Friday, December 13, 2013

Dwain Deets

A 757 at the Pentagon?


  1. Then why didn't they show a video of an actual plane hitting the building. 5 minutes in and I'm hoping your guest has more than this: )

  2. So Jim is not seeing the light, he still repeating the nonsense about holograms...

    I'll let that rest for now... I just want to ask who these podcasts are for? What is the point of repeating the same thing over again and again. We have already heard your theories about JFK and 911. It must have been the 50th time I have heard you go on about Clint Hill giving the thumbs down before they got to the underpass. Have you memorized all your essays off by heart or are you just reading veterans today while you pretend to care what your guests are saying?

    1. it's like in Groundhog Day (1993), but Andie MacDowell isn't there, and it's the 'Beatles till you puke' instead of Sonny & Cher's "I Got You Babe".

      Yeah I know.

    2. I agree with you, Chris. Simply put and to the point.
      "Deride" (since that's all he seems to do) and many others like him don't seem to do anything more productive than try to boost their "know-it-all" egos...
      Go broadcast your own point of view on your own webcasts, you whiners.
      I'm sure that Jim is more interested in having fallacies of some points of explored and exposed... even if it does seem repetitive at times. To some people all this could be new information, enough to provoke some interest and investigation.

      I personally am grateful for Jim's broadcasts.

      I think he punched enough holes in Deets theories, that likeminded people may also re-examine their own views.

      Of course people like DEERIDE and Jim Hollander, like Cliff Claven, already know it all.

      I'm waiting on the edge of my chair for them to them to get off their whiny, stinky, complaining asses and do something productive.

      God, I hate assholes!

    3. "Deride", "DEERIDE" ..?

      You are weird.

      To complain about the complainers make you... a complainer, and the only way the content of this podcast can be "new information" to anyone, is to gullible morons with 0 investigative skilz like you. Call me all kinds of weird names all you want, that wont make your 'weirdo' condition better.

    4. Dwain Deets has held responsible positions with NASA and, for him to have come to the point of making presentations that DEFEND the hypothesis that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon deserves a response. So I featured him and we discussed it.

      Every show potentially has a new audience, where some points are important enough to repeat for their benefit. That some have heard me make some of these points before is a good sign and shows that you have been paying attention. Thanks for listening!

  3. C'est mon avis que Dwayne Deets est un agent du doute raisonnable. Ses arguments sont extrêmement contradictoires. Ainsi, l'auditeur est à se demander ce qu'il faut croire. Ce spectacle est sous la catagory de « disinfotainment » .

  4. Freeride:

    If you don't shut the fuck up, we're going to have to get Pasquale back in here. You remember Pasquale!!
    Don't you?

  5. Look again, amigo. A huge collection of photos exists of LARGE IDENTIFIABLE pieces of an A-3 Skywarrior being crane liftyed out of the Pentagon. The biggest puzzle is, why the resistance to the reporting of this fact. If you have ever been in the service, heirarchy must be maintained or panic and punishment soon come down, not up. I imagine after General Albert Stubblebine reviewed this large photo collection that I mention, he felt that his later evaluation of what occured at the pentagon that day should be observed. He DID endorse this collection. But then comes the face slapping truth of the matter. The U.S. military upper ranks did this. This is earth shattering news, in case you missed the shock entirely.

  6. All of you people are ready to scrub and cut without getting past basic anatomy. It should be YOUR loved ones harmed by this indulgence rather than so many others. You thus can be as cruelly motivated as what you choose to foist off on the world as 'expertise' in the accumulation and analysis of photographic and other evidence of an impacting jet of some kind, a small wing mounted missile from it PERHAPS armed with a mininuke, AND a full sized Global Hawk cruise missile.

    AGAIN, I refer you to the and their EXTENSIVE collection of photographs of A-3 Skywarrior, Global Hawk, and pentagon interior shaped and mounted ordnance detonated to achieve this desired affect. RESEARCH, FIND, and CONSULT this information BEFORE YOU UTTER another word on this matter. I am ready to yank my own teeth with a pair of hooked jaw Erwin 9" Vise-Grips!! Dr. Fetzer has seen this collection and he must be stoned drunk to be able to cope. Or he is a shill, which is a totally illogical conclusion, given his extensive history of tagging maggots working for the Bush cabal and the rest.
    A-3 parts by THE TON. Go see!!! This package of photographs was endorsed by Major General Albert Stubblebine, ret'd. 99% of the military in the know must lie or risk being shot. Get on it, civilians. You will not be shot. Voters made and continue to mewl and suck on junk food under CFRtv hypnosis, and I must use the words of Dr. Jim Fetzer, in that I find it DISGUSTING. No other words in the English language, Ebonics, or my own scatological verbage compare to the fitness of this adjective.

    1. Apologies: That is 'Irwin' hook jawed 9" Vise-Grip pliers. the best anywhere.

  7. SECOND APOLOGY: As used in my comment, the word 'disgusting' serves its purpose as an ADVERB. Miss Keitzer, teacher of my high school English class penalized me for ewxcessive unauthorized absences and left me traumatized. Most all of my English teachers left me traumatized.