Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wolfgang Halbig / Gary King

Sandy Hook Update / The New JFK #24Show/Evidence of Revision #3 We added comments to one of the greatest underground JFK videos of all time entitled "Evidence of Revision" a 9 hour presentation about our Presedent which has no narration what so ever. Jim and I attempt to translate the lies and propaganda that were in hyper-ultra overdrive that fateful day into the REALITY of what was happening to our world 11/22/63. These are unusual radio shows in that they are loaded with historical news clips and Jim and I weave in and out to add commentary to a documentary that has no commentary.


  1. Columbine was a drill. When you see cops dragging a dummy across a lawn in front of a school building and drill facilitators walking around with clip boards, you are looking at a drill. The media runs with it as real and you have a hoax.
    Think about it. Have you ever met anyone who wanted to shoot a bunch of school kids? Of course not.
    It was hard enough to get soldiers to shoot the enemy before modern techniques of training were instituted.
    Most of what you see in the main stream media - and the alternative media - is complete and total bullshit.
    MH17 - never happened.
    ISIS beheadings - bullshit
    Russia invading Ukraine....Syria gassing it's citizens....Holocaust soap made from Jews...Giffords shot in the head - it's all crap!

    "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
    - H.L. Mencken

    1. Ho ho ho--that's a great summation, by golly, ho ho ho ho

    2. Excellent quote from Mencken. I have used it in my latest article about Sandy Hook here:

    3. If you listen to WH's first interview with JF he says, "Now I'm not saying" (Sandy Hook) "was a hoax..." He has since changed his tune and now says it was in fact a hoax or drill. He keeps saying though that Columbine was a real shooting. Something very suspicious about the guy.

    4. Mencken is wonderful, a libertarian Oscar Wild. Mencken had x-ray vision that cut right through the bull covering the bones. I admire his wisdom immensly.

    5. Just be careful, Jim. I agree with John Connour re: Halbig. Rumor has it that Halbig is actually Leon Greenberg / previously known as Bo Grites - who was exposed by William Cooper...who may have been a fraud as well....and was replaced by Alex "No Sympathy for Palestinians" Jones. But, Jones is more entertaining than the MSM.
      Face it....Earth's reality has been compromised and reduced to a giant hoax.
      Everything rigged, all BS, all the time.
      Read "History of the Great American Fortunes" to see how the .00001% got our expense.

    6. Excellent stuff Mr. Fetzer, so happy I found out about this Real Deal. Are you ever going to hop on twitter?

  2. I agree that exposing the Sandy Hook hoax will be like opening Pandora's box. Maybe it can be exposed peacefully, and those involved let off the hook in the name of national security. Of course, the risk is that many people would go ballistic. :D

  3. Sandy Hook Is True Bombshell Which Jews Are Desperate To Cover-Up

    Fantastic show for Wolfgang, tremendous great news too, moving now to serious law-suits on the putrid breaking-of-law for not answering the FOI requests.

    Fact is "cat" is already out of the proverbial "bag" for the truth about Sandy Hook; we only need some dramatic-type "outing" for the info--like some prominent politician.

    WHY ISN'T ALEX JONES ( trumpeting this info?--is it because he's limited hang-out for Jews, and they've told him to keep his fat mouth shut? Alex even had Wolfgang on his stupid show once. Alex does what his Jewwy controllers tell him, I guarantee.

  4. Heavy Doses Of Truth Must Have ZOG Reeling

    Well, I just got finished listening to the second half of the show w. Gary King--tremendous great show, w. great out-takes and clip-segments, and outstanding excellent commentary by our good prof. Fetzer, by golly--matter-of-fact, crisp, to-the-pt. notes made which show mastery of the material and great expo for this tragic episode for the nation/country.

    I remember I was fairly young at the time of the JFK killing, and I remember then and after that we just had to "believe" there was no conspiracy, that gov. was telling truth--inconceivable that gov. wouldn't tell whole truth.

    I also just so happen to have just ck'd out Fetzer's article fm Vets Today on Sandy Hook too--BRILLIANT ARTICLE, Prof.--ZOG has got to keep folks off-balance now to keep them fm knowing the truth, making use of numerous "incidents" to keep peoples minds OFF Sandy Hook fraud. Fetzer's article was featured on Mike Rivero's site.

    What a horrific disaster the I-net has been for ZOG--they've got to be reeling, on the defense--what will they do?--I suspect something serious like EMP attack, aside fm the bio-weapon they seem to have un-leashed. Great work, once again, fellows; keep it up. A.

  5. Fetzer's Encyclopedic Knowledge Of These Conspiracies Can Well, Easily Be Made Outstanding Exposition/Book Best-Seller

    Prof. Fetzer: note u've now established incredibly good basis for an inductive case for the 9/11 event, using JFK conspiracy and Sandy Hook as contexts showing the blatant, indisputable involvement of ZOG--HOW could ZOG NOT be involved similarly in 9/11?

    Title For best-selling book would be "9/11 In Conspiracy Context With JFK And Sandy Hook." And Prof. Fetzer wouldn't have to do too much more research than he's already done for making outstanding case. Note the Zionist-corp. mass-media place for dis-info in ALL these events.

    USA has fallen so horribly now into the hands of such criminals. Fetzer could lay-down the facts, and comment upon the horrible course of history fm JFK through 9/11, to Sandy Hook episode, not to mention other events which have transpired, like Bost. bombing and the Malaysian airliner fraud in connection w. Ukraine outrages.

    P.S. There's yet another little item to be noted: if u remember fm Sandy Hook, there was a girl, named "Alex Israel" who appeared on Piers Morgan show pretending she was old classmate of Adam Lanza--this exact same person has RE-APPEARED as James Foley's sister--and believe me, there's not slightest doubt this is exact same person pretending to being these two diff. characters--it's all over YouTube.

    1. Ck for the Alex Israel/Katie Foley story--girl is Crisis Actor without a doubt, numerous vids, all going viral.

    2. I dont think its the same girl. I think they pick actors who act/look-alike so cointel/idiots like you can drag truth research into the mud, they could be sisters though. It would not surprise me if apsterian was the same person as pete santilli, and dallas goldbug, look att the ears, ho ho ho.

    3. Ho hoh o ho ho ho--righto, Jew, ho ho ho ho

    4. Cat got your tongue apsterian?
      Ho ho ho .....ho?

  6. " Operation Halbig

    Update (Feb. 21, 2014): For new information on Wolfgang Halbig (of Jewish origin) and his pre-Sandy Hook trolling and attempt to solicit money, click here. "