Monday, April 22, 2013

Gordon Duff & Alex Powers

Boston Marathon and across the universe


  1. Getting sick of Gordon Duff's smarmy bullshit. So conceited, narcisisstic, and ultimately, incredible. As in not-credible. Each time he pushes it further, and it hurts Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer's credibility when they give him free reign like sycophants.

    Much good in this podcast, but can you imagine if Duff subtracted all his bullshit, and it didn't have that half-gold/half iron-pyrite quality all indie journalism has these days?

    1. Living in the Missouri Ozarks I didn't realize I had so many things in common with the folks around Zurich with my Walmart clothes and all. I suspect Gordon's big mouth had more to do with their attitudes than the lack of a tie.

    2. Oh and by the way, where I live there is almost no gold and tons of iron pyrite. Armani suits and Henry AR7s? these are the people showing us the real deal? too funny

    3. Yes, upontheedge1, I was taken aback by that, too. Armani shirt and Gucci shoes??? Southern Germans (including Z├╝richers) put up social barriers to strangers; but, if you can get past those, they're worth knowing. I used to spend some enjoyable time in a Swiss German pub on 86th St in New York. Israeli Jews can be even worse, but the barriers can be broken down there, too.

  2. And so we hear, courtesy of Freeride, the Underground Reich's take on Gordon Duff.

    I'm still pondering Gordon's revelation that there are massive (fusion-powered?) tunnel diggers and a "honey comb" of tunnels under the whole country. I don't think it's beyond credibility, but it requires a huge leap beyond the common conocente's understanding of reality. People who are what I like to call "Hyperskeptics" (the people at Skeptic Magazine), for instance (with whom, incidentally, Jim has had to deal over the 9/11 issue), seem to abuse the adage: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." I'd say we can begin to take a claim seriously with just a little good, credible evidence. The Skeptics of ancient Athens were looked down on because they tended to degenerate into Cynics. Maybe 'Cynic' is the right term, and we don't need 'Hyperskeptic', after all.

    The "exopolitics" stuff is a little much, though. All the purported evidence is either indirect, acquired from the military-industrial complex, or merely hearsay. On the other hand, there's abundant counter-evidence. Shades of the Operation Blue Beam psyop, perhaps? Gordon, water is abundant throughout the universe! Solfeggio, I can see your point.

    Thank you, Jim, for bringing Alex Powers on. Our enemy is the Lehi group ("Stern Gang") faction of Zionism which was allied with Hitler's Third Reich, and are still Nazi assets: not all Zionists, and certainly not all Jews. There is no ethnic monopoly on critical intelligence and decency.

    I still can't dismiss Sibel Edmond's (and my) hypothesis that the Boston Marathon bombing was part of a Russian-US joint venture to allow them to join each other's phoney "War on Terrorism" (see my comments at the earlier Maria Heller et al. interview). I certainly hope Gordon's right that it's not, but I have my doubts.

    1. No problem. Always a pleasure to say things the way they are, instead of rambling boring fantasies, like some educated fools here. Don't get me wrong atlantabill, I do find your take on things... interesting, and appreciate the diversity of opinions, for the little I have read you. Thanks :)

    2. Thanks with a smile :) from the choad muncher Freeride??!! LOL

      The wanker and wadfuck Freeride is all of a sudden in "polite mode".

      I wonder why.


      Asslicker :)

  3. Atlantabull likes to write many, large, semi-unusual words, strung together into many large paragraphs, as part of many 'first-to-the-thread' posts, as part of an intentionally distracting mish mash of crap.

    Atlanta...nowhere else to peddle your 'wares'?

    1. Constructor:

      Nowhere else to strut your stuff?

      Isn't it time you tried your luck again in your local park after dark? It always works and you haven't been caught yet.

      Try that little pink number of yours and don't forget to swing your necklace.

      Go on! Flash your trash!!

  4. I stopped listening to this one. Duff is simply a bad, third-rate, attempted comedian. The fact that he is a regular guest makes me wonder...

  5. Sandtoes likes to try to degrade these threads. Atlantabull likes to clog them up with mish mash crap. The tactics are different but the purpose is the same...distraction from the topics at hand. Must be good money in that.

    Sandtoes: nowhere else for you and atlantabull to peddle your 'wares'?

    1. yes, Fetzer's podcasts seem to bother some people, but not enough for my liking.

      He and his guest shines a light in the darkest quarters of our history. Expect rats and roaches to not be to happy about it, but that is a normal process when 'cleaning the house'. After all, WE, have been lazy in letting things get to that point.

  6. Duff = there are 600 y-o Nordics

    Powers = the last few Israeli regimes have not been good

    Fetzer = either asleep, or letting them hang themselves, or condoning their obvious gatekeeping

    poor show, done listening to Duff's nonsense, the epitome of limited hangout

    clean it up, Jim, or people will stop tuning in, question their ridic statements, as in, "hey, Gordo, how do you know these cats are 600 years old-give me some names of people who told you this?" or Alex, "What are the good regimes since Israel was illegally founded and began slaughtering Palestinians?"

    Shame on you, JF, stand for something; have a code of honor somewhere amongst the thieves.

  7. search the NYT about 100 years or so ago, some Chinese guy was confirmed to be over 256 years old, with records, also, about 8 months ago had a podcast about a fellow remote viewing for the oldest living human, guesss how old he was claimed to be? Over 2000 years old! i.e. before King David's time.

    Black teeth, well, I find the fact that he isn't blind the hardest part to figure, assuming some life-regenerative chemicals are operating here...

    Not wanting to sound gullible, just reporting what I've heard.

    btw, that remote viewing was a form of reverse telepathy, it took over 4 years to gain the guy's trust.

    Guess what he was most impressed by?

    Trains and newspapers, if I recall correctly.


  8. Back at the Vancouver Hearings, Jim, you had a "real problem" with Alfred Lambremont Webre, when he wanted to tarnish the whole event with his exopolitical "discoveries" about space aliens.

    But now you just sit idly by and let the Duffer spew the very same, impossible-to-verify claims all over The Real Deal?

    Your abject passivity during this show is even more troubling than your "they-go-too-far" mild scepticism response to the hollow towers/fabricated victims/total-video fakery asssertions of the (much more credible) Jayhan and Shack factions.

    Sure, the Duffer has become a close friend (and easy outlet for your own VERIFIED research articles). But even good buddies can challenge each other to PROVE wild and outrageous claims such as we heard on this show.

    So.... what's really going on here, Dr. Fetzer???

  9. Amen, Andy ... great post!

  10. I think Jim prefers to let us have all the info, trusting us to filter as we see fit.

    There are many examples of those who will hold back, Alex Jones (he has often claimed this) and Bill Deagle (you can't handle the truth).

    Frankly I'd wish there was less gate-keeping.

    If that happened, maybe we'd find claims that sound outlandish slightly more plausible, and maybe some would step up with some sources and verification...

    We are adults, and Jim treats us that way, it's not so far out of hand... imho.

  11. I have yet to come across a Duff-ian endorsement of the late Col. Philip Corso's exhaustive scenario -- regarding ET/alien "gifts" to USA industry (the transistor, the laser, etc.) but Duff sure sounds like he's singing from the same hymn book.

    At least when Jim had "America's Most Distinguished Pilot," John Lear on as a guest, to thoroughly debunk the amazing feats of the (fake) 9/11 planes, Lear stayed on topic and wholly avoided preaching his own "ET's have contacted us" gospel -- which probably harmonizes quite well with Duff's pontifications.

    Now, for all his personality deficits and psychological instabilities, dear ol' Bill Cooper eventually saw through this "top-secret military briefing" alien-contact jazz (to which he, like Corso, Duff and Lear, had once been exposed) and finally called it out for the Nazi-fied disinfo it has always been -- ever since the Thule and Vril crazies first began their demented plagiarising from Crowley, Blavatsky, Pike, et. al.

    It's way past time for Duff to sober up and read Greg Kanon's "The Great UFO Hoax," plus Bill Lyne's "Space Aliens From the Pentagon". Then Duff should top things off with Dick Boylan's "MILABS" plus Helmut & Marion Lammer's "Military Mind Control & Alien Abduction".

    Hey Gordon, you've been "pwned"!!!

  12. It's clear that Duff's job at Veterans Today was to turn an online veterans affairs journal into a (briefly) credible anti-war, anti-Zionist site and then to discredit the anti-war and anti-Zionist movements by bringing in ridiculous stuff about aliens, Jesuits, Nazis and freemasons, and to discredit serious analysis of the Jewish Question with talk about Khazars and wild unevidenced claims about Israel being behind every damn thing including Sandy Hook, Boston etc.

    If Freeride is wrong about Duff proving the point about Jews being untrustworthy, AtlantaBill, then name the Jew we can trust on the vital race and nation issues?

  13. I take exception to the assertion that garbage is only collected once a year on Bastille Day in Paris. Trash collection in Paris is done DAILY. This is a clean city, thank you very much!! I had a hard time taking anything seriously after that.