Monday, December 8, 2014

Stew Webb, Preston James, Nick Kollerstrom

Police brutality / Sandy Hook / Sean Dix / Holocaust


  1. I don't believe in the anti-Zionist theories, but much of the other information on the show, really great! Some really hardcore stuff there.

    1. Doesn't matter what you "Believe". The facts speak for themselves.

    2. @Keith My theory is that a secret cabal was behind the 9/11 attacks, not Zionists or even neocons. The tricky thing is that the real power structure is hidden and operates above Zionists, neocons, NGOs, Freemasonry and the Jesuits etc.

      What I'm curious about is if the eastern powers and the western powers belong to a common secret global cabal or if they are separate powers.

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  3. This show covered several subjects and so my comments are disjointed and unrelated..

    1) There is no reason to suppose there exists a problem of White cops shooting Black suspects.

    The statistics show that White suspects of violent crimes per capita are more likely to be shot by police than Black suspects; and that Black cops are more likely to shoot Black suspects than White cops.

    So, if this subject must be racialized - and why not? - then the legitimate concern would be for White victims - who are over-represented per capita among shot-at by police suspects, and over-represented among the criticized police who shoot at suspects.

    But of course, I'm responding to reality, as it really, is, really. On a daily basis, daily, every day.


    2) The Khazar myth is something Jim Fetzer is perfectly placed to correct. Anyone with google access equally, but Fetzer has professional expertise in understanding genetic research and more opportunities than the rest of us to correct this nonsense.


    3) Nazis and the Illuminati ... really? I see who controls our financial systems, media and politics. They aren't mere German nationalists or mere democratic universalists, they're self-interested Jews. It's so obvious as to make people who blame other groups look criminal or stupid.

    1. I listened to the first 15 or 30 minutes, at least until Fetzer, AGAIN, erroneously uses his "Scientific reasoning skills" to list erroneous facts about the Michael Brown shooting.

      It would seem that someone who commands such factual regurgitation could at the very least get the distance correct between Michael Brown and Wilson when Wilson shot him. Or the fact that Brown was approaching wilson as he was shot. Charging him, as the witnesses claim.

      I would also wonder why Fetzer's imagination is so poor that he cannot fathom this giant attacking a COP in his car (forensics prove this beyond any shadow of a doubt), making a move to get away when his attack fails and he gets shot in the arm, but then turns and charges the officer as so many witnesses claimed (black witnesses, at that) when Wilson exits and chases after Brown. I would also wonder if fetzer believes for a second that an assault on an officer should warrant no chase or no apprehension of the attacker. I suppose that once the attack is over, the cop should just have let the guy go. No harm done.

      But no, Fetzer and his scientific reasoning skills quotes a known hack on TV as they interview who? Dorian Johnson? The strong arm robbery suspect that was with Brown. He obviously is truthful.

      Fetzer has shown his ability to come around when he is dead wrong (like with the Holocaust and his knee jerk reactions early on that are now asking the same question I have asked for years). Maybe he'll figure this one out. Or maybe he'll just get pissed that someone called his erroneous evaluation out for what it is.

  4. Nick Dean said:
    "1) There is no reason to suppose there exists a problem of White cops shooting Black suspects."
    Is there any reason to believe the shooting of Brown was not faked? Same with the choking victim? Why was that person videotaping the whole thing?

    After so many of these events, I do not believe the news media at all. I always look for the "remedy" that follows. I did not see any enthusiasm on the part of the protesters. There weren't many of them and sure enough, the agents provocateur soon started the violence.

    It reminded me of the LA riots which were about urban renewal. I saw it in Ferguson when that building burned. They police just stood there and watched. Also, it looked like the fire was augmented with some kind of fireworks which lit up the sky. I say this was another faked event as all seem to be.

    Look at the time the verdict was announced--8 PM EST. By announcing during the day, there would have been no such dramatic reaction.

  5. Was the OJ Case Another Psy Op?

    Cue to 17:00 OJ Simpson case. Stew Webb comments on "justice" for OJ when he was caught stealing back his trophies.

    I knew Sherman Skolnick and heard a guest on his show, Christopher Springer, who wrote a book on the case proving OJ didn't do it. Donald Freed also wrote a book,"Killing Time," which showed because of the lack of hard evidence in the case, OJ could not have been guilty. The jury was correct in acquitting him.

    I have tried to figure out how just about everyone who saw that case believed OJ did it with so little evidence, most of which could have been easily planted. The timeline--too little time--is what shows he couldn't have done it. Why this wasn't played up in testimony and summation, I don't know.

  6. Was OJ Correctly Found Innocent? Some Believe So

    Following is THE testimony the jurors remembered that led them to find O.J. innocent....

    * Detective Lange admitted to F. Lee Bailey, they could not find a trace of blood OR dirt on the white (or light covered), stairs or on the walls leading to O.J.'s upstairs bedroom.... OR on the white bedroom carpet OR in the bathroom. (The single dark sock with his blood spot went strangely "unnoticed" until days later.)

    * The same detective then testified that they took apart ALL the plumbing in the bathroom but could not find one drop or flake of blood in the pipes! The media people present heard this but never later repeated that testimony!

    Influential Radio Talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy DIDN'T hear it. They had decided Simpson was guilty BEFORE the trial began (and pronounced him guilty to their trusting listeners). But my wife and I heard it. And the Jurors heard it. And the Jurors remembered!

    Is O.J. one of the world's greatest magicians?...

    In faxes to (pompous) Rush and Liddy during the O.J. trial, I repeated the detectives' testimony. And I also suggested to them that O.J. must be one the world's greatest magician-murderers.... O.J. LEVITATED up the stairs into his bedroom... disintegrated his bloody clothes... bathed and dried in Ethereal water that disappeared.

    Caused clean clothes to form around his body... all in just a few minutes of entering the house. Then (still levitated) he floated down the stairs to his front door. BUT the big dummy made ONE MISTAKE! He dropped one sock stained with a drop of his blood, on the bedroom floor!

    And about Shapiro and the bloody Glove(s) that "didn't fit." Something Shapiro told to G. Gordon Liddy later is worth mentioning...

    * Long after the first trial. SHAPIRO (no friend of O.J. Remember he suggested O.J. confess in a plea bargain) told Liddy during a radio interview that I heard, that he (Shapiro) had tried on the murder glove(s) the night before... He found them snug. Shapiro told Liddy that he went to see O.J. the next day and asked O.J. to put his hand up against Shapiro's hand.

    When Shapiro saw how HUGE O.J.'s hand was against his own... Shapiro told O.J.: "TRY ON THE GLOVES!" (He did in court. Didn't fit.)

  7. Was OJ Correctly Found Innocent? Some Believe So

    Further below in this Email, read Skolnick's essay about the above as presented years back on Chicago Public Access TV. I think you will also be amazed to read Skolnick's allegation that some giant American banks are (or were then) mostly owned by the Japanese Yakuza mafia; Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

    (Controversial Sherman Skolnick, who died a few years back, was the famous, paraplegic Chicago private investigator whose earlier revelations about a bunch of corrupt Illinois Judges - including former Gov. Kerner - led to their convictions and imprisonment. Since the 1950s he had been producing a popular weekly public access TV show in Chicago.)

    (Skolnick guested on Stew Webb's show after 911.)