Friday, May 20, 2011

Chuck Boldwyn



  1. If I was a conspirator ( which I'm not) I would want the towers to come down, for sure and certain, minimising any evidence. Since we can safely assume the big decision makers are not likely to be demolition experts or scientists or engineers, wouldn't there be a good case for multiple methods of destruction. Same as JFK assassination would have two snipers and a patsy. Control freaks would never leave it to a single method of achieving their aims when their necks are on the line. Has a side affect of dividing investigative opinion afterwards too.

  2. True story, Gary.

    In reality, the plan would have involved fail safes and backups, to ensure that nothing went wrong. Imagine if the North tower had only slightly exploded and the stopped due to malfunction. Boy would they have had a time explaining why the South disintegrated from the same event.

    Its great to hear scientific reasoning and analysis when it comes to this event, but its mind numbing as well. This stuff ain't for the average Joe. You needing to be willing to walk a crazy line and entertain all possibility, as there is virtually no limit to what the guilty parties could have and would have done.