Friday, July 30, 2010

aka Curtis

More on Tesla and 9/11


  1. Re. Chinese symbol comment above: "To get" what? Money? Why do you mention that? Thanks.

  2. AKA Curtis is entitled to his opinion about the events on 9/11,since we don't have concrete proof on exact manner in which the towers were destroyed,but to say as a matter of fact it can only be Tesla's energy transponder is in my opinion is irresponsible.Also his Nazi claims seem to be a little far fetched.You cannot dismiss all modern mainstream history with the exception of what we've been told about Hitler and WW2.BTW,Prof.Fetzer Ive been huge fan of your work since day one.You are a true Patriot and Genius w/a Dynamic personality.In a sane world the masses would be watching the ABC Nightly News starring Jim Fetzer.Thank You for all you do!!!!!