Monday, May 9, 2011

Morgan Reynolds

Faking Osama's death / 9/11 science


  1. Couple of comments on first hour about recent Osama bin Laden screenplay.
    They cry "unity unity" not "patriotism patriotism." I observe this emphasis on "unity" in other aspects of the move toward the "new world order." The idea is somehow "unity in disunity" or "unity in diversity" and seem to hinge on first destroying all that is accepted history, truth, and tradition. United is not patriotism and neither is militarism and nationalism in my book. This killing of bin Laden is just another nuke on solidarity among all Americans regarding traditionally understood American values.

    Regarding Obama press spokesperson continually fumbling around coming on each day with new versions of aspects of the story so that now every aspect of the story has been substantially changed, I would say that we should consider this more than their effort to put forth a "coherent story". I just think the whole think was a giant farce as originally scripted and they sort of knew they could palm that off on American public so there must have been some unknown substantial pressures to make them make them look so bad by continually changing the story. Amendments did nothing to make the story less of a farce.
    Regarding second hour regarding thermite study by Hightower and Dr. Judy Wood's work and book, I would first comment that Jesse Venture was on live on Alex Jones show yesterday, May 10, and he mentioned at length Dr. Wood, having read her book, and his belief in some "strange" weapon that was in play in the destruction of the towers. Needless to say, Alex Jones did his best to quickly skim over and get his "idol guest" Jesse off on to other topics.

    We do not have scientific proof of what destroyed the towers. It seems that "proof of concept" is missing in both the work of Dr. Wood and of Chuck Boldwyn. There is not solid historical and scientific evidence of the proposed agents having in the past taken out large steel buildings in either case.

    Chuck still needs to explain to me the steel turning into dust, the huge steel beams being bent like a horseshoe, and the "lathering" as on only one side of Building 7 before it collapsed, collapse being the correct word on Building 7 only.
    Still not clear how thermite maintains its incendiary and cutting capabilities by being wrapped, per Boldwyn, with explosives. Great information how nukes act from Dr. Reynolds, nukes being a "one big burst" type phenomenon.

    Dr. Wood still has a bit of a problem in now denying she ever promoted the idea of a "beam weapon". Here are the names of some of her files in the early days of her work on this...


    Using the term "StarWars" immediately calls to mind the word "space" and space beams and space weapons, aside from the actual use of the word beam in her file names.

    Families are more split than ever as far as having common beliefs and understandings about current events. My country and “my leaders” now seem to be one giant lie machine, and the rule of law and science have been destroyed just as certainly as the World Trade Center towers.

  2. Excellent commentary, Dachsie! Thanks for posting it. I cringed the first time Judy used the term "beam weapon" during one of our interviews, because, since she had suggested it might have been located in space, I knew that "space beam" and "death ray" would not be far behind. I don't know what motivates her to deny that she has used those terms. It bothers me, because it suggests there may be something odd in her character or psyche. I worry about it.

  3. Democracy Now also(still) came along side the official slurm.

    I have not seen anyone discuss Obama’s 60 Minute apology on Sunday. The entire interviews could still be found on youtube Monday. He actually still had the temerity to say they had DNA evidence. Such a glaring fallacy, as these tests take 100s of days to complete. The 60 Minute interviewer just went along with it.


  4. "Chuck still needs to explain to me the steel turning into dust, the huge steel beams being bent like a horseshoe, and the "lathering" as on only one side of Building 7 before it collapsed, collapse being the correct word on Building 7 only."

    Wrong. Building 7 never lathered. It collapse from the center of the building outward. Clear controlled demolition. No strange/exotic beams.
    The huge steel beams did not dustify. The huge steel beams were cut up and shipped off to China and other parts were buried and placed under armed guards. Jesse Ventura's show revealed several VERY large beams being kept under the control of the U.S. government and away from public access.

    Boldwyn already explained much of this on two of his most recent appearances.

  5. This Bin Laden business is driving me crazy, seriously guys, look at this supposed Osama 2010:
    Its a joke!
    Who can believe that to be Osama Bin Laden?
    For referense, the real Bin Laden:
    I mean, this is so far fetched, it makes Solomon Asch look like a prophet for making his famous studies in 1951 and 1956, where.. Ill link instead, its great reading, really:
    That peer preassure, imagined or reel, could be so powerful just blows me away.

    great shows mr Fetzer, keep them coming.

  6. Fantastic work Jim. I've been following your broadcasts for quite a while now and I find them to be a great breath of fresh air from what we're used to on radio (and online).

    I actually just finished a new video short that features you quite a bit:

    I'd be interested in sharing some ideas and theories sometime. I know this isn't the best forum for such a request however. You can contact me through my youtube channel:
    Feel free to check out my channel videos for your own entertainment and research. ;)
    Cryptic Gate

  7. CrypticGate

    Your video is great. Background music a bit too loud but content and presentation very good.
    Watched a 3 part video of yours and Part 3 was so great. Tom Bearden was interviewed and he explained the reality of the science of directed energy weapons and to me it was clear that that science and technology is one and the same with weather modification technology.
    Please join Dr. Fetzers ning 911 scholars discussion forum and I hope you keep your great videos coming.
    Bearden would be a great guest for this radio show, but Dr. Fetzer believes in Global Warming so that may not happen.

  8. Thanks Jeannon for the feedback. I'm glad you saw some of the other videos too. I really enjoyed making that Part 3 clip on the dustification featuring Tom Bearden. It would be amazing to hear Fetzer on air with Bearden as a guest!
    As for my videos I'm still maintaining the channel, researching, and editing videos in my spare time.
    Many cheers,
    Cryptic Gate