there is a fully armed SWAT entry team going into a smaller building, one would assume to clear it. Later, I realized that was absurd. Why would people be allowed to linger about about, obviously unconcerned, just yards away from police with automatic weapons at the ready, not knowing who or what the police may encounter? Unless of course there was no danger because it was a drill.

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  7. Jews Help De-Populate Excess Gentiles

    Yes blue..., and KEY to it is the legalized COUNTERFEIT scam called the US Federal Reserve Bank (the "Fed").

    People cannot figure out what Fed is and does--because they don't understand what money is. Money MUST be commodity so as not be be COUNTERFEITED, gold/silver being the best commodities to serve as money.

    Regardless, this COUNTERFEIT scam is how these few kikes leverage power over everything else--is that incredible?

    So when and as Dollar collapses fm inflation, kikes want to set-up gotterdamerung and wars so as to abscond while everyone else is fighting one another--and the stupid puke gentiles seem to be going for it all.

    So we see what the Jews really do--they're the maggots of civilization who see to the de-population of excess stupid goyim, I'm afraid

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  9. Whoever ordered the mininukes to be set off at Fukushima was dumber than a troglodyte.

  10. When the $dollar collapses the Jew apsterian will still have his
    ₪shekels in his many secret Swiss bank accounts along with all his gold, silver, precious JEWels and his collection of fake platinum menorahs.

    Why should the Jew apsterian worry?

    Dollar? Shmollar!!

    1. Righto Jew: and WHO knows better than Jews like u, eh? Ho ho oh ho ho ho

      Aren't Jews smart? And we notice u commented over at too, eh?--brilliant, ho ho ho ho ho

  11. See how smart the old Jew
    apsterian is? I bet the flat foot desert
    wanderer apsterian knows when
    the dollar is going to collapse.
    The old Jew money bags apsterian
    is already counting the pieces
    of silver he's going to make.
    More than 30, you can be sure.
    Hehe...Typical Jew apsterian.

    1. By golly, but u kikes are just to smart for rest of us, ho ho ho ho ho ho