Friday, August 6, 2010

Gordon Duff

Grim Realities in the "War on Terror"


  1. The chinese characters ARE SPAM... they should be deleted. Jim should learn how to delete them.

    The USA and Israel are the leading criminals in what they call "targeted killing".

    If only they this murdering would be brought to The Hague.

    A corporate news article about it is HERE (for your research!)

    The "UN and EU" are the devil ... right?

    WRONG. It is actually a CIA plant.
    They planted this into US heads in order to counter the UN's (very justified) condemnation of imperialist illegal wars.

    Just say NICARAGUA.

    The idea that the US is "doing good" in foreign countries is pushed so hard (corporate media, hollywood) that it is nauseating.

    The war on terror is actually FOR OUR HEADS.

    Reality is different.

  2. U2r2h: Hi. Of course the UN as a real possibility of nation states having to reach consensus and the tendency of good things to be proposed there are both great.

    There is ALSO a reality to the geopoliticking (not the same thing as political reality) that is more fecund at the UN when it makes headway there.

    The reason is twofold: though it is harder to push outside group think-conspiracies and plot-conspiracies to so many and varied members with such differences ...

    a) The leading councils and Secretary are often hand picked/ promoted if possible from friends of the oligarchic mafia (I know of no other name for that group we all know exists, sometimes specifically and sometimes as a tendency).

    b) There are many interesting things about its past and present ideologues which are uncomfortable and seem not to be only from a certain era: the Soviet deal to permanently lead the UN (only recently changed), negative agendas pushed through the UN become more powerful for influence -- unlike good policies which often are "inconvenient" to wrong-doers (including a propagandized USA who opts out of the best options) and so on.

    So, it can stand for justice or become an oppressive force ... a norm for any human structure. Yet all the more reason to be careful to listen to its good prescriptions (such as the war laws) and watch for signs of the bad stuff.

    Not either-or.


    What we must remember about all these studies is different perspectives: to the oligarchic monopolist types it can be an inconvenience or a powerful magnifier. To individual nations it can be a magnifier or a squelcher -- the "committee" mentality is hard to get both good intents through, or to get anyone to stick enough to the principle to see through on. For evil intents, the same can be true but unfortunately, often evil flourishes better in spite of problems, when there's a group. Often laissez-faire attitudes allow the bad while at the same time gang up on good!

    Yes, the UN has been a body which provides great consensus hopeful developments, yet it does not use its teeth to off set the true rogue actions of the conspirator elements affecting all nations.

    Do you see an international condemnation of the 9/11 fraud, to clear the air?

    Wouldn't that be the PROPER USE of international group power? To put the end to lies without adding shaming?


    But ... well ... nothing like that. Scared and lazy on the important things: the conspirators are allowed to breed, to walk out, to have the mike. A good dream, a good goal, but not enough of a deterrent for bad and promoter of good, because not enough clear separation from the oligarchic ideal.

  3. > A good dream, a good goal

    now you get it.

    > not enough clear separation from the
    > oligarchic ideal

    its never enough. Democracy is about constant vigilance and mistrust. Where do you live?

    Ah, that's right. The US of Torture.

    They have 17 prison ships for you.

    Sometimes people are found with Hitler's Mein Kampf

    Obama is on LSD.

    Israel? Way too small to pull off an orchestration the size of 911. They wanted what they got. Do you?

    World government is the only hope for US citizens. That's why the CIA planted the fear of it into you.

  4. > Israel? Way too small to pull off an orchestration the size of 911. They wanted what they got. Do you?

    It's not Israel per-se genius, it's the International Bankers who created Israel and who just happen to own your country through the Federal Reserve act of 1913 and every other central-banked country in the world. The International Bankers are all Jews except for the Rockefellers who are direct agents of the Rothschilds. Even the Rockefellers heritage is disputed however, some scholarly sources (including one given only to Rabbis referenced by Stephen Birmingham) claiming Marrano heritage. There were certainly more Israelis and Mossad involved in the 9/11 operation than CIA or MI6 since no hundreds of these latter agents were arrested and/or deported on 9/11 and none of them were at key points of the entire 9/11 operation like Silverstein, Chertroff and Zakheim, etc. (see Christopher Bollyn's research articles at this site).

    The bankers were certainly behind the financing, since nothing that big which will start two massive decades long wars costing millions of lives will ever happen or get anywhere unless they give the ok and get the owned media to co-operate. We're talking hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of established power here going back 200 plus years even before they got their claws into the USA permanently through the Fed. They also own the media through 6 conglomerates. The media was 100% complicit in the entire 9/11 operation from the beginning (watch 9/11 Amateur Part 2 on you tube for 100% proof in under 8 minutes; also see the video of BBC reporter announcing the fall of tower 7 while it's still standing behind her) & of course there were no planes and it was done by video fakery (Fetzer has proven that with Ace Baker, Morgan Reynolds, John Lear, Rosalee Grable, Nico Haupt and Simon Shack on his own and they are all being sabotaged deliberately by Alex Jones & Jeff Rense and even so-called hardcore anti-Zionists like & Directed Energy Weapons dustified the towers from the top down (Dr. Judy and Andrew Johnson's which has been down for a week now).

    > World government is the only hope for US citizens. That's why the CIA planted the fear of it into you.

    What's that supposed to mean? They made you fear it, so that you could hope for it? But why would you hope for it if you feared it? Don't you try to avoid things that you fear? Or maybe in reality if you had any sense you wouldn't fear it and would accept it with open arms? Is that what you're trying to imply?

    > Democracy is about constant vigilance and mistrust

    Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner. The original American system is a Constitutional Republic specifically designed to protect the individual, the smallest minority, not a Democracy. Two wolves cannot vote to make the sheep dinner in a Constitional Republic that's functioning.