Monday, January 10, 2011

Mike Sparks

Reality Fraud and false-flag attacks


  1. The Nazis were crushed in WWII. This thing about the NAZIS AND UFOS is crazy stuff. It sounds like a story line that diverts attention from the strong ZIONIST-MOSSAD-ISRAELI element to so many of the negative events occurring around us.

  2. I agree with savethelittlebabies. As soon as someone brings up the Nazi conspiracy,I immediately turn off the program.I find the Nazi bashers are usually very effeminate (gays hate Nazis)like Mike Sparks or jew paid shills like Alex Jones.The Nazis were destroyed in WW2 trying to save Germany from Communism (judaism) But what Hitler didn't fully realize that the communists (jews) already completely controlled the U.S. and Great Britain.

  3. FALSE. The Rockefeller Illuminati created the German Nazis and re-located them after the war. Nazi-like fascism here in the U.S. is opposed by those of us who don't buy into groupthink dictatorship and corporate slavery. The Nazis as narcissists are the ones who are often homosexual. Attacking anti-Nazis with lies about them personally shows the commentors are just trolls. America today is very much a Nazi police-state where the government and corporations concocts wars for profit without consent of WE THE PEOPLE.