Friday, January 7, 2011

Michael Calder

Assassinations of JFK and RFK


  1. A very informative program. Jim Fetzer and Michael Calder both on top form. Michael might care to read Joan Mellen's book "A Farewell To Justice". There are several references there to Helms and his direct involvement in the Assassination of JFK.
    Several people including Richard Nagell and Gerry Patrick Hemming state categorically
    that Helms was behind the assassination of JFK and was the guy who ordered and organized it! Gerry Patrick Hemming said: " Richard Helms is behind the entire operation to kill JFK." Helms was also behind the assassination of RFK. One final point - if the two Sirhans knew each other and actually met, is it possible that Lee Harvey Oswald knew and met his double?

    Let's hear more from Michael!!! Excellent!!

  2. I found the interview extremely interesting. Michael Calder has added to my knowledge in the areas of both the JFK and RFK Assassinations. I plan to read his book. Thank you Jim for bringing Michael to our attention.

    With respect to Michael's claim that Barack Obama represents a threat to the oligarchs/plutocrats who control the "Regime", I strongly disagree. Obama has made no substantive changes to the foreign policy of Bush and Cheney nor has he in any way threatened Wall Street.

    He has increased US militarism. We now are at war/occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan not to mention multiple other countries in which the clandestine services of the CIA are actively destabilizing established governments that is, business as usual.

    The Obama administration consistently/incorrectly alleges that Iran has a nuclear weapon's program that represents an existential threat to the US and its allies. Neither is factual.

    Moreover, Obama's economics team has been made up primarily of Wall Street bankers and those who are inimical to labor. The financial reform bill that passed was virtually written by investment bankers. No significant re-regulation of Wall Street was included in the bill. Glass-Steagall or something like it should have been re-enacted but wasn't. Not one CEO/CFO has gone to jail that helped precipitate the financial crisis brought about in large part by the fraudulent securities Wall Street invented and sold to the world (MBS's, SDO's etc).

    The health care bill is a complete give-away to health insurance companies. It will do nothing to decrease the cost of health care. Most people will continue to see unconscionable annual increases in premiums.

    The "Regime" has no reason at all to be worried about another 2 or even 6 more years of Obama. It makes absolutely no difference whether a Democrat or a Republican wins the White House in 2012 since both political parties are completely controlled by the "Regime."

    It is sad but true that since the violent overthrow of our government on November 22, 1963, the democratic, representative, constitutional republic brought into being in 1789 has ceased to exist.

    --Dr. J. P. Hubert