Monday, May 30, 2011

Chuck Boldwyn



  1. dude. would you get over your judy wood crush .. this guy's a hack and you know it..

  2. Stevie t:
    "Where did your brain go?" should have been the topic.
    What is your definition on a "hack" and a "crush"?
    Debunking 43 points takes a bit of time and research....
    Please expand on your comment...

  3. I agree with Chuck. Judy has a big book and Chuck is critiquing it. Tell us what you would like to have him discuss in greater detail. Thanks.

  4. wow... i just think you guys have it in for her, Jim for personal reasons and Chuck I can't hear you walk all over this woman's incredible work to prop yours up.. If your work is so great let it stand on it's own. I think Judy Wood and Judyth Vary Baker are two of the most incredible people on the planet.. How could you not fall for these two amazing women (I know I have). Thank you Jim for exposing me and the world to these two amazing Judes. I think you should add the Beatles song to your playlist in their honor... peace.. JIm Fetzer, you rule.. I know it's not easy to get along with everybody.. I have the same problem but it freaks me out when the people who are starting to figure this thing out fight about who went to what school or liberal vs conservative BS.. together we stand divided we suck.