Friday, November 27, 2009

Greg Hallett

Understanding history

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV


  1. why is the interview only 8mins long

  2. please Jim, please spare us fevered phantasies. Hitler was a british agent as much as I am

    u2r2h AKA Paul G Buchanan!!! Notorious Complicit 911 Perp!!! Paul G Buchanan AKA
    u2r2h is a war criminal who has tried to infiltrate the 911 Truth Movement.

    People just make shit up. The more they read the more they try to make up shit that could be believable. The writing style of Greg Hallet's book even suggests that he is frivolously imagining things.

    OK, criticism aside. I trust you are still after the truth. I'd like to see the issue of "eye-witnesses saw (funny looking) planes" contrasted with those who postulate that there were no planes and all 42 videos are faked. You know my opinion. My "working hypothesis" is holograms (or whatever one wants to call it). Here is why. 1 .. 2 .. 3 .. 4 ..
    5 more snippets of my phantasies.

    Operative sentence:

    The amount of processed information can be very high (terabit/s), since the operation is performed in parallel on a whole image.

    Hence the computerpower was not sufficient for "viewing from all angles" and different witnesses (and cameras) got varying qualities, as the Luc Couchesne video clearly shows IMHO.

    atomic vapors and gases

    could have been the "projection screen" carried by a missile IMHO.

    Lets hear.