Friday, August 24, 2012

Christopher Strunk

Media manipulation and brainwashing


  1. If Christopher's Theodor Adorno is the same who was the leading figure in the neo-Kantian Frankfurt School, you're talking about someone who was definitely a critical thinker and a brilliant cultural and social analyst, but with notable limitations (as with Chomsky). If we were to judge musical genius by political consciousness, we would have to deny the brilliance of such unapologetic fascists as Beniamino Gigli and Herbert von Karajan, not to mention Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss. Maybe this is Webster Tarpley's excuse for using the same radio theme as Josef Goebbels used, namely Liszt's Les Preludes. The Beetles' music is sublime.

  2. Forgot to mention this. An academic physicist I worked with once casually mentioned to me that he was puzzled by the fact that every seismologist he knew of was Jesuit-educated. He went so far as to say that seismology was a "Jesuit monopoly". Maybe this bolsters Jeff Prager's criticism of Judy Wood's seismic data. I wouldn't assign more than a secondary role, however, to the Jesuits, Freemasons, or Vatican hierarchy in looking for the persons of interest.

  3. Lenin's party was the MAJORITY party in the RUSSIAN section of the Social Democratic (SD) International, but a minority in the International itself. Majority=bolshinstvo in Russian, therefore "Bolsheviks". They held the minority position in the International, but the majority position in Russia, in opposing any support to the bourgeois national governments of their various home countries for the Great War of 1914-18, which was a war fought over global economic competition (which was also the assessment of the consensus of U.S. historians between the two world wars). The Bolsheviks' opponents included the Russian Mensheviks (from Russian menshinstvo "minority") of their own SD International. The Social Democrats who voted for war credits in the Reichtag went on to serve as the Trojan horse of fascism in Germany. The various national SD parties occupy the arenas of minor programmatic reforms in those countries, fight to keep the revolutionary (i.e., major) program away from the working class, and serve their national ruling classes to undermine and to help crush revolutionary uprisings, as in the Portuguese Revolution of 1974-5. It is in the interest of the U.S. capitalist class to use their John Birch Society/KKK/Aryan Nations propaganda assets to prevaricate on and obscure the actual history of the European workers' movement and to redirect the focus of the oppressed away from their true class enemy by throwing up scapegoats such as the Jews and the Freemasons.

    1. Part 1

      @atlantabill, It's good to see that there is finally somebody with some class consciousness commenting in this space. I've felt pretty lonely with all the righties here.

      It might be worth noting that the Bolshies were a minority within the Russian Social Democratic Party until Lenin finally pissed off enough opponents that they walked out (1903 I think). Once gone he and his followers cynically called themselves the "Majoritarians" and passed there resolutions.

      @Jim Fetzer, In this interview (which I couldn't listen to in its entirety cuz the guest was so annoying), you said something to the effect that Putin was a great statesman. I was shocked to here you, of all people, say so as Putin is the Allen Dulles of Russia. He represents within Russia the counterpart to the American faction which killed JFK.

      First, Putin is from the internal security section of the KGB (now FSB). He was the James Jesus Angleton of Russia.

      His role in ousting Gorbachev and then later his successor Yeltsin is unclear, but nobody is disputing that he had one. There are a trail of bodies littering this field. Yeltsin once accused the KGB of trying to poison him. Might not be true, but it was clear whom he meant.

      Putin rose to public prominence by staging several acts of terror--apartment bombings, plane and train explosions, etc.--which he blamed on (any guesses?) Islamic extremists/separatists, especially al Qaeda. Sound familiar? The worst was the Beslan school hostage crisis.

      Putin, uniquely positioned to both initiate the terror and absorb the credit for shutting it down, began to rise in popularity.

      Quietly suspicion began to build. It became public when Putin's FSB was caught red-handed attempting yet another apartment bombing, this time in the city called Ryazan (or something close to it).

      At this point a very brave journalist namedAnna Politkovskaya, along with her colleagues at the Novaya Gazeta began to investigate the rash of terr acts. They discovered that many leads traced back to Putin, and they wrote about it.

      Shortly thereafter a Moscow theater was taken over by Islamic fundamentalist terrorists (here we go again). The building was surrounded and negotiations ensued. The alleged terrorists said they wanted to talk to Anya Politkovskaya of all people. She is rushed to the theater and enters. Once inside the Russian police pipe poisonous gas thru the ventilator. Many die, but Anya is revived.

      Some speculate that this event was staged and Anya was the target.

      Meanwhile, in the Ukraine, the opposition leader, Viktor Yushchenko, soon to defeat a pro-Moscow incumbent for the top job, is kidnapped and poisoned, deforming his face.

      A journalist named Julia Latinina (or close to that) writes an investigative piece naming Putin as the architect of the acts of terror and the Ukrainian kidnapping.

      Now a man named Alexander Litvinenko writes a series of books inculpating Putin. One is called "Blowing up Russia" (I think), and another is about the internal security cabal in the KGB/FSB headed by Putin.

      When last I heard Latinina is missing, Politskovsnaya and two other writers for the Novaya Gazeta have had their brains blown out, and Litvinenko, fearing for his life, fled to London where he was famously poisoned with radioactive Plutonium.

      Putin's accusers have a way of dying young.

      At this point, more of Putin's critics have died than Islamic terrorists have been caught by Putin.

      Many of the people, like you Jim, who have a favorable opinion of Putin do so because they believe, quite incorrectly, that he is opposing Western imperialism. This is just not so. He strikes that pose because it is politically expedient at home (remember the Communist Party, who despise Putin, is still the largest opposition party. They could take power in an honest election).

    2. Part 2

      When the US went to invade Afghanistan, Putin allowed our aircraft to take off and land at Russian bases. They also provided logistical support. And for their help, russia was granted concessions.

      Putin is a co-conspirator and a war criminal in Afghanistan.

      Ditto for Iraq. Publically he roared his disapproval, but he could have used his veto in the UN and he didn't. And once again Russian companies are doing business in Iraq.

      Same goes for the humanitarian intervention [?] in Libya. He could have blocked it but once again he just abstained allowing the invasion to go forward.

      Putin is a fraud.

      One last point: Remember Bush's Harken Energy? Take a gander at where the Harken Board went--Yukos, the Russian petroleum company. Not everybody is there, but most of Harken's board is (or was when last I looked). All these people need state approval before they can be on the board.

      With all due respect Jim, if Putin looks good to you, take another look.

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    1. The r could be removed from his surname for a few of his ideas expressed, especially on the Beatles

  5. I am astonished to find Prof. Fetzer (my favourite researcher bar none) uninformed on a subject but I regret to say that clear connections between our beloved Beatles and The Tavistock Institute have been drawn and are covered by no less a respected figure than Dr. John Coleman (Committee of 300). I am 56 next month and have been a Beatles fan since I was 6 and therefore am still in denial myself but as I found with 911, denial is not a river in Africa and has to be faced. Regards.

  6. This is virtually an attempt to debunk myself. After my post I ran across this short video where the creator appears to demolish Dr Coleman's theory. I thought I would post it for balance.
    There are other videos out there that DO highlight some blatant and disturbing occult/Masonic imagery in Beatles' films, album covers (Crowley!!!) and photos so for me the jury is still out (though it will take some time for the image of mutilated babies on the cover of Yesterday And Today to leave my consciousness - don't know how I never saw that before. Link here;

  7. Neo-Kantian … lol. It’s stuff like that makes me doubt the sincerity of your posts, atlantabill. Kant was one real philosopher among many the Jewish charlatans of the Frankfurt School hijacked for this or that aspect of their program to destroy Western culture and Western man, but you’re the only person I’ve ever seen who tried to sum-up the movement as ‘neo-Kantian’. Even wikipedia, normally quite helpful to Jewish revisionism and special pleading, describes the FS as fundamentally ‘neo-Marxist’.

    -- William S. Lind, sometimes Bill Lind, has the best short online article covering the basics of the Frankfurt School’s pseudo-philosophical outlook for anyone interested. It’s easily googled. But again I’ll mention the book CULTURE OF CRITIQUE by Professor Kevin McDonald of CSULB. The whole book in PDF form can be easily found online as can the chapter on the FS separately.

  8. “It is in the interest of the U.S. capitalist class to use their John Birch Society/KKK/Aryan Nations propaganda assets to prevaricate on and obscure the actual history of the European workers' movement and to redirect the focus of the oppressed away from their true class enemy by throwing up scapegoats such as the Jews and the Freemasons.”

    Let’s try and replace your myths with truth ... ( like I tried there ... )

    The JBS in its heyday appealed to wealthiest large population ever to have existed on earth - middle class Americans of the 1950s and 1960s. If these people were suffering under capitalist oppression then please God let’s have more capitalist oppression today! Even if 1960s dad had only a semi-skilled job and mom stayed at home or volunteered the family could afford its own house, car, the latest electrical gadgets, quality food and drink, good health care, hobbies and holidays - all without second and third jobs and massive mortgages and college and credit card debts.

    The concerns that the JBS sought to contain and confuse were cultural not economic. Middle America felt itself under siege culturally - someone was undermining Christianity, turning Hollywood into an instrument of left-wing propaganda, and promoting pornography, drugs, Black violence and radical dissonance between the generations. The JBS told them it was the Commies and banished anyone who named the Jews as the culprit. They didn’t have a similar policy banning critics of capitalists – in fact they promoted authors like Quigley and Skousen who wrote books highly critical of capitalists. This should tell you something about who was controlling the JBS.

    Most of the many KKKlans and other similar ethno-patriot groups that have existed over the years have been concerned with protecting working class wages and jobs from competition by undesired immigration and in more recent decades offshoring. Where they’ve also been traditionally hostile to Jews that problem ought to have been solved by the Jews’ getting the message and leaving these people alone. Where the Jews insist on colonising communities that don’t want them, especially post-establishment of Israel, you should blame the Jews for subsequent conflicts of interest that arise between the two groups not the group that was colonised.

    I'm quite sure that if the Klans were not White and the Jews were, say, Nazis, you’d feel clear and free to having this reasonable attitude, but since the Klans are White and the Jews are Jews, you prefer to blame the Klan and call the Jew his victim! Upon investigation very little so-called ‘anti-Fascism’ is anything more than anti-White Jew-babble.

  9. “If we were to judge musical genius by political consciousness, we would have to deny the brilliance of such unapologetic fascists as Beniamino Gigli and Herbert von Karajan, not to mention Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss.”

    Assuming we assumed Fascism bad. But having looked into the money question, the immivasion issue, the racedoesnotexist hoax and the holo hoax - all of which are closely related to the question of whether Fascism was bad or not - and having found the conventional narrative in these areas utterly lacking to utterly fraudulent, I am no longer inclined to make that kind of assumption about Fascism. In fact, the benefit of my doubt favours Fascists over anti-Fascists.

  10. Dave Fryett, I fear you may be right about Putin. Where’s the best evidence online for the claims you’re making. I read Will Grigg’s stuff a while ago but would like to see more.

    An academic, writer and broadcaster I particularly admire, Matthew Raphael Johnson, who is quite open to conspiracy theory stuff like false-flags, continues to have faith in Putin despite the rumours. Johnson’s a Russian studies expert and very reliable, so I cling to the hope that perhaps he’s right and anti-Putin forces are behind the claims you’re making … but like I say, I fear the worst.

    Another mark against Putin is his public endorsement of the official 9/11 narrative.

  11. Adorno was a scumbag - part of the movement of Jewish haters who explicitly set out to dsroy western civilization out of hatred for christianity and white people - but he was not like John Coleman or Alan Watt say the musical brains behind h beetles nd the inhritor of their wealth.

    Adorno actually died before the beetles split up I think and that fact is so easily verifiable that I always suspected it was inserted into the truth movement dialog deliberately to give ussomething ese to hate on Adorno for (instead of his race-hatred of Western civilization and white people) and so tat people who do thei own baic fct-checking would be tured away from that line of inquiry. Like Christopher Strunk was just too gullible and swalloed it, but I don't think h will convince many ofhis blief because when Jim Fetzer put it under pessure there ws no rel facts there were here? Just a (conspirac) theory.

    P.S. there's no program in Kant to destroy Western Civ and breed self-hatred among white people. That's cultural marxism's goal. Maybe the neo-Kantian squid ink is designed o do a similar job as the beetles squid ink?