Monday, May 2, 2011

Kevin Barrett / Mike Sparks

Osama, Obama and Other Atrocities


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  2. Jim do you think that the reason they disposed of the body at sea is because an autopsy would reveal he had been dead for ten years?

  3. If Osama had been on ice for 10 years the body would likely be in real bad shape. OBL's skin would be covered in freezer burns and cracks.
    Obama = Deception

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  5. jake said...

    Jim do you think that the reason they disposed of the body at sea is because an autopsy would reveal he had been dead for ten years?

    No! No! No! They did an autopsy and he came back to life. It happens! (see my website).Then he went and died on them. Then they did a second (or was it the third?) and a more thorough, in-depth autopsy and they discovered Glen Miller and the crew AND passengers of the Marie Celeste all alive and well in his large intestine...not forgetting Adolf Hitler hiding in his anus (Adolf was always ready for the quick exit). They also found a miniature UFO - although I am still waiting for confirmation on this aspect of the "case". Can you imagine the panic all this caused? There were fifty people performing the autopsy - all asking each other the same question: 'Who's in charge here?!!" The cover up started immediately.

    I know it sounds crazy but you have to keep an open mind on these things.I certainly do.(see my website).

  6. Both guests were great. Interesting show.

    I think something bigger and badder than 9-11 is about to happen. I also think war on Iran will happen no matter what.

    Elections and voting for president seems kind of stupid to me at this point. Don't agree with Mike Sparks about voting for lesser of two evils.

    "The great thing about the American political system is that you get both sodomy and usury or war and abortion no matter who you vote for. "

  7. Well, he died on or about 15 December 2001. He was buried in an unmarked grave in the ground, in accordance with Islamic practice. Burial at sea, where the body will be consumed by fish, sharks, and other forms of life is NOT the Islamic way. These guys just don't know enough to get their script right. It is an abomination.

  8. Without doubt the most ridiculous, unbelievable fabrication to emerge from the govt. since the fake Osama videos.

    I now fear that they may use this as a excuse to "create some revenge" from Al Qaeda for their next political plans.

    It makes you sick the way they play us all for idiots and yet they can't even get their stories straight on something so simple.

    As for buried at sea..... I just laughed at that. Desperate lies or what? That's in the same league as "the dog ate my homework".