Monday, January 3, 2011

Kevin Barrett

9/11 research and censorship


  1. Interesting conversation and candor about "punching buttons", Bay Area skittishness (secrecy?), Wikipedia disinformation, virtues of explanandum, and more.

    Can we hope for truth breakthroughs ten years after?

    Barrett's most insightful comments (paraphrasing): About Oliver North: "He's crawled back under his rock." About his ilk: Why would anyone lay their lives down for the Bush family? They're reptiles. David Icke has got something there!"

    I enjoyed the program, as it is nice to take some stock from time to time on who is who and predominant lines of investigation.

    I think too much interest is placed on "celebrities" and their vicissitudes regarding 9/11 truth, which really is another way of paying homage to a media that has served us poorly.

  2. Hi Jim, I heard you say that you'd seen the paper by Harrit et al, "Active Thermitic Materials Discovered in Dust From the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe", which was published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal, April 2009.

    Have you actually read it? I would highly recommend you read the paper, because it explains quite clearly why the red-gray chips are not paint or rust and could only be nano-engineered material. It also explains the DSC (or Differential Scanning Calorimeter) results which show that this material is highly energetic.

    Jim, I really enjoy your podcasts and articles, I think you do some great work and I admire your open, inquisitive intellect. I agree with many of your positions in relation to the investigation of 9/11. I do think, if you read, or reread carefully, the Harrit paper, you will find that the evidence for nanothermite is quite a bit stronger than you seem to realize, judging by some of the remarks you made in this interview with Kevin.

    Kind regards and all the best ...