Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jim Lanthier / Phil Nelson, JFK Show #42

Sandy Hook / Phil comments on "Evidence of Revision" Pt.2(w/ Gary King)


  1. I'm reading Nelson's latest book right now--got it through Inter-library loan, it's so new--pretty good book, written w. white-hot intensity, by golly, and he really roasts some people and authors, like Bill Moyers, ho ho ho oho

    1. Inter-library loan? Have you checked it out for any bugs? Hidden video camera, listening or tracking devices? Don't worry about it. Homeland Security will contact you soon.

    2. Thanks for the recommendation, apsterian.


  2. The other interesting connections to Newton not mentioned are the hunger games and it's author are from there as well as one of the producers is the supposed father if the false flag Elliot roger moron from LA. Also that Stephen Barton guy who was shot in aurora at the batman premier.. He was supposed to have been on a road bike tour (from Newton) and happen to be in aurora Colorado at the shooting and was hit with shotgun pellets. He now works for Michael Bloomberg in his antigun campaign. You can't make this stuff up.


    this priest worked at the school cnn showed police raiding on the day of the sandyhook shooting 'they stated that it was the school but it was actually 'his' church'


    this first report said that Lanza was wearing a church smock and let's not forget the 'smocks' laying on the ground outside of his alleged car - supposedly several of these smocks were laying around the car with all the doors open.

  5. and here is the Stephen Barton guy from Newton - who was shot at the Aurora Batman shooting..

    1. Thanks. Yes, I hope people save video & repost this stuff elsewhere, because links go defunct over time or in censorship.

      Yes, too, thank you regarding the reminder of the church frocks (a st. Rose of Lima drill connection).

      Nancy was Annie Haddad & the principal Dawn was st Rose's principal years younger. I wonder if they really were killed, those two, perhaps. But even if not, they are the same.

  6. The Sandy Hook event was so outrageously staged that it's possible they made it in part as a test to see how the public would react.

    1. That's an interesting comment Anders. As Boston and Sandy Hook demonstrate, they can pretty much tell us anything and the majority will mindlessly go along with it.

    2. Agreed, barryb & Anders.

      If a lie is more than a day old, or requires knowing about other conspiracy issues (double agents, etc.) by big players, reaction of the masses sets in already & forever statistically high, or with permanent official denial (journalists count here).

      Our job is catch-up ball to keep new people waking up to propaganda, plus helping insiders feel empowered to do some things to diminish certain next events & stop a few.

    3. Dr. Fetzer mentioned cognitive dissonance on the show iirc. There seems to be a massive amount of cognitive dissonance among the general public.

      "In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.[1][2]" --

    4. Indeed there is cognitive dissonance -- we all get moments of it, Anders. The way to tell if we are being prejudiced or we are right to dismiss something is patient, fair & common-sensical discussion, where common sense does not stop our looking at all at, or continuing through any part of a subject, but does remind us what each level of a discussion has most ordinarily involved in it. Things can get a bit weird, that way, while we still remember what the most normal elements would be to bring them about.

      Normal for intelligence & cult interests is different in some superficial way from normal for an average person, but there are human constants to remember, even among deranged or lying persons. They can have moments of derangement or lies & moments of normal perception.

      For example, if we are assessing evildoers (or liars of any kind), we have to remember what would be normal in their acts & comments & what would be their strange behaviour, so we don't dismiss their whole testament as deranged or lying, unnecessarily. That is to suggest they are cardboard cut-out style evildoing or lying.

      We can then distinguish between mistakes of Mathis & Culto (etc.) as distinct from other cases where we may have only been prejudiced when we dismiss them.

      I went into this, regarding different aspects of common sense (prejudice vs usefulness), in the Ole Dammegard show comments at radiofetzer ( ) , from a few days before this show.

  7. I listened with disbelief around Christmas time, to CBC Radio in Montreal featuring "Beautiful Life" by Jimmy Greene, Canadian jazz musician, a cd composed in memory of his daughter Ana murdered at Sandy Hook. If this is a staged event how far and deep does this affect our small local societies, if untrue how do we surface through the quagmire of truth/untruth? Bravo Dr. Fetzer in your multiple quests; I am certain many like me listen, rarely comment but appreciate greatly your efforts, yours as well Clare.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Wow. His daughter was supposedly lost?

      I am grateful you mentioned this. Would he a) be anti-gun & happy to help, b) was there a death or two (at St Rose of Lima, for example?).

      I think the St Rose aspect is less plumbed by Jim:

      the priest really cries during some interviews; is he just under pressure, lying, or was there a tragedy lie cemented by a few deaths?

      I, too, am very happy Jim is onto Sandy Hook and was, fairly early on, where some are not or were not.

      However, regarding the St Rose of Lima connections, from what I have seen, Jim does not emphasize that Annie Haddad, part-time teacher for St Rose is an older Nancy Lanza & the principal for the Sandy Hook Hoax, Dawn Hochsprung, is a younger St Rose of Lima principal. If Jim has followed this aspect, I would like to see more on that from him in each work he does about Sandy Hook. I think it would help direct people to the truth more easily: the photos of Annie & Nancy and of the 2 principals (I forget the St Rose principal's name) are striking. Of course, some will argue against it, but I think most will see the two Sandy Hook Elementary figures (Nancy & Dawn) in the two St Rose figures (Annie & the St Rose principal).

      The connections to St Rose are disturbing. I wonder if there was something which really did take out a few people there -- of course, not necessarily any dead anywhere. But either way, St Rose is intimately involved.

      Thanks for your compliment, Patti.

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