Friday, June 7, 2013

Chuck Gregory / Mike Palecek

The New American Dream


  1. Great history lesson over at Spingola Speaks.

    "Friday, 6-14: Mike King
    Posted on June 14, 2013 by Spingola Speaks

    Mike King, of the Forbidden Truth about Economics and History, and the author of NWO Forbidden History"

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  4. Jim had some great riffs in the last segment, thanks.

  5. Minute 105:50 of the interview. Mike: "Do you think we'll ever have a Berlin moment ... but I mean, how would we as a society get to the point where we say, 'Yahoo! We know the truth, and, ya know, something like the Berlin Wall coming down, where we actually know what was [the truth]?' " Do you want to know the truth, Mike? Can you handle the truth?

    The date when the Berlin Wall was brought down was November 9th 1989. German reunification was carried out under the direction of Helmut Kohl's chief of staff Gunther Strassmeyer. Gunther's son Andreas Strassmeyer was the mentor to Timothy McVeigh, according to unimpeached testimony--McVeigh being the patsy used in the Oklahoma City Bombing, which took place on April 19th 1995. On the eve of Hitler's birthday, April 20th, which was and is a very important date to the Nazis; but so also was November 9th.

    November 9th 1918 was the day when German sailors of the High Seas Fleet revolted, hastening the end of World War I. For that reason, November 9th 1923 was the date selected by Hitler for the Beer Hall Putsch. November 9th, of 1938, was also the date selected for Die Kristall Nacht--the first organized, nationwide antisemitic pogrom that took place in the Third Reich.

    The Turner Diaries (1978), authored by William Luther Pierce, head of the white-nationalist (read "Nazi") National Alliance, published under the pen name "Andrew McDonnell", concludes with a climactic low-level aerial strike on the Pentagon on "November 9th 1993".

    Americans write November 9th as 11/9, but Germans and other Europeans write November 9th as 9/11. As we all know, 9/11 was the date of the actual attack on the Pentagon by a simulated low-level aerial attack.

    For more, listen to this mp3 audio file. An accompanying article and part two of the audio can be found at this page.

  6. Here, as in this video, was what was brought down with the Berlin Wall (for those who can read German). For the rest, I'll translate some of the text that appears in the video...

    The DDR, a cruel dictatorship? No. It was a state that cared for its children. Children were provided with many leisure activities which were free or at an especially low cost. In the DDR an emphasis was put on sports participation and fitness. Whereas, today in Germany, children are hardly provided with any leisure activities at all--the ideal breeding ground for criminality. Article 24 of the DDR Constitution promised: "Every citizen has a right to employment ... Men and women, young and old, are guaranteed equal pay for equal work ... The right to work and the duty to work build social unity ... The right to work is guaranteed by the social ownership of the means of production, through the steady and planned growth of the social productive forces and labor productivity, through the consistent implementation of the scientific technological revolution, through constant education and training of the citizenry and by the universal socialist right to employment." Whereas, in the capitalist countries millions of jobless have to live in poverty [where labor productivity is increased by speed-up and longer hours at lower real pay and where jobs are exported to overseas sweatshops--Atl Bill]. Article 37 promised "to every citizen the right to housing". Whereas, in the capitalist countries millions are homeless. The DDR was a peaceful country that knew, nevertheless, how to defend itself against the West.

    [Why so?] "Attack wherever there is an opportunity for it. With this strategy the West should confront the East." -- Adolf Heussinger, later Inspector-General of the West German Federal Army, 15 October 1953. "The best way to regain the German East is the rearmament of Germany inside the European army." -- Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor and Foreign Minister of the German Federal Republic, 10 February 1952. "Rearmament [will] be the preparation for a reorganization [Neuordnung, literally "New Ordering"] in Eastern Europe." -- Konrad Adenauer, 16 May 1952.

    The population of the DDR were not treated as under capitalism: what the people generated by labor also came back to the people for their own benefit. The cost of energy and rent in the DDR were at an especially low cost. Does that sound like a cruel dictatorship? [end of translation]

    Don't believe the media of the NATO Nazis and Stern-Zionists! Especially when it's describing their enemies and potential victims!

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  8. (Bad editing above. Had to delete. Sorry!)
    I'm not calling the German People "Nazis", and Max Keiser isn't saying that either in this Russia Today clip, in which he's warning of the re-emergence of a German empire--that is, a Reich. The one difference that I have with Max Keiser here is that it's not the "Fourth Reich": it's a re-emergence of the Third Reich. Because the Third Reich was never defeated and only went underground! But the Third Reich will not prevail: the German People will drive them deeper into their holes and this time fill the holes in. There'll be a rebirth not of Nazi Germany, but of the Revolutionary Germany of Wilhelm and Karl Liebknecht, from which the call to caste off the shackles of degenerate and dying capitalism will go out to all the world! Not least to the besieged people of Greece and the imprisoned populations of Great Britain and America!

  9. Rather than kick that rusty can o'worms down the road (now that you've re-opened it), Atlanta Bill, just go ahead and TELL US YOUR THEORY OF WHAT HAPPENED IN OKLAHOMA CITY!