Monday, August 18, 2014

Winston Wu

Multiple perspectives on America


  1. Good interview. I am a member of Winston's ScepCop forum. Haven't checked it out in awhile, but lots of interesting discussion on there relating to issues of the paranormal and conspiratorial.

    Regrettably, I pretty much concur with his assessment of American society as it exists in the year 2014. Most of the population, especially those in the 20 to 40 age range, are as jaded and cynical as could be. There is an overall attitude of conformism and selfishness that is quite disheartening to observe. Anyone with interests outside the realm of professional sports, video games, casual sex, tattoos (yes, tattoos) or just mindless self gratification, are hard pressed to fit in either on the job or in social habitats such as bars and nightclubs. In fact, the only time I venture into one of the local bars is to pick up my nightly six pack of Budweiser after a hard days work. The women you see on average have such a hardened, narcissistic look about them, I couldn't even imagine having the misfortune of having to be around one of them for more than 15 minutes. Most of them look deeply unhappy beneath the fake, ever so cool facade. It is a wasteland out here.

    1. 15 minutes is all you need. 10 minutes to do the deed - 5 more to get your cab fare home out of her purse.
      Sadly, they will respect you more for that kind of treatment.
      Of course, I don't condone this kind of behaviour. Respect won by those means is hardly respectable. And those kind of women will never leave you alone should you actually give them any means to contact you.

    2. Remember: Reality Is Objective, But Humanity Is Sinful--Especially In Way Of Hubris, Subjectivism, Moralism

      Note the necessary conditions & consequences of CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler: the pioneers & originators of the culture are honest and necessarily hard-working (like the original Romans, for example)--they're REALITY-oriented, hence empiricist, Aristotelian (though of course, they surely don't understand things in such clinical terms).

      But then what happens for the following generations?--they become inexorably more and evermore corrupt--ESPECIALLY in way of moralism/Pharisaism, pretending to a perfectly "free," god-like human will--HUBRIS. Thus follower generations reject empiricism in favor of dis-connected abstractions and "theoreticalism."

      These follower generations are perfectly reflected by the present-day advocates of "climate-change"--who cannot give even a SINGLE concrete (empirical) fact to demonstrate this supposed "climate-change." Typically, all they (these follower generations) can do is refer to others, esp. in way of "studies," just classic fallacy of arg.-fm-authority, as I've noted.

      Further, note these abstracted theoreticalists favor their own kind--ESPECIALLY for the gov. jobs and positions, pushing this sort of abstracted dis-connectedness.

      Soon enough, as we see presently, the society is absolutely dominated by this sort of Pharisaic-oriented, moralistic, dis-connected--including, especially, homosexuals in positions of substantial authority--high office.

      And note these people, Pharisaist and abstracted, are totally influenced and moved in way of group-thinking--practical communists--the entire society become oriented in this abstracted, moralistic, and collectivistic manner--and it will continue until the DEATH of the society, collapsing for the money and economic system and especially war.

      So u see, as long as the money continues to be accepted as payment for goods & svcs the ruling regime is likely to persist and prevail--meantime, real patriots must continue to NETWORK and relate w. fellow humans by means of Christian worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all, per Gosp. JOHN.

    3. Brian Smith,
      Great observations. Wanna know something interesting? In Europe, it is far more common to walk into a pub and have intelligent substantive conversations with people. But if you try to have deep conversations with people in a bar in the US, you will be out of place and feel weird.

      The thing is, if you have a down to earth and authentic personality, you will feel very out of place in America and be seen as a weirdo. It's a very toxic upside down society and culture. Once you go abroad, you will feel much better and more liberated, because foreign cultures tend to be very down to earth with very authentic people.

      For example, go to Russia. You will see no fakeness or phoniness there. Every smile is genuine so you won't see it often. There is no political correctness either. People tell it like it is and show you their real feelings. I lived there for over a year and can tell you that from first hand experience.

      For me, it was a million times easier to fit into Russian culture than American, because Russians are very authentic and have deep souls, like I do. Thus I could be myself in Russia and feel accepted and have fun.

      So you see, it is not true that everything in America is the same everywhere in the whole world, as many in the conspiracy movement assume.

  2. American Coup: How a Terrified Government Is Destroying the Constitution | A. J. MacDonald, Jr.

    "So the Christian republic of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (and honesty) above all, according to Gosp. JOHN 14:6 was effectively destroyed by means of delusion/fallacy/HERESY of “good-evil” which was the pretext of general SUBJECTIVISM which so much (but still not completely) destroyed Christian republic of TRUTH, truth necessarily founded upon that Aristotelian objectivity, necessary premise/criterion for precious TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH.
    If you are going to take over the comment section, get some new material, troll. How much do they pay you for cutting and pasting this trash?

  3. Full text of "Pharisaism and Christianity"

    This is a translation from the Swedish
    Fariseism och kristendom
    Copyright © 1943 by AB CWK Gleerup Bokforlag
    Lund, Sweden

    "It is apparent also from the history of both these faiths
    that one must constantly keep in mind this irreconcilable
    antithesis and that one must above all strive to preserve the
    individuality of each. Particularly Christianity has repeatedly
    been in danger of incorporating Pharisaical lines of thought,
    and the great fathers of the church have always stressed the
    fact the Pharisaism is not something that can be combined
    with Christianity, but something that, if it is permitted to
    extend its influence, will work as a deadly poison which is
    bound to destroy the Christian life. Thus Luther, like no one
    else, took up Paul's battle against Pharisaism and vigorously
    pursued it.
    Pharisaism????????. Ho ho ho.

    1. Joan Edwards,
      Regarding Christianity, here's something interesting. Did you know that Christianity in the US is different than in Europe? You see, in Europe, most Christian churches do not teach that if you don't accept Christ as your Lord and Savior, that you will go to hell for all eternity.

      Many Europeans I talked to told me they never even heard of the doctrine that the unsaved go to hell for all eternity.

      But as you know, that is a popular teaching in American Christian churches, e.g. Evangelical ones. However, it is not a common teaching in European Christian churches, including Protestant ones.

      It just goes to show that in America, everything is FEAR based, including religion. American churches try to use fear to get you to convert. Again, it's the mark of an insane society. One of many.

  4. Keep flattering Dr. Fetzer, troll. That way you can spam every thread with impunity. Ho ho ho.

  5. Canada is doing fine. It went the same road America did.

    1. Simon,
      Canada is similar to the US in some ways, but not others. For example:

      - Canada has national healthcare. US doesn't.
      - Canadians are not obsessed with having guns.
      - Canadians are more health conscious and less obese than Americans.
      - Canadians act more modest and humble than Americans do, not as arrogant. Americans act the most arrogant in the world. No question about it. Every other country acts more humble and down to earth in comparison.
      - Canada is more peaceful and does not start wars or attack other countries.

  6. Great Int-View--Why?--Because It Was Concrete Fact-Oriented, Hence Useful, Informative

    James: just got finished actually listening to the int-view w. Mr. Wu--very good discussion btwn a couple of CONCRETE-oriented empiricists, eh?

    See how refreshing and actually INFORMATIVE it is when u keep perceptually-verified facts in view for straight-forward discussion?

    Thus u and Mr. Wu are a couple of scientists caught in wonder about a society in CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West" which has turned and changed fm the original concrete-reality -oriented Aristotelian, if u will, now to the subjectivist, hubristic, Platonist "moralistic"-oriented.

    Thus criminals have TOTAL control over our society by means of US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING, Jews controlling as Jews are most unified, organized, "connected," along w. their homosexual and Judeo-Christian mignons who so willingly serve as functionaries.

    Our patriot opportunities will only arise as the monetary unit and economy totally collapses. In meantime we must continue to network by means of dear, anti-Semitic Christianity, up-holding TRUTH (hence objective reality) above lies, lies always carried and justified by means of moralism/Pharisaism.

    Keep up good work, James, and getting such excellent interviews w. fact-oriented sort like Mr. Wu.

    1. One thing I forgot to mention is, aside fm historians of CYCLIC process, like Spengler, there's actually a great sociologist too who understood and wrote much about the CYCLIC sort of effects, he being Pitirim Sorokin, who taught at Harvard, and over-shadowed, at same time as Talcot Parsons. Ck

    2. It's Sabath today. Blend in. Put on your yarmulke and go to sleep.

      Spengler got fraud blueprints thus his worldview doesn't count.

  7. Chickey Wu Wu's website is laden with information on how to pick up "hot girls" abroad. Me thinks thinks this Oriental is a complete pervert. Wu also has an obvious affinity for white women.

    Wu has nothing new to offer and simply regurgitates basic facts that awake individuals poop out for breakfast. I like Fetzer, but this Oriental is a bore fest.

    Give us more Gary King, as he's got something to offer.

    1. SW,
      Not exactly. My site and movement is NOT PUA. There is no "how to pick up girls" info on my site. You must have me mixed up with someone else. My site is about meeting nice women naturally while being yourself, without any PUA, techniques or methods.

      You don't have to try to be something you're not. You can be yourself and meet girls just by talking to them the way you would your own friends. In most foreign countries, there is no "ice wall" between strangers like there is in the US. I have plenty of proof of this in my videos and photos at HappierAbroad.

      You can do this because in most countries, girls enjoy meeting guys and have a positive attitude toward them.

      Furthermore, the social vibe is totally different overseas, as I explained. It is much more friendly and positive, and you can start conversations with strangers easily. There is no ice wall or paranoid shield around people. There is not this mentality that "everyone out there is a creep" like there is in the US, which has a highly negative social vibe in comparison.

      Bottom line is that people overseas tend to be down-to-earth and authentic, as well as more humble and modest. So they are very easy to talk to and meet. It is easier to get along with humble people than with arrogant people. As you know, Americans are the most arrogant in the world. Once you go outside the USA, the first thing you notice is that people are much more humble and modest in comparison.

      This applies to girls too, so yes, it is much easier to meet girls overseas, socially speaking. I spent a year in Russia and Europe and several years in Asia, so I know this from firsthand experience. So you see, this has nothing to do with "how to pick up girls". It has to do with a much friendlier and more positive social vibe overseas, which is taboo to talk about in America.

      Do you understand my point?

      Please watch my documentary series "Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind" on Vimeo (it was too taboo for YouTube, which removed it). It proves everything I say concretely. Here is the link to it:


  8. Wu needs to come to the south. The south is much more friendly and neighborly than other parts of country.

    Maybe, he needs to take some dancing lessons. I hook up with babes by asking them to dance.

    Wu seems to be a timid individual and a bit self conscience. Which is quite obviously with his extreme use of the term "you know".

    Pick up a guitar learn to play it and sing. Open mics are a great way to socialize with people.

    Why he is worried about. What people think of him. If he is just being friendly and speaks to them.

    Good Luck Wu.

    1. 911truthnc,
      One more thing. To get the broadest scope of all my comparisons of America vs. many other countries, please see my new 7 point comparison treatise. It's very comprehensive and covers 7 major areas.

      Also see my new page describing 10 life-changing Big Secrets about other countries and what they can offer you, that the US media will NEVER tell you. These 10 secrets will really open your eyes if you read them with an open objective mind. I promise you that. See below.

      Also, what I was trying to say earlier was that in a fake toxic artificial social culture, like America, people like me who are very down-to-earth and authentic are naturally going to feel out of place and alienated. It's simple logic.

      Did you know that:

      Deep thinkers tend to dislike America and not fit into it. The reason is because America is mostly predicated on lots of fakery, hype, BS, illusion, lies, phoniness, etc. Deep thinkers see through all that and don't fit into it. Instead, they usually prefer Europe, because most European cultures are more conducive to intellectualism and authenticity. Thus, deep thinkers and deep souls tend to feel more at home in Europe. Make sense?

      That's something you will not usually hear in the conspiracy movement or alternative media, because they are not ready for such comparisons yet.

    2. I agree with much of what you are saying. However, your view does not reflect on everywhere in US.

      I did not mean to suggest. That you do something that is unnatural to you.

      I find dancing, playing guitar and singing as a reward within itself. When I began it was awkward. But it was something I wanted to do. Now they are part of who I am as a person.

      To focus so much on other people perceptions is a waste of time in my opinion.

      You have to be your own fun.

      I think I would enjoy Europe. But I also enjoy living in Raleigh. There is practically no crime, people are generally open and polite.
      But most of them are shy. Break the ice and you have friend.

      If you are so comfortable with yourself. Why do you need to constantly repeat the phrase
      "you know"? It is a sign of insecurity in my view.

      When I was 19. I hitch hiked across the US and Canada. The experience renewed my faith in mankind. I had many more beautiful experiences with people than bad.

      Also, all of Europe is not has you claim it to be.

      Jessica Andreasson - An Immigrant in Sweden

      Hedrick has done many shows on how bad Western Europe has become.

      If you were much more happier in Europe. Why are you now living in the USA?

      I'll check out your work.


    3. "911Truthnc": u're full of it. If Winston wants to be truly happy, he should play chess, listen to Rimsky-Korsakov symphonies, and eat more peanuts, like I do--works for me, anyway--also he should send me money too--then he'd REALLY find true happiness, ho ho ho ho

  9. Hi all,
    This is Winston. Thanks for the interview Jim. But can you change the title of our interview? The title you have, "The problem in America" sounds too vague and generic. How about something like "The benefits of getting out of America" or "Comparisons of America vs. Many Other Countries"?

    The thing is, the title is important here because we are discussing a groundbreaking topic that is not usually discussed in the conspiracy movement or alternative media, which fallaciously equates America and "the world" as the same thing. So the title should reflect that.

    We are discussing important life changing secrets about the overseas world and major differences between America and other countries that are taboo to discuss. Hopefully this will help break this topic into the conspiracy movement.

    Thank you all for listening. If you want to listen to my podcasts, or see my videos or photos -- all of which backup everything I said in the interview -- please visit my website at The people in my forum will also validate what I say.


  10. Hi Jim,
    During our show, you asked me to explain why tattoos are a sign of moral degradation. Well here are some proofs that I forgot to mention.

    1. Consider a morally virtuous society, like Victorian England. In it, tattoos would be seen as abhorrent. Or, take a country with strong traditional values, like China. In China, tattoos are disliked and seen as abhorrent, as a sign of high deviant behavior. Is that a coincidence? I don't think so.

    2. Now take the USA, which we all know is in a state of moral decline and degeneration, and has been for decades. In the US, tattoos are now mainstream. Is that a coincidence? I don't think so.

    Do you see the obvious correlation now?

    Even in the Bible, there is a verse against tattoos.

    "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD." - Leviticus 19:28

    Also, studies show a correlation between tattoos and deviant behavior. See the links below: