Monday, May 19, 2014

Dave McGowan



  1. Excellent program. I read Dave's Laurel Canyon web series and found it wonderfully informative. About the Doors, Ray Manzarek was very talented, but I have a strong suspicious that the majority of the California music scene was constructed in the same way that the Monkees were, just we were never told this. One might think this was due to the success of the British bands and wanting to emulate their commercial success, however, I think the truth is very much darker and Jim Morisson's father being an admiral is a big clue as to what was really behind it.

    Also, it shouldn't be overlooked that Lookout Mtn Studio is in Laurel Canyon, and it is probably the location where all the films used as part of the MK-Ultra Mind Control programming were made. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the reason for the growth of the music scene in the Canyon was because the studio was there and the young people of the music scene were programmed at the studio, which was in full swing from the late 1940s. It is said that mind control training starts to break don when the individual is in the late 20s or early 30s, and this could well be why so many stars of the film and music scenes died young.

    I wonder if Dave has also looked into the drug aspect of the late 60s? I ask because I think it is a crucial part of the puzzle. The first half of the60s, everyone in the counter-culture in California was smoking cannabis, you could buy a lid of fine Mexican really cheap and it was very easy to find, organised crime wasn't involved, it was mostly surfers and hippies smuggling it over the border. The LSD appeared and things began to go awry. Timothy Leary was, of course, one of the big promoters of LSD and he worked for the CIA, the musicians who promoted LSD trough their music must also be viewed with suspicion - Jim Morrison, for instance. At first, the LSD being consumed was from Sandoz Labs, but it was quickly made illegal and characters like Owsley Stanley began synthesising it - Owsley made the acid that was widely enjoyed at the Monterery Pop Festival in 67 when Hendrix and Joplin rose to prominence. However, Owsley saw the acid that was distributed at Altamont in 1969 and he stated that it was not made by any underground chemist, that it had clearly been produced using the sort of machinery only possessed by big pharma companies. That acid was very bad, it caused a very bad vibe and is one of the biggest reasons why Altamont went so horribly wrong. It seems that Altamont was a clear case of a drug being used to effect a mass of people in a very badway. Just look at the footage of the gig and see how there is a Hells Angel at the side of the stage who is struggling to contain his rage and clearly tripping his tits off. If that is how this bad acid affected people then small wonder Altamont was hell on earth for many people.

  2. Just to correct myself, it wasn't a HA I was referring to that was freaking out it was this guy:

    The Angels were faced with masses of people who were freaking out and tripping like this guy, they reacted n the only way they knew - with intimidation and violence. The Angels were in fear of their safety - there were a few dozen of them and 400,000 in the crowd, mostly heavily drugged on this bad acid.

    Watch this clip and you will see just how bad this acid was, the bad vibe going on isso apparent, i have watched Gimme Shelter many times and it always gives me a very uneasy feeling, note how no-one is smiling, everyone looks tense, it was a powderkeg, an acid-fuelled powderkeg:

    The 'Alphabet drug' Dave was trying to remember was likely STP.

    The whole drug scene in California needs to be included in any investigation of Laurel Canyon and the Manson Family imho. The Brotherhood of Eternal Love were at the centre of the drug trade and though Billy Hitchcock they were linked to the CIA. Hitchcock also had links to the Manson family.

    The LSD and other psyschedelic drug scenes are very much entangled with the CIA, MKULTRA, the Tavistock Institute and other sinister agencies. This webpage has a lot of good info as a primer into a very large and complex topic:

  3. McGowan must have had a brain fart. He mentioned Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in relation to Helter Skelter. Which actually appeared on the White Album.

    Good article related to this subject:
    Manufacturing the Deadhead: A product of social engineering… by Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin

    Here is a follow up interview:
    Gnostic Media - A Conversation with Joe Atwill -- "Mind Control"

    "A key element in the creation of America’s drug counterculture was “The Grateful Dead,” a rock band that passed out LSD to people attending its concerts in the 1960’s. At their concerts listeners were encouraged to take LSD and to “tune in, turn on, and drop out.” An expression that instructed the LSD takers to abandon the modern world and join what McKenna coined the “archaic revival.”

    There is a recording of Dr. Timothy Leary actually describing the retrograde culture that those who dropped out would participate in:

    In this talk, Leary, Alan Watts, Alan Ginsberg, Gary Snyder and Allen Cohen describe how those that “tune in, turn on, drop out” would abandon modern culture and return to the status of a peasant."

    It is also notable that two individuals associated with the Grateful Dead were once employees of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program–band member and lyricist Robert Hunter [15], and author Ken Kesey[16] whose “Merry Pranksters” were often at the Grateful Dead shows promoting LSD use to the “Deadheads.” Kesey’s novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest promoted the archaic revival by concluding with a heroic American Indian escaping from modern tyranny and returning to a primitive culture. Furthermore, Grateful Dead song writer John Perry Barlow, in 2002, admitted in a Forbes magazine interview ironically titled “Why Spy?” that he spent time at CIA headquarters at Langley.

    1. Ironically, since Helter Skelter was done after the replacement of Paul, of course, and Sgt Pepper is the first major production after that replacement -- Strawberry Field and Penny Lane having appeared as a single earlier in 1967 -- McGowan was not psychologically too far off.

      That's okay, Dave. I dig it.

    2. And, 911truthnc, by the way, McGowan really says that Sgt P influenced Manson according to the main story. It doesn't have to mean Helter Skelter was on it.


      PAUL says AT LEAST ONCE, unsure to me whether it was about Laurel Canyon: he says:

      "I don't know, you fall out of a car, into a room, it was all very dark. I really don't remember."

      And why Paul? Because they had someone somewhat similar and Beatles were NOT INFILTRATED YET and as Fetzer mentions, they were the major real band.

      As far as I know, Ringo stated he was the last remaining Beatle only in and, not at an event. However, if someone knows whether he says it also at an event, let me know.

  4. Ian Greenhalgh wrote:

    "Also, it shouldn't be overlooked that Lookout Mtn Studio is in Laurel Canyon, and it is probably the location where all the films used as part of the MK-Ultra Mind Control programming were made."

    Huh? Well, I don't know where you have that from, Ian. You may wish to ask Dave McGowan to get you up to speed about the Lookout Mountain Studios. But wait : perhaps you are implying that the silly nuke test film-animations (sold to the world as REAL footage) were an integral part of the incessant military mind control games (designed to hypnotize and dumb down the unsuspecting public)? If so, you may not be too far off the mark.after all.

    A look at the LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN secret film studios :

    Simon Shack

    1. Oh dear, still pushing that utter nonsense about nukes being fake.

      Movies played a huge part in MK-Ultra/Monarch mind control programming, for exampl, they used footage of horriffic things to traumatise the subject.

      Go watch A Clockwork Orange, then you might get some idea how it worked.

    2. Indeed, Simon, Ian makes the point of correction here: there would be fake images easy to make for real bombs. There is too much else to say that the bombs themselves are fake just because there are some cheap-shot films.

  5. "Like a Rolling Stone
    Like a Rolling Stone
    Like a Rolling Stone

    Like the FBI
    And the CIA
    And the BBC

    BB King
    and Doris Day

    Matt Busby - Dig it!"

    Dig It, by John Lennon.

    One issue McGowan the amazing fellow does not venture into much is the Sir Paul McCartney friendship with Terry Melcher, for Monterey 1967, where free CIA drug LSD was given out and both of these men were on the board of directors.

    Using the McCartney name, Sir Paul got to help his friends who'd put him into position, to promote the big new thing -- enlightenment in a controlled form.

    And of course there's the Charles Manson operation connection to all this.

    Knowing that Paul McCartney died (probably murder, since it was Sept 11, 1966 by all serious indications), puts the cultic intel connections in London and Hollywood into perspective for what Sir Paul ultimately did with some of his power, aside from music.

    To learn about Houdini and Uri Geller's involvement and pride in "spook" work in addition to their main calling,

    or to learn about the same in the JFK assassination CIA and mob angle with Chauncey Holt, who was an artist and spook and mob assistant,

    go to McGowan's pages on Houdini, the documentary by a BBC renegade for Geller, and Fetzer's work on Holt, respectively.

    For Paul's death, minus most of these considerations listed above -- to keep the argument for death and replacement fairly clean of the implications -- go to

    Gotta love McGowan. Thank you so much, Dave.

    1. You really must do another P.I.D. podcast soon, Clare! There's a lot of great new shit out there that fits in nicely with your P.I.D. theory.

      Steve Appelboum

    2. The "great new shit" Steve, if you mean McGowan's work in general, was known to me before I learned about Paul's putative death (the rumour) and its factual arguments.

      I mentioned McGowan at length in my first broadcast on the subject, in January 2012. It is the context which helped me see the broad outlines of how much intel could be involved with bands, though it had occurred to me that of course, people who are industry "players and movers and shakers and hangers-on" would include some shady (mob, intel, cult) persons.

      If there is something you wish to mention, you can let Jim know and he will forward to me. It is better than taking up space here, probably.

    3. Some things I noticed in the broadcast...Lennon was in the Laural Canyon area more in the mid 70's during his "lost weekend", not so much during the 60's hippy times (well, he visited the canyon with The Byrds on the Beatles 1965 tour documented in the song She Said She Said). George Harrison visited Haight Ashbury and LA in 67 (Blue Jay Way) and Paul was there in April 67 and visited Brian Wilson during the later Smile Sessions ("Vega-tables") The Beatles were there at times.

      As for The Byrds, they do not play on Mr. Tambourine Man (except McGuinn), but they did play most of their other music.
      The Wrecking Crew played more on The Beach Boys (1963-1967), Monkees, Love, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Mamas and Papas etc...

      Tina Foster [Fakeologist episode 50] said that Manson was flown to England and recorded Helter Skelter which I think is total BS.

    4. Tina Foster gets a lot wrong, a lot right. She tends to believe in more use of other musicians in Beatle records than there probably was, but we have no direct way of knowing.

      As to Sir Paul's being with Wilson Apr 67, do you have a link? We know he was partly in charge (with others, incl. Melcher) for 67 Monterey Music Festival (w/ free LSD at it).

      Thanks for comments.

  6. It seems that the drummer for the Doors did study jazz before being in the Doors, and the guitarist studied piano & guitar. So though not in bands, they were players of some kind. It is best to be accurate, if possible.

    1. Oh sure, the other three doors were all very talented musicians, Manzarek especially. There were plenty of very talented people in the west coast scene, Jerry Garcia was a superb guitarist, as was Frank Zappa, but there were also plenty of people who really weren't. Who played what on what record is a subject with vast scope for discussion. Just look at how many records BookerT & The MGs played on, or the legendary bass player James Jameson.

    2. Clare,

      Is there any truth in the rumor that Professor Fetzer
      wants you on his forum again for yet another P.I.D podcast?
      We really do need to get some life back into the forum and raise the level of debate which has fallen to an all time low.
      I think another
      Paul-Is-Dead podcast from you, Clare, is just what the forum needs to get things going again.
      Another P.I.D. podcast from you,
      Clare would be an ideal
      oportunity for you to unveil
      the results of your latest research into the Paul-Is-Dead
      So, when exactly is your next P.I.D. podcast due, Clare?

      Steve Apelboum

    3. Steve, there are no plans right now for such a broadcast. The only thing not really covered -- except details of how to see the fakeness -- is the reasoning about WHY the replacement was done. It was done either in simple expedience due to grief and wish to continue the band, or it was also done/assisted by those who wanted to infiltrate (and maybe had murdered the Beautiful Boy). In the latter case (whether murder or not was the way into infiltration), discussion can be made connecting the Sir Paul activities to spook activities in London and Monterey 67 and Laurel Canyon, but the connections are by inference mostly.

      Monterey he was on the board of, though, with Melcher. And there is a letter which flashes in a private Iamaphoney video exposing Sir Paul, a short note which seems to be by Melcher, thanking "McCartney and McManson" for the "trippy night under the stars", and Manson himself in another signed letter flashing calls himself "McManson". To have this reciprocated by Melcher overtly directly proves the connection between the three AND physical proximity at one point anyway, for a "trippy night".

      However, it is more a case of discussing likely possibilities as double-agent pro-LSD and trying to create a "controlled utopia".

      There are no new leaks, but if you wish I could go into more detail on the items which combinatively (not isolatedly) prove the case.

      However, no plan to do so. Have a good day.

    4. Also, Steve, if you want another broadcast, tell Jim. And if you think there is something worth including in it, let him know so I can. But right now, there are no plans for me or for a broadcast.

  7. Ian Greenhalgh, the nuke bombs are fake - and you know it. The cat is out of the bag - yet I'm fully aware it will take some time before most people on this planet realize it : it's an uphill battle - given the sheer size of the massive media / military propaganda machine which has been pushing - for over half a century now - this utterly silly (yet most effective) fear-mongering hoax. You can keep howling on top of a hill that nukes are real - and some stray sheep flocks will keep echoing and nodding to your hysterical screams. Have fun with that, but expect rotten tomatoes coming your way - sooner than you could possibly imagine.

    by Edmund Matthews

    Simon Shack

  8. CIA pushing LSD to bend the kids by music and media brokers. Horrible horrible people.That was one big mess they did back then. Someone had to clean it up and find a way to do it fast.

  9. Ian Greenhalgh wrote:

    "You are so full of shit Shack. The only question is whether by design or just utter stupidity."

    How funny, Ian. I was just about to write the very same words to describe my feelings about you. I guess you just beat me to it. Come to think of it, I should probably just ignore your incessant, provocative comments - lest they ultimately cause me to drop to your abysmally crass standards of communication.

  10. So, dear Ian - let me ask you a simple question:

    Do you think that any of these "nuke test images" are real?

    Please be so kind to respond to this simple question.


    Simon Shack

    1. Of course they are real, there is no tenable possible argument to be made for the nuclear tests not having occurred. No need to fake photos when you have the actual event to photograph. There are craters in the desert with vitrified surfaces, there are ships at the bottom of the sea off Bikini Atoll that were sunk during tests Able and Baker, there are tens of thousands of veterans who developed cancers due to exposure to the radiation of nuclear tests.

      How do you explain the huge crater on Bikini Atoll they had to cover with concrete to prevent the radiation turning into fallout?

      Or what about all those massive craters in the Nevada desert, how do you explain those?

      How do you explain a crater as large as the Sedan one if not from a nuclear explosion?

      Or what about all the craters and contaminated regions in the former USSR such as Lake Chagan, created in a 1963 nuclear test?

      The whole Semipalatansk region of Khazakhstan is heavily irradiated due to the nuclear testing:

      Worst of all, the evidence in the form of birth defects is all too real:

      There were 456 nuclear tests at Semipalatinsk, the rates of cancers and infant mortality have been incredibly high, even to this day, birth defects are common, that poor baby above was born in 2008.

      As usual, your 'work' is utterly laughable and ludicrous because all you do is look at a few photos, declare them to be 'fake' then build untenable crackpot theories based purely on this BS. There is a vast body of other evidence that contradicts your 'nukes don't exist' rubbish and if you had any competence as a researcher you would have thoroughly examined all that evidence, rather than completely ignoring it as you have done.

      You're a joke Simon, your work is a joke and anyone who supports you and your work is either an idiot or has ulterior motives.

    2. I, for one, know that the nuclear tests in the 1950s were real because my dad was assigned to the proving grounds in Nevada after coming home from Korea to bury his father. I believe my dad when he talks about he and his buddy not being informed that a blast was about to go off and while all the other guys were in the trenches they were out in plain sight of the blast. He says it's a wonder he hasn't had cancer. He's from good German stock, though, and is now almost 86 years old.

    3. Sounds like your dad was lucky!

    4. Ian, most of your objections to the nuke hoax are explained here, in the 2005 liberty forum:

      Probably the same crew behind this nuke fiction as those who gave us gave us the reports on human soap and lamps made by human skin, etc.

      Too busy myself these days... more later maybe...

      "It's much easier to fool people than it is to convince them they've been fooled."

    5. Even if we could prove Hiroshima & Nagasaki were hoaxes. That does not prove nuclear weapons don't exist.

      The fact there is nuclear power stations using uranium as an energy source. Proves the science to produce nuclear weapons exist.

      Am I missing something here?

    6. Re: Am I missing something here?
      Yes. If the balance of evidence suggest that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firebombed like Tokyo and Yokohama, when and where did the first nuke go off then? Please do not underestimate the significance of the Hiroshima nuke reports. It was supposed to be the first demonstration of the allegedly new monster weapon. We don't have so many other public demonstrations. How many nuclear wars have you heard about? It may also even be the biggest news story in the 20th century.

      Nukes and power plants are two different animals. I have no problem with the idea that some exotic metal can heat up with the help of an MODERATOR. A completely other question is whether this stuff will explode BIG TIME. Anders Björkman explains some of the technical problems with nukes here:

      Pretty huge hoax, and it is as simple to understand as the holohoax. I suggest you look into the question yourself - again, pretty important stuff. Fortunately, more and more people get it. I have at least convinced two persons myself.

    7. It is my current understanding. The reason we use uranium reactors vs thorium. Is to provide the substance to create nuclear weapons.

      I've seen video of mini-nukes being shot from a cannon and producing the mushroom cloud.

      Of course, since they faked the moon landings. Nothing surprises me anymore.

    8. Re: The reason we use uranium reactors vs thorium. Is to provide the substance to create nuclear weapons.

      Not sure about this, but this could maybe just be a part of this nuke hoax script.

      Re: I've seen video of mini-nukes being shot from a cannon and producing the mushroom cloud.

      Well, that is a really silly movie. Had an excellent debunking video, but cannot find it now. Remember the conclusion was that the cannon fired blanks, and other stuff. How hard would it be for a fully equipped Disney studio to create something like this? Should be that impossible for a gang like that.

      Here is maybe how they fooled the pilots to firebomb Hiroshima:

      I suggest you only trust your own eyeballs when and if you look into this fiction story. Explain where all the material in the smoke plume that reportedly rose to 40000 feet came from - no traces on the ground. There you have intact buildings with flat roof, standing brick chimneys, and no rubble in the street, etc. Exactly like in the firebombed Tokyo and Yokohama. That could be a good place to start. Good luck!

  11. Ian Greenhalgh wrote:

    "Of course they are real, there is no tenable possible argument to be made for the nuclear tests not having occurred. No need to fake photos when you have the actual event to photograph."

    Thanks for responding Ian. Sincere thanks, that is. I just love your "no tenable possible" line. Very colorful. But my favorite part is this fascinating 'line of logic' of yours:

    "No need to fake photos when you have the actual event to photograph."

    Priceless. Made my day. This (punch) line will be forever imprinted in my mind - and I will use it at parties, if you don't mind - of course!

    Simon Shack

    1. Simon, of course there is need to fake photographs if something is real -- sometimes. It is done for easy effects.

      You are sometimes a too-simplistic thinker, for all your sometimes accurate insights which come from having a one-track mind. Sometimes you really miss the boat.

      As to the nuke thing: what on earth does it have to do with the Laurel Canyon issue, other than "operations go on in the world"?

    2. As usual, Shack's Nukes are a hoax theory is based on analysis of photos and videosand fails to consider all the other evidence such as:

      hundreds of craters across several countries

      vitrified rocks, soil etc. that can only be produced by a nuclear exlosion

      massive amounts of radiation and fallout detected all over the world

      seismic records showing massive earth shaking from nuclear tests

      hundreds of thousands of witnesses to the explosions, many of whom suffered cancers as a result

      ship wrecks of sunken vessels destroyed in nuclear tests

      millions of children born with birth defects caused by fallout and radiation

      hundreds of thousands if not millions of deaths due to fallout and radiation

      Shack's theory fails to consider all this evidence, most of it physical. If he wanted to check his theory, all he has to do is verify if the craters exist,ifeven afew of tem can be proven to exist,then nukes are real. Of the birth defects, if you can verify a few of those then fallout and radiation must be real, both of those checks would verify or refute his theory but he makes no effort whatsoever to do this basic research technique, thus rendering his work invalid and his theory untenable.

      This is typical of Shack's work, he always fails to carry out the proper scientific method which involves checking and cross-referecing ALL available data and evidence before forming a theory.

    3. Re: hundreds of craters across several countries

      Re: vitrified rocks, soil etc. that can only be produced by a nuclear exlosion

      Craters aren't specific for nuke blasts. Here is Oppenheimer and Groves standing in the (non-existing) crater after the reported Trinity test. Looks like dry mud and pebbles there still - COMICAL!:

      Re: massive amounts of radiation and fallout detected all over the world

      Radiation isn't specific for nuke bombs

      Re: seismic records showing massive earth shaking from nuclear tests

      Bravo Sierra. There isn't any seismograms of any reported nuke blast at all - not even the Tsar bomb. That is one of the big problems with their story.

      Re: hundreds of thousands of witnesses to the explosions, many of whom suffered cancers as a result

      Cancers aren't specific for nuke bombs.

      Re: ship wrecks of sunken vessels destroyed in nuclear tests

      Ship wrecks aren't specific for nuke bombs

      Re: millions of children born with birth defects caused by fallout and radiation

      Birth defects aren't specific for nukes.

      Re: hundreds of thousands if not millions of deaths due to fallout and radiation

      You are out of your mind again, Ian, and are hyperventilating.

      Re: all he has to do is verify if the craters exist

      Again, craters aren't specific for nuke blast. Craters are also characteristic for excavators - Big Dragline:

      I can see you may have a case here if someone can apply children's logic to your points.

      Short video: Photographic proof that Hiroshima was not destroyed with an atomic bomb (not conclusive):

    4. Clare: Simon refers to Nuclear Test Films being created at Lookout Mountain.

    5. Yes, I realized that after I wrote my comment and Simon also mentions that afterward to me in the next post on this page.

  12. Clare Kuehn,

    It was Ian Greenhalgh who first brought up the LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN secret film studios here - and justly so, since Dave McGowan mentions them in his "Inside Laurel Canyon" writings. Here are a few extracts from McGowan's info concerning the Lookout Mountain Studios:


    ""What would become known as Lookout Mountain Laboratory was originally envisioned as an air defense center (...) Over its lifetime, the studio produced some 19,000 classified motion pictures – more than all the Hollywood studios combined (which I guess makes Laurel Canyon the real ‘motion picture capital of the world’). Officially, the facility was run by the U.S. Air Force and did nothing more nefarious than process AEC footage of atomic and nuclear bomb tests."

    "There are indications that Lookout Mountain Laboratory had an advanced research and development department that was on the cutting edge of new film technologies. Such technological advances as 3-D effects were apparently first developed at the Laurel Canyon site. "

    Hope this answers your question, Clare. :O)

    Simon Shack

    1. Yes, it is prob where -- or maybe one location where -- promo films for anti-bomb efforts would be done. It is a separate question whether bombs are real.

  13. Since the topic of the Beatles came up. Please!
    Dr. Fetzer, Please expand your palette of Beatles song you play during the podcast.

    Listening to the same 8 over and over and over and over. Is another from of MKULTRA!

    Paperback Writer, They Say It's Your Birthday, Penny Lane, Hard Days Night, Help!, Norwegian Wood, Nowhere Man, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Here Comes the Sun, Let It Be, Get Back, Eight Days a Week

    1. Agreed. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away, Benefit for Mr Kite, Revolution 9, a lot of other songs available!!

      Even also Savoy Truffle. -- (Which, by the way, is about not fluff -- but stuffing the pain away that "Obladiblada" doesn't say "where you [Paul] are").

      "You might not feel it now
      But when the pain cuts through
      You're going to know and how
      The sweat is going to fill your head
      When it becomes too much
      You're going to shout aloud

      ... We all know Ob-La-Di-Bla-Da
      But can you show me, where you are?"

    2. I noticed that they often use songs which compliment the epsiode. This one appropraitely had Helter Skelter and Paperback Writer. Sometimes they use bootleg songs too. I like the Love version of Glass Onion as the best opening song because its not too long like Day Tripper.

      Link to a great Beatles remix album The Beatles HATE album (anti Love album)

    3. The Love version of Glass Onion has almost none of the PID content. (Surprize.)

      Yes, Total does put on songs meaningfully where he can. I notice that, too.

  14. Alternatively, Fetzer might like to play songs by more recent, socially.conscious and anti-establishment bands such as mine, "the Social Service".

    As an example here is a link to "Strange" - a song I wrote a few years ago. The video material I used was ripped from an old '50's General Electric "educational cartoon" - which hails the genius of those who invented the atomic bomb...

    "STRANGE" :

    The main line of this song's lyrics ("You Duly Do What You're Supposed To Do") is dedicated to the - predominantly jewish - scientists who sold out their talents to the silly hoaxing-agenda of the powers that be - as documented here:

    Simon Shack

    1. Your music is overall very good, I think. However, Jim loves the Beatles.

  15. Come on, what's this BS about Jim Morrison's father being a Rear Admiral in the US Navy being fresh information?
    Take a look at 'No One Here Gets Out Alive' by Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman first published in 1980. This book had that now famous photograph of Jim standing with his father on the deck of his father's ship, so sorry Dave, you do not get the credit for pointing this out. Amazing that no-one else has noticed...

    1. You are correct, I remember that photo, and Dave should have known about that famous book.

    2. Well, very few had noticed, I guess. I am also curious how Dave deduced it and found his photo. He did not go into the argument of how he figured it out.

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