Monday, May 23, 2011

Gordon Duff

Osama, Obama, and the Situation


  1. Jim, I hope you will do a show on whether or not the Obama long-form birth certificate is a forgery or not. I know how difficult it would be to support World Net Daily's position. But once you look at the videos on You Tube by graphic artists on the subject, and once you read the Douglas Vogt affidavit, you will see there's very strong evidence for the forgery hypothesis.

  2. Check this out!
    Osamacide, brilliant satire, very clever, and accurate.

  3. Jim, I agree with kenkc.
    It's a lot like 9/11. If you don't know the facts it is a natural reaction to say that truthers are nutcases. One has to =wake-up= to 9/11.
    Alex Jones did not talk about the birth certificate issue for three years because he thought it was nuts and irrelevant. He woke up.
    Something is going on. But what? What is the game here?
    Please interview someone who at least -read- Jerome Corsi's book and studied the playing field.

  4. Dr. Fetzer, you should invite Wayne Madsen or Webster Tarpley on for an appearance to talk about Obama's family ties to CIA.