Monday, April 8, 2013

Nick Kollerstrom

Investigating "The Holocaust"


  1. There's a difference between having honest investigators such as Nick Kollerstrom talk about this subject and having Hitler-loving Nazis do so. However, I can't blame negative public opinion for rejecting such research inasmuch as it wishes to condone itself on the grounds that there's a qualitative difference between murdering millions of innocent people by forced labor, torture, and starvation, and murdering them with gas. To confront the myths that are held and promoted by Zionists by rehabilitating the Third Reich undermines the struggle against the real enemy, which is the Jabotinsky/Stern revisionism that has hijacked the nationalistic impulses of the world's Jews - ironically serving to promote the pro-Nazi (and formerly Hitler-allied) element within Zionism that today rules the State of Israel. The state and professional organizations shouldn't be in the business of stifling scientific research, to be sure. Post a link to any petition to re-instate Nick, and I'll sign it.

    1. But shouldn't the truth count most? The interpretation you offer, which might be true, is nonetheless based on information which might not be true.

      Moreover, don't the Germans deserve a fair hearing? They are accused of a unique evil. Lots and lots of governments have put people in camps and worked/underfed them to death, including the US. The difference here is that there is an accusation of a deliberate policu of killing off an entire race. And this accusation is being used politically to extract reparations from Germans, and dispossess the people of Palestine of their land. Given the gravity of both, should we be able to look into the charge?

  2. Why is it, Jim, that you can accept that German bodies were identified as Jewish bodies for propaganda purposes, but you can't accept that Czarist firing squads shooting Red revolutionaries were identified by anti-communists and fascists as Reds shooting Whites for the same? Or that an invasion of 18 national armies to support a civil war against a nascent government of workers' and soldiers' soviets under international food and medical boycott couldn't account for famines that would have starved and killed by disease tens of millions of Russians, and that they had to have been killed by Bolshevik authorities, as documents "uncovered" by the anti-Soviet capitalist-restorationist governments of Boris Yeltsin and on have "verified"?

    1. Good points, atlantabill, but lets not underestimate the horror that was Lenin's Red Terror. Yeltsin and his chief propagandist [Volgo- something, cant remember name] and Western bourgeois distorians like Pipes, Service, Figes et alia indeed spun ridiculous revisionist yarns to aid their capitalist cause, but the Red Terror was initiated as policy by Lenin himself in a proclamation in [ the 3rd, I believe] party congress, and was defended publicly, altho with much more reserve, by both him and Trotsky. Estimates vary wildly [they always do] but Lenin executed/sent into concentration camps/prisons at least tens of thousands of people. This is a matter of Bolshevik records produced long before the restoration.

      There are so many sources here, but my favorite book on this subject is by Georgi Maximov. He was an anarchist and a Red Guard. When the Bolsheviks seized power they began to shut down factory committees and soviets in which they didnt have a majority. They said such things were necessary BEFORE the revolution but nowe that the Bolsheviks were in power they were no longer necessary and the Bolsheviks would now organize and run everything. This utter betrayal caused a number of rebellions with workers going out on strikes and seizing controlo of factories etc. Lenin orderred the Red Guard to go in and disarm the workers and any military units which had sided with them. A group of Red Army officers refused to carry out Lenin's orders and defended the workers. Maximov was one of them and he recalls these events and goes on to document the history of the Red Terror in his "The Guillotine At Work." It's a great book, and one doesnt have to be interested necessarily in its topic to enjoy it. It's that good.

    2. I agree that the Red Terror was, in its execution, a ghastly mistake. Bear in mind that the Terror was used at a time when the very life of the Revolution and the lives of all the anti-Czarists was at stake. The anarcho-communist Victor Serge, whose personal account can be read at the Marxist Internet Archive, resigned from the Bolshevik government for a time over its reliance on the Cheka (who organized the Terror) and, after suffering imprisonment and exile at the hands of Stalin and the Bureaucracy, was in political agreement for the remainder of his life with the Left Opposition of Leon Trotsky, though the Oppositionists were led to keep him at arm's length due to some effective machinations by Opposition luminary Mark Zborowski, who later was discovered to be a GPU agent. The biography at Wikipedia seems to be a pretty fair one and reveals some of the real-life choices that were forced on revolutionaries by the Civil War and the foreign invasions, helped enormously by the intrigues of the Russian opposition parties, such as the Socialist Revolutionaries (who made common cause with the Russian Zionists, exemplified by its founder Zhitlowsky, and whose attempted assassination of Lenin eventually killed him). Victor Serge's take on the intrinsic faults within Bolshevism are instructive:

      “It is often said that ‘the germ of all Stalinism was in Bolshevism at its beginning’. Well, I have no objection. Only, Bolshevism also contained many other germs, a mass of other germs, and those who lived through the enthusiasm of the first years of the first victorious socialist revolution ought not to forget it. To judge the living man by the death germs which the autopsy reveals in the corpse – and which he may have carried in him since his birth – is that very sensible?”
      (from the same Marxist Internet Archive biography)

    3. Great points and a great quote.

      I suppose this isn't the comment page for a Leninist like you and an anarchist like me to argue Bolshevism, so to be brief: Bolshevism didn't save the Russian Revolution, it destroyed it.

      My fav quote from the whole Russian Revolution is from the Kadet Miliukov, whose book on the revolution is excellent [altho from a bourgeois stanfdpoint: "The Bolsheviks saved Russia from communism."

      The SRs were much closer to orthodox conceptions of socialism than were the Bolsheviks. Even though they were not Marxists per se, I think they were much closer to Marxism than Bolshevism was.

      I'm an admirer of Serge's. He wrote some of the most important stuff on the RR. "The First Year of the RR" is brilliant. His 'memoires of a Revolutionary " is absolutely inspirational. And the best work of fiction on the RR by far is easily his book on Stalinism: "The Case of Comrade Tulayev." In fact, I think its the best book of its kind ever written. Few know abt it because Stalin's Russia certainly had no interest in promoting it, and neither did the West. If you haven't read it, plz do. It's a real treat.

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  4. Schande, daß Sie diese nazistische Täuschungen verewigen! Shame on you for perpetrating these Nazi deceptions! Watch here for how it's possible to deceive the Red Cross and the press:

  5. Ah, I get it, Nick! You and Jim can't be anti-Semites by definition since Jews aren't Semites at all ! Ever heard of the Rhine Jews, Nick? There are also the Jewish converts of Southern Europe and Anatolia: as much as 10% of the Roman Empire was Jewish before Christianity was declared the official and only recognized religion. The term 'anti-Semite' (I prefer 'antisemite') has a long history in European languages and refers to Europeans with some Jewish ancestry. It was used for a long time in Europe before any Arabs lived there, so it has an established usage.

    It's pointless, however, to ask whether Jewish converts have a right to Palestine, since Jews weren't allowed to live there in any appreciable numbers after their defeat in the Bar Kochba Revolt of 132-36 CE, which was 1,812 years before the founding of the Zionist state. Saying that Jews of any origin had the right to a state encompassing an appreciable part of Palestine because it was their homeland for 9-1/2 centuries (830 BCE - 136 CE) 1,912 years ago would be like saying that the Berbers had a right to an appreciable part of Spain because they ruled most of the Iberian Peninsula for 7 centuries (711-1492 CE) only 521 years ago. On the other hand, the world would probably not tolerate a second reconquista of Spain because European Spain is a fait accompli. The same should hold for the Jewish State of Israel, within its 1948 borders.

    A much better solution than balkanizing Palestine would be to promote a single secular state where those of different religions, Jews and non-Jews, could live together - on the model of Syria. Unfortunately, the Nazi Stern Gang that runs the State of Israel, in alliance with Hitler's former ally, the Muslim Brotherhood, has decided that, far from establishing a peaceful secular state to accommodate Jews and Arabs and replace the Jihadist-vs-Jagdkommando battlefield that currently exists, it must help (Nazi-created) NATO and the clerical-fascist Gulf states replace secular Syria with a Jew-hating Wahhabi state in which even non-Wahhabi Muslims, let alone Jews or Christians, will not be tolerated.

    1. Uri Gordon, Israeli anarchist: The two-state solution is two too many.

  6. If people hate each other, no solution is possible. If people love each other, no solution is required.

  7. "the jew screams in pain as he strikes you".....old polish proverb.

    trough educational podcasts like this one, lets hope that non-jews get informed about what the truth is, and that such evil acts perpetrated by the masters of deceit will never happen again, but jews being who they are, lets stay vigilant. They manipulate, lie and kill.

    Thank you Jim and Nick for this ray of sunshine!


    109 Locations whence Jews have been Expelled since AD250

    YEAR . . . . . .PLACE

    250 Carthage
    415 Alexandria
    554 Diocèse of Clermont (France)
    561 Diocèse of Uzès (France)
    612 Visigoth Spain
    642 Visigoth Empire
    855 Italy
    876 Sens
    1012 Mainz
    1182 France
    1182 Germany
    1276 Upper Bavaria
    1290 England
    1306 France
    1322 France (again)
    1348 Switzerland
    1349 Hielbronn (Germany)
    1349 Saxony
    1349 Hungary
    1360 Hungary
    1370 Belgium
    1380 Slovakia
    1388 Strasbourg
    1394 Germany
    1394 France
    1420 Lyons
    1421 Austria
    1424 Fribourg
    1424 Zurich
    1424 Cologne
    1432 Savoy
    1438 Mainz
    1439 Augsburg
    1442 Netherlands
    1444 Netherlands
    1446 Bavaria
    1453 France
    1453 Breslau
    1454 Wurzburg
    1462 Mainz
    1483 Mainz
    1484 Warsaw
    1485 Vincenza (Italy)
    1492 Spain
    1492 Italy
    1495 Lithuania
    1496 Naples
    1496 Portugal
    1498 Nuremberg
    1498 Navarre
    1510 Brandenberg
    1510 Prussia
    1514 Strasbourg
    1515 Genoa
    1519 Regensburg
    1533 Naples
    1541 Naples
    1542 Prague & Bohemia
    1550 Genoa
    1551 Bavaria
    1555 Pesaro
    1557 Prague
    1559 Austria
    1561 Prague
    1567 Wurzburg
    1569 Papal States
    1571 Brandenburg
    1582 Netherlands
    1582 Hungary
    1593 Brandenburg, Austria
    1597 Cremona, Pavia & Lodi
    1614 Frankfort
    1615 Worms
    1619 Kiev
    1648 Ukraine
    1648 Poland
    1649 Hamburg
    1654 Little Russia (Beylorus)
    1656 Lithuania
    1669 Oran (North Africa)
    1669 Vienna
    1670 Vienna
    1712 Sandomir
    1727 Russia
    1738 Wurtemburg
    1740 Little Russia (Beylorus)
    1744 Prague, Bohemia
    1744 Slovakia
    1744 Livonia
    1745 Moravia
    1753 Kovad (Lithuania)
    1761 Bordeaux
    1772 Deported to the Pale of Settlement (Poland/Russia)
    1775 Warsaw
    1789 Alsace
    1804 Villages in Russia
    1808 Villages & Countrysides (Russia)
    1815 Lbeck & Bremen
    1815 Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria
    1820 Bremen
    1843 Russian Border Austria & Prussia
    1862 Areas in the U.S. under General Grant's Jurisdiction[1]
    1866 Galatz, Romania
    1880s Russia
    1891 Moscow
    1919 Bavaria (foreign born Jews)
    1938 - 45 Nazi Controlled Areas
    1948 Arab Countries

    1. For info on the English Jews from the Norman Conquest to expulsion, read "The King's Jews."

  8. on a different not but not out of tune..

    Fetzer and Duff on Harris show, Short End of the Stick.

    " Date: 04-22-13
    Today's guests were Gordon Duff and Dr, Jim Fetzer, the topic was the false flag Boston Bombing and how many of these false flags are connected. We were also Joined by colonel Jim Hanke USArmy retired, former commnander of the JSOC,

    Good show, busy with too many guests but people are beginning to notice and take exception to what is happening in the USA"

  9. Mentioned at the end of this show...but what is the link to the audio files for the Vancouver Hearings of June 2012?

  10. NK goes into the logistics of killing 6 million etc.

    Carlo Mattogno did just that in some depth and wrote abt it in his book "Why the Holocaust is Impossible."

  11. Thank you Jim Fetzer and Dr Nick Kollerstrom

    The Bletchley Park decrypts of the German radio messages concerning the concentration camps to which Nick Kollerstrom refers are here:

    On that page you can access the actual monthly inmate tables for Auschwitz, as compiled by the Bletchley Park anaylsts from daily message transmissions from the camp itself to their HQ.

    Inmate data tables for the other concentration camps exist in the UK archive and will be published in due course, so be sure to check back.

    Please feel free to leave your comments at