Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Joe Newbury

Tucson massacre / VPI strangeness


  1. One of Cho's professors at Virginia Tech was the Black nationalist Nikki Giovanni, it is hard to imagine that the poetry or prose of either Newbury or Cho could match that of Giovanni in terms of suggesting a violent cast of mind. This is Giovanni:

    Can you kill
    Can you kill
    Can a ni**er kill
    Can a ni**er kill a honkie
    Can a ni**er kill the Man
    Can you kill ni**er
    Huh? Ni**er can you
    Do you know how to draw blood
    Can you poison
    Can you stab-a-Jew
    Can you kill huh? Ni**er
    Can you kill
    Can you run a protestant down with your
    ‘68 El Dorado
    (that’s all they’re good for anyway)
    Can you kill
    Can you piss on a blond head
    Can you cut it off
    Can you kill
    A ni**er can die
    We ain’t got to prove we can die
    We got to prove we can kill


    She had 'Thug Life' tattoed on her arm to show solidarity with the 'gangster rapper' Tupac Shakur, murdered by fellow 'gangster rappers' following a long, violent feud. Her wikipedia page says that "She has stated that she would 'rather be with the thugs than the people who are complaining about them.'"


    Like I said, hard to believe they were reeally worried by Newbury or Cho, much more likely they were put out by having two students more intelligent than they and possibly less politically correct.

  2. Her wiki page did discuss the tattoo. But no longer.

  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    fellist wrote: is hard to imagine that the poetry or prose of either Newbury.....

    OMG Newbury writes "poetry"??!! LOL

    How many times does the word "slope head" appear in his "poems"???!!

    Newbury writes "poetry"??!! LOL


  4. The involvement of the authorities with Newbury, and the similar role played by the Chair of the English Department with both Cho and Newbury, suggest some kind of law enforcement experiment in psychological profiling was involved with both. The experiment went sideways with tragic results if true.