Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Meria Heller, Jim Viken, 'Total Info' / James Tracy

Boston Marathon 48 hours later


  1. For weeks now, the oligarchs who run the Russian Federation and back Putin are having their Russia Today newsroom crow about how (paraphrasing) "Americans are now getting a taste of the Chechen terrorism that Russia has had to deal with for years". This is part of the media barrage to prepare the Russian and US public for the new political reality, using the Tsarnaevs as patsies. To wit, the Russians have been working behind the scenes with the shadow government that runs the U.S. and the State of Israel to plot a false-flag operation in Boston that will bring Russia into the phoney "War on Terrorism". For their part, Russia has agreed not to oppose a direct US/NATO assault on Syria in the manner of the one inflicted on Libya. In exchange, the CIA will stop funding Chechen freedom fighters/terrorists in Russia. Russia will move into the U.S. orbit. China will be left to stand alone in the coming war which the Pentagon is planning against her.

    Forget Chuck Hagel. He used CIA black-budget money to pay ES&S to rig his Senate election: he's been CIA from the start. Right now he's in Turkey convincing the Turkish government to allow an Israeli base on its territory so Israel can take part in the direct assault on Syria. All his criticisms of Israeli influence were to mislead us.

  2. I agree with you atlantabill. Putin has been positioning himself for some of the booty from the upcoming demolition of Syria. His roaring protests were for public consumption in Russia and the West. Sibel Edmonds also speculated that He had a hand in the Boston Bombing in the sense that he would be coordinating things on the Russian end which he has by arresting all those alleged terrorists in Chechnya.

    I don't know if Russia will be pushed into the US orbit, Putin's much too strong for that.

    Anyway, I've been posting links on my blog to interesting info' and videos. There's all sorts of interesting stuff which the mainstream media won't touch [Uncle Ruslan's wife is the daughter ofd a CIA agent]

  3. Everyone on the teleconference missed the salient point in their response to the Russia Today report that Total Info mentioned (at about minute 48:50) that was saying, "Good news, Israel is here to help, Israeli investigators are on route, they're in Boston...." Israel has been a traditional political antagonist of Russia (witness the Georgian business). Russia Today is state-owned TV, so why are they saying that Israel is "helping"?

    Dave, by the way, I think I scooped Sibel Edmonds on this Russia-US joint venture. I posted the hypothesis on Russia Today in a comment at the time of their first reports on Boston. I looked for the comment, but it's buried under several hundred others. Sibel's theory is that it's a joint venture by internal factions that are setting Russia up so that the US can capture Caucassus oil, and she makes no speculation about how this could impact China.

    I was disappointed to hear Jim Viken's use of "Zionist-communist" to describe the Obama-Emanuel faction of the shadow government, since I agree with a great deal of what he says. It certainly has major Zionist influence: Rahm Emanuel admitted in his autobiography that he was the top representative of the Mossad for the US, and his father was in the Irgun (many of whose members were joint members of the "Stern Gang", or Lehi group). But the purported "communism" is as phoney as a three-dollar bill. Obama's mother was a "communist for Rockefeller"(?), as Alex Jones has remarked, expressing the same confusion. Bill Ayers and the Weathermen were opposed to the traditional left, certainly anti-Marxist, and were under the influence of the FBI (highly infiltrated, in the case of the Weathermen). This "Obama is a communist" rubbish comes straight out of the John Birch Society, which has links to the Third Reich and the US milieu that funded it.

    A question for Jim Viken. How can it be a "Fourth Reich", since everything you said supports the fact that it's a continuation of the Third?


    1. Your fly-in-the-ointment comments are always a delight to read and relish!!

      They glisten like diamonds on a dunghill!!


  4. I am surprised that Viken seems not to be aware. That Jim Carter was bought into office after attending the Bilderberger meeting. Interest rates going to 17% and the oil scarcity scam that caused gas prices to double. I guess he does not remember sitting in those gas lines waiting to buy gas.

  5. It guess Fetzer believes the lies he been taught about history. AMERICA HAS ALWAYS BEEN AN AGGRESSOR NATION Jim!

  6. Jim Viken, while certainly knowledgeable on some aspects of the covert world, is still hobbled by the flawed political paradigm he obviously inherited from his John Birch mentors. Yes, the Birchers did serve a useful purpose, many years ago, in revealing how Wall Street's bankers/industrialists and the Russian "communists" had a deep history of working together, but the populist antipathy of many Birchers toward social safety-net programs (foolishly calling them "communist" too) has sadly confounded latter-day, naive conspiracy researchers (like Viken) and made it impossible for them to accurately identify false liberals (such as the Obama gang) as mere "leftie pretenders" who are actually doing the bidding of rightwing warmongers.

  7. Andy, I so enjoyed your comment. You may be monitoring the JBS more than I am these days, but I haven't heard them say Obama was a "leftie pretender": contrarily, I last heard them insisting that Obama is a real communist. It's interesting that Russian Pravda has been posting "Obama is a communist" articles. I wasn't aware of Viken's JBS connections: I thought he seemed refreshingly distant from their line.

    The latest on the real strategy behind the Boston Marathon bombing can be heard from Sibel Edmonds in an April 26 Alex Jones interview. There was supposed to be a longer interview on the Alex Jones Channel tonight (April 29), but it probably hasn't been posted yet for the general audience. Sibel has expanded and sharpened her analysis since her early interview on Breaking the Set at Russia Today (RT). Ms Edmonds has developed an extraodinarily detailed and cogent thesis. I'm compelled to believe that she's 100% on the level.