Friday, April 27, 2012

Daniel Noel

Three layers of 9/11


  1. Fascinating interview. Jim you really get some good guests. The censorship is the main weapon to keep the whole 9/11 discussion off the radar. How its accomplished should be investigated. Once debated, the endless dead ends and flame wars exhaust the average person. By then, no one cares that 9/11 was a demonstration of the worlds most advanced weapon, something using Tesla's free energy discoveries. We never get to this most important point because we never get off home plate. Therefore those who hold this technology win every time.

  2. Good guest.

    I wish more had been said about who directs the global Platonic theater. Mr. Noel did say that is worldwide and that it has been going on for a very long time. He traced back several false flag events over the past several decades so assume he sees this theater going back at least that far.

    I would say it has been going on since man's beginnings on earth. There is a desire for a one world death and slavery system that encompasses all. It appears to be occultic / spiritual issue.

    Alexander the Great writes to Aristotle and says, "you've trained me in the mysteries and now you’ve written a book about it and everybody is going to understand and I’ll lose my power over man"; and Aristotle writes back and says, "oh no, you have nothing to worry about, Alexander. Unless you have been schooled in the mysteries, you can read about it all you want but you will never understand them". This is a quote from a 1973 book that is a translation of Plutarch. The Life of Alexander by Ian Scott-Kilvert.
    He did not seem to say much about the Mossad and I still am drawing a blank as far as finding strong support for the Mossad having "done" 9-11, though logically it would have been best to "outsource" this job. I guess I just need to see more real life practical evidences of the Mossad operating in the USA now.

    9-11 was clearly planned years in advance and the event is just one of a long series of false flag events, so it is logical to say that the same overriding ideology over the years should be pointed to. The names of those of this ideology become secondary when you get in to understanding the complete colossal power of this ideology to control all.

    He seemed to attribute all "mental deviancy" of the type he discusses to a genetic abnormality. I have seen almost nothing that strongly supports that, but the odd "no empathy, no conscience" behavior in very young children, I have seen.

    Psychiatrists generally adhere to holding the individual responsible for their actions no matter what the individual's psychopathology is. That is their basic rule of thumb. Unfortunately psychiatrists have the highest suicide rate of all the professions so one has to question the nature of their psychopathology.

    Something should have been said about Obama, who has "narcissistic personality disorder." He is only concerned about himself and his image and shows no empathy or consicience whatsoever. (I saw the same in Clinton and in both Bushes, but did not see it in Nixon or JFK, or even Carter for that matter.)

    As far as it being possible for us to "somehow" get these "mental deviants" under control, I observe that he did not elaborate on that, though perhaps he does in his book. I do not place much hope in that. I believe we should expose them my name and follow the money, and leave the rest to the Almighty.

    Here is a transcript of an interesting radio show that elaborates on the "spiritual" basis of this...

    May 1, 2006

    1. Good comment. He did say 1% are born essential psychopaths, the other 5% learn the behaviour. Either way Obama and his predecessors are simply puppets, so I'm not convinced he need exhibit any psychopathic tendancies. Those pulling the strings however...

  3. Thank you for your good review. We could only go so far within the scope of this interview. In fact, I may have irritated and lost many listeners by explaining early on why Amnesty International’s ignorance of 9/11’s essence was likely intentional. The 9/11 censorship imposes a stiff paradigm shift on most 9/11 activists, as it exposes so many leaders as untrustworthy. And yes, goes much deeper.

    Indeed we spent little time on the Mossad. I recently wrote longer comments about this important 9/11 topic on, observing it from the essential perspective of the 9/11 censorship.

    The identity of the global Platonic Masters is an intriguing and important question. Alas, its answer is elusive. They master obfuscation and are well hidden. Rothschilds? Zionists? European Royals? Bilderbergers? Masons? Banksters? Reptilians? Aliens? Combination thereof? Fortunately, the model of an oligarchy of essential psychopaths fits what is known of them, irrespective of who they are. And this essential finding helps the analyst to formulate their motives, their goals, and ways to tame them.

    Your point about the ignorance of essential psychopathy (and of its associated Cleckley mask of sanity) is pertinent. Very little has been written about it, although the widespread lack of its awareness seems to have caused humanity considerable grief. It has been alleged that U.S. mental health professionals are purposely not taught its existence--another conspiracy theory! Dissident Polish psychologist Lobaczewski, whom I referred to in the interview, wrote that it is the main force behind pathocratic regimes like the former Soviet Union and that pathocrats actively suppress psychology.

    How to control mental deviants is another paradigm-shattering topic, which could not reasonably fit in the interview. Still, I hinted at preventively containing them with dignity instead of admonishing and punishing them. Assuming the global pathocratic project much evidence points to the existence of would come to fruition and using Lobaczewski’s statistics, out of the 7 billion humans, the rough order of magnitude of 50 million essential psychopaths would rule, about 400 million of similar, mostly genetic, deviants would co-rule, and about another billion (typically partly deprived of empathy because of mental trauma due to severe abuse or because of brain lesions due to pregnancy/birth complications, severe head injuries, absorption of toxins, illnesses, adverse side-effect of medical treatment) would be promoted to repress the remaining 5.5 billion normal people. The sheer number of these dangerous mental deviants precludes a worldwide campaign of execution and imprisonment, whose morality would be highly questionable anyway, since they are no guiltier than a coyote that swallows your cat.

    To your point, spirituality can be of great help. My biggest 9/11 contributions have actually been in this area. I have used disconcertingly easy and discreet techniques (kindergarten level), but so different from most people’s spiritual practices that they could not possibly be treated in this interview. I publicly spoke about them, up to a simple system to contain the global Platonic Masters, in 2010 ( I intend to make this important information public online, but not anytime soon. Instead, I’ll gladly mail you a DVD of that talk if you wish.


    1. Those "Masters", as you so call them, are all around you. Read Michael A Hoffman II's book, JUDIASM DISCOVERED.

  4. Recently read a two part article on Sociopathocracy by philosophy professor, Steven Yates.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Interesting article written in easy-to-understand terms. Dr. Yates say 20 percent of the population "lacks a moral compass" and are "opportunists" who will backstab anyone to gain personal advantage. But only one fifth of that 20 percent are the serious hardcore sociopath types. Many of this 4 percent end up in prison. I guess the others end up as the heads of state.

    I think we need to recognize that the USA is run by sociopaths / psychopaths. There is no room in the top levels of government for normal people with a conscience. Our options for our lives are constrained by this fact.

  5. The theater owners have created an interbreeding group of psychopaths. The theater owner's group teaches the art of psychopathy to their young, aspiring theater owners. The young are eventually given their own theaters for free. Each theater has a thousand seats which are sold to customers for $100,000.00 per seat. Theater owners believe their customers are not human but animals. To sell more theater seats, the theater owners add poison to certain percentage of the popcorn sales. Some of the customers notice the poisonings and ask if they can help by handing out poison popcorn for a fee.

    Every hour, the theater owners will run a short film about themselves. The film will tell a story of how the theater owners have endured popcorn poisonings for thousands of years (which is a bald faced lie). The theater owners demand that their customers feel sorry for them, make special allowances for them and sympathise with the plight of theater owners who have been caught poisoning their customers.

    The theater owner's psychopath club has nothing to do with religion. Just the same, they call themselves a religion. Any complaint about the theater owner's psychopathic behavior is considered a direct attack upon their "endangered religion", no different than an attack on an endangered species. When any such complaint occurs, theater owners expect their customers to be as outraged as the theater owners. In fact, the word "theater owner" has been brainwashed into the minds of customers as an uncalled for slander.

    I believe the above addendum makes your metaphor a little more accurate. A major part of our problem is the taboo regarding frank discussions on "theater owners". Fundamental to the discussion is how to live with them... or not live with them. Theater owners are a world-wide pestilence.

    1. The identity of the global Platonic Masters is a trillion dollar question. does not claim to establish their identities, refers to the usual suspects (the Bilderbergers, high level free-masons, European Royals, evil-minded Zionists, the Jews, Satanists, the corporations, “banksters,” the “illuminati,” reptilians, aliens, plus a few more coming up in the next upcoming edition), and elegantly demonstrates that their exact identity is important but not essential. Essential is the knowledge that they can be equated for all practical purposes with an oligarchy of essential psychopaths. This finding allows completing the global Platonic theater’s theory, exposing the probable global pathocratic project, and finding some way to lead humanity out of the global Platonic theater.

      Your characterization the global Platonic Masters as a pestilence has merits. However, one essential teaching of is to suspend judgment against them, as essential psychopaths cannot morally be held accountable for acting per their predatory nature. Also, once the large majority of empathic people become aware of the existence of unempathic deviants, it may even devise methods to put them to good use, including finding useful jobs which they would be uniquely qualified to perform. Should this happen, ironically, essential psychopaths would become cherished and honored.


    2. Allison:

      Many mentally normal people tend to summarily mislabel each other out of frustration or misunderstanding. Our readers are well aware of 9/11 Truth leaders’ vehement opposition to each other over the Zionist/Israeli/Jewish component of 9/11 and of the global Platonic theater, complete with mutual accusations of complicity with the 9/11 conspirators.

      The accusation of pathological lack of empathy is best made on an individual basis and after careful study. A few centuries back, Native American and Native African leaders may have believed that they had enough objective evidence to determine that all Christians were psychopathic. This would have been an error, since we know, from inside the western culture, that most Christians were mentally normal.

      Similarly, characterizing an individual as an essential psychopath on account of her/his adherence to Judaism is usually also an error, irrespective of the perceived or real activities of the Jewish community as a whole. Besides, Jewish mental deviants are not any more Jewish than you and I. People like Sharon, Netanyahu and Lieberman abuse Judaism as their mask of sanity to justify their pathological leadership, like Obama and Clinton mask their pathological drive for ever more war/abuse/secrecy/impunity under their “contain terrorists/defend Israel/enhance human rights/spread democracy” mask of sanity. calls activists to differentiate genuine misguided ideological zeal from a pathological mask of sanity that disguises a malevolent agenda. It shows that the same process that has censored 9/11 has likely been used to fan wedge issues (like evolution versus creation, or Zionism versus anti-Zionism) that pit activists against each other over long periods of time, dividing them, wearing them out and distracting them from the overarching conspiracy of the global Platonic theater. In its last section, it calls activists to nullify these Platonic acts through various paradigmatic changes, one of which is to reach out beyond their hottest button issues (homosexual marriage, evolution, firearm control, Zionism, war, Climate Change, private central banking, socialism, language, nationalism, ethnicity, etc.) to their opponents, using another unique blessing of 9/11: the undisbelievable 9/11 baby step, which introduces its audiences to the striking video resemblance of Building 7’s destruction to a controlled demolition and cleverly insists that they believe the official myth. Its mother version is at It has been test-driven in the first 20 minutes of this video, with the counterintuitive call in minute 10:

      To be continued…

    3. …Continuing…

      At the risk of misreading your mind and with all due respect, I take the liberty of labeling you an anti-Zionist and base the rest of this paragraph on this premise. I hereby call you to humbly contact your closest Zionist group, introduce yourself to them as an anti-Zionist, ask them to confirm their awareness of the existence of anti-Semitic 9/11 conspiracy theories, state that you hold information on this topic that could be useful to them, and ask them for permission to give them the above-mentioned 20 minute PowerPoint presentation. If they don’t answer satisfactorily, politely challenge them to refute the above-mentioned baby step page—which is not reasonably possible. In all likelihood, some people in that group will be grateful to you for introducing them to this uncomfortable yet compelling information and will unknowingly take their baby step out of the global Platonic theater. One may even follow through, reach back out to you, and offer to collaborate with you on 9/11 and on the global Platonic theater while remaining a good faith Zionist. In this case, graciously agree to table your disagreement over Zionism until the global Platonic theater is out of the way. If and when this happens, chances are that Zionism will solve itself. Your Zionist ally and her/his friends may come to agree with you. You may bump into some highly surprising information that will convince you to agree with them. There are many unpredictable possibilities in between. Either way, the human community, your ally, and you will end up much better off. This is the promise of the global Platonic theater’s resolution, outlined at

      Finally, keep in mind the old Jewish proverb: “the highest form of wisdom is kindness.”


  6. Just ordered Political Ponorology.

    The problem getting through to otherwise decent, honest, and intelligent people about 911 has little to do with facts and everything to do with emotions, regardless the political/religious/economic/educational leanings. We need creative approaches to 911 truth that zero in on the gut, not the head. It should anger real humans to learn that psychopaths use real human's emotion against them and that doing so "successfully" proves to them their "superiority".

  7. The problem of reaching out is not just about 9/11, but also about many other conspiracies against humanity. One advantage of is to put these problems into a single perspective (section 5), outline ways out (section 7) and offer one (9/11 Truth, properly introduced and streamlined).

    Just like our hero Jennifer has to take baby steps to get her fellow viewers out of her Platonic theater, activists who want to get the human community out of the global Platonic theater need to start with baby steps. The friendly competition for the most effective baby steps has been started with


  8. It's not the fish that makes the sea: it's the sea that makes the fish. Psychopaths are thrown up into positions of authority in dysfunctional societies. As for Lobachewski, it's telling that he would want his writings to be smuggled out to the Vatican - not a very astute observer of human social psychology, to judge by that. Did Lobachewski have no interest in how the Catholic Church could have given us antisemitism, the rape of the southern Americas, and the Inquisition, and paved the way for Mussolini and Hitler? It's also telling that he characterizes the Stalinist system (as corrupt and antithetical to Marxism as admittedly it was) as dependent on military aggression at a time when the ANTI-Soviet orbit was perpetrating aggressive wars all over the planet, whereas even a circumspect liberal could contrast that with the almost total pacifism of Soviet foreign policy. Despite the designs of Konrad Adenauer and like-minded Nazis in the leadership of the Federal Republic, the Third Reich could not root itself again in Central and Eastern Europe, but had to seek its new homeland in the U.S.A. I regard one-sided theories such as those of Lobachewski as just one more voice telling us we're in the "free world", while misdirecting us from the full view of history outside the Platonic theater (the theater of impressionism and idealism).

  9. Atlantabill, you condensed several important remarks in one piece, a few of which forced me to realize that I did not do justice to Łobaczewski’s giant contribution to the common good and to consult his book. Thank you.
    1. Łobaczewski’s “Political Ponerology” makes it clear that he lived under special surveillance simply for being a psychologist. He writes that numerous experimenters worked secretly with him, many of whom he did not know at all, but that the expected synthesis of their work did not take place, as all his contacts became inoperative in the early 60’s due to a wave of repression and secret arrests of researchers. From then on, he pursued his research alone in his Polish provincial town.
    2. Łobaczewski lived under a pathocracy. As such, he had access to censored and distorted information. He chillingly wrote that “[...] nothing remains of [the science of psychology] except a skeleton picked bare of anything that might be subtle or penetrating.” Yet one of his biggest disappointments took place after he was expelled to the West in 1984, as he discovered that his teachings were unwelcome there and attributed it to a plot by communist agents he identified. So to your point, he may have had some misconception of the West as ruled by normal governments and immune from any grand conspiracy to hide from the public and from mental health professionals alike simple and essential information. He may also, as a professional, have prudently waited for compelling evidence before diagnosing western leaders as psychopathological. Behold the comment on Bush Jr. in this transcript:
    3. “Political Ponerology” dedicates one chapter to religion in pathocracies. No religion seems to describe properly human evil, much less how to contain it, and many pathocracies have been based on religion. He writes that when the ponerological process develops in a secular outfit, religion often becomes a refuge for mentally sane people and turns itself into an important opposing force. Once a pathocracy has developed, as people become—slowly and the hard way—cognizant of the pathological essence of their authorities, they find in their sacred scriptures some congruence with their new knowledge. However, in Łobaczewski’s opinion, only the widespread down-to-earth understanding of psychopathologies can cure and prevent pathocracy.
    4. Łobaczewski’s apparent trust in the Vatican is to be evaluated under the above context. This was the only time in the 4 decades he researched Ponerology in Poland that he thought he had the opportunity to trust a stranger with his work. He already had hastily thrown a previous version of his documents in a central heating furnace minutes before being searched, having been tipped just in time. Here is his telling sentence: “I sent the second draft to a Church dignitary at the Vatican by means of an American tourist and was absolutely unable to obtain any kind of information about the fate of the parcel once it was left with him.”
    5. Łobaczewski may disagree with the proposition that the USSR was “almost totally pacifist.” He must have been painfully aware of Soviet military conquest and reconquest of Eastern European countries for the purpose of imposing and reimposing pathocracy.