Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yuri Felshtinsky


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  1. In case someone navigates the archives as I do, let me point out a couple of things about this "Felshtinsky". Firstly, the spelling (and pronunciation) of his name follows a Ukrainian pattern (the Nazi partisans known as the "Werewolves" were fighting the Red Army in Ukraine as late as 1952 under CIA direction - the beginning of the "Cold War"). Secondly, he puts the blame for the deaths of Russians prior to the Great Patriotic War (World War II) on Stalin, but when it comes to the (tens) of millions killed in the War he does not name Hitler. Thirdly, his assessment of Russian democracy and his view that Yeltsin was defending democracy in Russia come right out of the broadcasts of Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe, both of them run by the CIA -- a Nazi-created organization. Lastly, he never mentions the growth of neo-Nazi groups in Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltics beginning with the ascension of the German-American puppet Yeltsin. His suspicions about Putin (pronounced POO-tihn) have some solid foundation, but he is a dupe (or possibly a conscious spokesman) of a fascist underground that very cleverly uses the corruption of USSR and post-USSR officials to promote a Nazi Russia. Russia needs democracy more than ever, but Russians are ready for a big shock if they think the underground Reich will win this for them. Notice how he avoided the question: "Is Russia fascist?" Is this because he himself is a fascist?