Friday, January 18, 2013

Greg Hallett

Even more British monarchy usurpation


  1. I will not listen to this one. The monarchy is an evil institution, and no one is entitled to it. I have the misfortune of living in a country where the Queen of England is my head of state. You should be thankful that you live in a republic. I do not understand, Jim, how you can give any time to anyone who supports this monarchy in principle, his only problem being that he thinks he is entitled to it. Shame!

    1. The shame lies with those who block their ears, blind their eyes and shun information, understanding, knowledge and wisdom in favour of the Mafia.

    2. Stooey, in principle I agree with you. But, since such institutions as "constitutional" monarchy still hold sway over the imaginations of many, it may serve us well to look into their claims of legitimacy. The same should go for the ludicrous institution known as the "democratic republic".

    3. I should add that, if the claim to legitimacy involves a "god of revelation", we should certainly question the genuineness and authority of that divinity. Likewise the appeal to "Nature's God" of the deists who authored the U.S. Declaration of Independence (although they were wise enough to leave any such mystical appeal out of Constitution). Would I want to accept someone's paycheck without examining the legitimacy of the issuing enterprise?

  2. God save the the Queen and God bless all who sail in her!!

    1. Hi Bert!

      This 'Singling' business has a kind of ring to it, doncha think? On a ship of fools heading straight over the edge, Singling may be the best remedy for sanity! Here in BabyLondon, I'm in the belly of the Beast.

    2. Oh, I get it! "Singling in the grain."
      You get it? A ship full of cereals?
      Rats eat cereals (and other stuff).

      "Singling in the grain"?

      Sounds kinda Siouxish to me.....
      Don't get me wrong! Some of my best friends are Siouxish.

      "Oi vey! Don't make trouble, already! Stop it with the singling!!"

      Hey! Cut out the moaning about London! You got the London Eye!! What more do you need?

  3. Replies
    1. Then you are welcome to disclaim each and every point made ..... ah, the sound of silence.

  4. I find the comments above vaguely amusing for their ignorance both in the 'role of monarchy' and in fact what a 'republic' actually is.

    Those who support the ghastly deeds of that 'great' republican Cromwell (may his soul rot to eternity) are obvlivious to the fact that he achieved the 'evil institution' of monarchy under which we labour with the coup enabling the Dutch Jew, William to raid the throne. The so-called 'republic' of America is under the infliction of the British Crown Estates and always was. The 'Divine Right to Rule' is the same as the lie of 'God's Chosen Ones' and it is they who have injected warfare for profit, death for profit, pederasty for profit and crime for profit worldwide.

    I'm not yet through to the end of the interview but support any people or measures of genuine concern against all the above conditions which pass for the status quo.

  5. Thanks Jim, a much better interview this time around and look forward to more in the future.

    I'm sure it's occurred to you to buddy up on a publishing deal with Greg, ensuring that his work actually gets printed and distributed.

  6. Dear Dr.Fetzer,
    I have been a listener of yours for a long time and have for the most part believed you to be an honest broker of the truth even when I disagreed with you on certain topics.I had completely stopped listening to you after your interview w/ Zan Overall out of sheer disgust by the way you ridiculed him for speaking the obvious truth about the media.Now I am feeling the same way because of your relationship with the obvious liar,dis-info agent Gordon Duff.You are far too intelligent to believe his lies.What Gives?

    1. Gordon has not been a guest on this show. I am puzzled by the question. He and I have not even co-authored an article.

      I like Gordon and appreciate his role as the Senior Editor of Veterans Today. What specific bones do you have to pick with him?

    2. Plus I am a huge fan of Zan Overall. He and I are friends. What did I do wrong?

  7. Greg Hallett has very interesting information. His bizarre (but fascinating) narrative of royal intrigue is severely undermined by his solipsistic/paranoid interpretation of the minutiae of his life: Kidney stones-although I'm sure they were painful, their sinister causation, as he describes it, is utterly unprovable and medically laughable. The discussion is peppered with non sequitur references to numerically significant dates (the discussion of the December 7/number 7 in relation to the Saldanha suicide of is just silly.) Finding constant numerological significance within the mundane details of your life are signs of schizophrenia. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: is he TRYING to undermine his credibility? Jesus. If he cares to have his information taken seriously, he will attempt to tease apart fact from fanciful speculation in his own life and share only facts relatable to the sane listeners.

    By the way, I am quite happy to believe his narrative about the stolen throne and all that intrigue. Not too hard to believe, and maps onto some of what I understand of the history. Of course, I'll need to see some documentation.

    At the core of Hallett's analysis is the idea that there is such a thing as righteous nobility. Which is magical thinking. All such inherited dominance is corrupt. Period. As a good American, I do not believe there is such a thing as a rightful aristocracy of any kind. What I don't get is why Jim Fetzer stays mum on this fundamental-and Unamerican logical assumption underlying all of Hallett's narrative. (I know, Hallett's not American- but Jim is, and so are at least some of the Hallett cheerleaders on this comment thread)

    1. Egad! I did not think this was a seminar on political philosophy about the most appropriate and justifiable form of government.

      The UK has an hereditary monarchy, which has been complemented by a parliament and the forms of representative democracy that attend it.

      I find his reflections about HISTORY to be quite fascinating, even though I am not in the position to verify his claims. This is not PHILOSOPHY.

  8. Well at the risk of busting your bubble, the hard truth is that America was and remains a colony of the British Royal Elite Banking Cabal. George Washington and his merry band of Freemasonic Brothers were related to the Royal Dynasties of Europe and their Banksters. Your taxes are paid to the British Treasury and you never 'won' any 'war of independence' in truth.

    Note that all those lands comprising the Commonwealth (theft thereof) are still owned as property of Her Majesty as she owns one-sixth of the landmass on Earth. As for documentation, 'Who Owns the World' also look up the immense tracts of land owned by her consort's consortium 'World Wildlife Fund for Nature'.As for documentation for what Greg Hallet speaks, there's a great deal from his work direct and elsewhere.

    As for numerological references, it is part of the fundamental 'religion' of the Elites. They rule through signs and symbols which are a secret language which now all can learn. One cannot understand the world without understanding those who have power over and within it and in what their otherwise 'silly' rituals mean to them.

    I do not think that the Divine Right to Rule is any more justified than 'God's Chosen People' or 'The Chosen Ones' which amounts to the same result. However, given that the vast majority of the human population are willfully or otherwise happily ignorant, irresponsible and therefore clueless as how to create a workable solution as an alternative to this deadly Status Quo, it is obvious they would require some sane and humane leadership. This in order to set right the many wrongs we see from the abdigation of Law and to draw together the many alternative systems in place for a fair and just economy, one not based on usury and exploitation; one not based on porn, snuff and death.

    People would rip you to pieces for suggesting they rule themselves; due to the mass dumbing down, they're simply incapable. Anything would be prefereable to a child-raping and killing, warcrafting, drug trafficking cabal of psychopaths currently in control of the species whom they hate and an Earth which they are destroying.

    So, if Greg Hallet offers an alternative to the current power structure, it would be wise to do some research and consider the position he is in for even trying. You have much to learn about how this world really operates and not much time in which to do so.

  9. Thanks for the measured and logical reply, DaftAida. I'll look further into his work.

  10. Dr. Fetzer,For some reason this page wont let me reply.Let me start by stating I have allot of respect for you and your work and I believe when you realize something to be true you accept it as such,but your association with self admitted liar,shill Duff hurts you're credibility tremendously.Like when you are on The Mike Harris show with him and he is spouting lie after lie.As far as Mr. Overall you mocked him when he correctly stated that all forms of media were corrupt jewish owned propaganda outlets,music,print,TV etc. My concern is the truth and believe it to be a life or death situation at this point.JB Campbell and other men of integrity have left VT due to Duffs dis-info,censoring and blatant lies. Thank you

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  12. I'm shocked that Mr Fetzer who is supposedly so well read, has permitted such balderdash and totally psychopathic commentary from Greg Hallet! I was requested to listen to the appalling content after I was slandered in the same interview. Smans sums it up perfectly;
    ''solipsistic/paranoid interpretation of the minutiae of his life''.

    The person Mr Hallet claims to be an insider ''renegade'' member of the Royal family who supposedly fed him information, is non other than a Portuguese peasant, who is trying to claim that he is the true heir to the British Throne. Yet so convinced is this impostor, that when I offered to match some DNA from some family members that indeed are of the Saxe-Coberg and Gotha house, the impostor declined!!! Interesting! Hallet and this impostor are co-writing a book on such claims. Apart from the totally fantastic ravings from Mr Hallet within the above interview, Hallet also claims he is anti monarchy, YET this same
    Portuguese peasant ''knighted'' Hallet and made him ''Lord chancellor to the true King of England'' under a tree in Portugal last year. Mr Hallet emailed me the photos and was dribbling with pride at his new status as ''Lord Chancellor''.

    I understand that Mr Fetzer is desperate to find content for his busy radio itinerary, but releasing such disinformation is a dis-service to genuine researchers, truth warriors and journalists, that attempt to crack the corruption/matrix around us. I also find the content insulting to the intelligence of his listeners.
    I held Mr Hallet in very high regard till this ridiculous interview which includes blatant lies and Slander of my character and the business we had together. Allegations that I made him ill are disgraceful. If Mr Hallet were more careful about his penchant to vodka, gin and his gluttony in general, I'm sure he would be a much healthier boy! There is no doubt in my mind that some of Hallet's past work is brilliant, but I fear he has, as one would kindly say, ''lost the plot''. For Fetzer to continue to entertain the ramblings of this self promoting, mega-ego Hallet and permit the publication of serious slanderous/libelous allegations on his show and website without even questioning the veracity of such, is only going to ruin any credibility of the Fetzer show and sooner, rather than later, bite him hard on the backside.
    In veritas
    Laurence de Mello
    Accredited Member of
    The British Association of Journalists

  13. Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 11:19:35 +0200 (CEST)
    From: Robert M. Stockmann
    To: Greg Hallett
    Subject: Tony Robinson

    Dear Greg,

    I stumbled across this when i was watching someone elses
    ranting, and i immediately wondered if Greg Hallett whould
    know about this one :

    Queen Elizabeth II - is NOT the rightful heir to the throne of England
    Published on May 24, 2012, by Truth Exposure

    which is in reality a 3 part series Documentary as aired on
    Channel 4 featuring Tony Robinson as presenter, titled :

    Britain's Real Monarch
    Produced and Directed by David Willcock

    Then something interesting happens, Tony Robinson receives
    a Knights Bachelor Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in her
    Birthday Honours List :

    Birthday Honours: Adele joins Blackadder stars on list
    14 June 2013 Last updated at 21:30 GMT
    by the Editor, Comments (766)

    "Anthony Robinson. For public and political service"

    What to make of that?

    Best Regards,

    Robert M. Stockmann - RHCE
    Network Engineer - UNIX/Linux Specialist

  14. Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 20:47:19 +0200 (CEST)
    From: Robert M. Stockmann
    To: Greg Hallett ,
    Lord Greg Hallett
    Subject: Elizabeth II v. Helen Clark

    Dear Greg,

    As deducted from your 5th Report :

    Queen Consort Elizabeth was given an child by Winston Churchill ...
    through artificial insemination ... by whom ? Is there any DNA/genetic
    evidence to confirm that ?

    Elizabeth II was born above the Coach & Horses pub, 5 Bruton Street,
    London W1J 6PT, Mayfair area ... under the guidance of Anthony Blunt
    at 17 years of age, and was Queen Elizabeth's uncle and King George V's
    son .

    The very same Anthony Blunt was later of course known to have been one
    of the Cambridge Five, a very nasty Soviet KGB double agent. So what
    are the stakes that Elizabeth II is not simply a KGB asset, recruited
    when she was born ? Returning to the Cambridge Five, very recently it
    was made known that :

    "[ ... ]
    Several people have been suspected of being the "fifth man" of
    the group; John Cairncross (cryptonym: Liszt) was identified as
    such by Oleg Gordievsky, though many others have also been
    accused of membership in the Cambridge ring. Both Blunt and
    Burgess were members of the Apostles, an exclusive and
    prestigious society based at Trinity and King's Colleges.
    Cairncross was also an Apostle. Other Apostles accused of
    having been the "fifth man" or otherwise spied for the Soviets
    include Michael Whitney Straight, Victor Rothschild and Guy

    However, on the 20th October 2012 Brian Sewell outed Andrew Gow
    as the 'fifth man' and spy master of the group. {2}{3}

    {2} Cambridge don was the spy puppet-master, says Brian Sewell
    by Damian Whitworth, Published at 12:01AM, October 20 2012
    {3} Outsider II - Almost Always: Never Quite, By Brian Sewell
    by Matthew Bell, Sunday 04 November 2012
    [ ... ]"

    Anthony Blunt being a double spy for the KGB, should have been known to
    you ? All of the very nasty machinations to the detriment of the
    British Royal Family, as you have said before, happened since World
    War II. The House of Rothschild seem to have been controlling the
    Windsors, how about the Russian KGB since it's inception ?
    Were you at the time not having the slightest clue, when working
    for DHL Moscow, that the British Royals were under close KGB surveillance?
    In the movie Salt, Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie), one gets a clue how
    far the Russians went in grooming spy assets for the Western Hemisphere.
    The Russians even succeeded to insert the NZ Prime Minister.

    Best Regards,

    Robert M. Stockmann - RHCE
    Network Engineer - UNIX/Linux Specialist

  15. I wanted to hear this, Jim - any chance you could re-post as it has become very topical again right now! Thanks