Friday, December 20, 2013

Arthur Topham with Joshua Blakeney

Free Speech in Canada


  1. Did I hear it right between 50 and 52 minutes?

    Did Joshua Blakeney criticize the British government for disrespecting (in fact, criminalizing) aboriginal leader Nick Griffin and ignoring the legitimate claims of Britain's aboriginal peoples, the English, Scots and Welsh? Did he really say that Britain's natural resources properly belong to the English, Scots and Welsh ethnies and not to non-aboriginal 'usurpers' like Jews (and, by extension, other Asians, Blacks etc.)?

    Did he accuse Greg Dyke, former Director General of the BBC, Jack Straw, former Foreign Secretary, and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a respected journalist with regular gigs at the Guardian and BBC, of using 'racist terminology' when Dyke had said the BBC was 'hideously White', and Straw had said 'the English are not worth saving as a race', and Alibhai-Brown had said she wanted 'White men to die out within a generation' (so following then that no White people at all will remain after two generations)?

    Did he say that since Jews (and, by extension, other Asians, Blacks, etc.) are not the aboriginal peoples of Britain it's a disgraceful double standard that succeeding governments have kow-towed to them on race and nation issues but won't even permit Britain’s aboriginal peoples to organise in their own interests (in fact has criminalized such organisation) and will not meet with their representatives to address their legitimate grievances?

    Gee, I guess Blakeney’s not the Jews’ useful idiot after all.

  2. Lol. Nice satire.

    Yea, Joshua , stop playing Great White Pappy to all the non-White groups displaced, dispossessed, and discriminated against by global Jewish Jewing, and start speaking for your OWN GROUP that’s being displaced, dispossessed and discriminated against in YOUR OWN HOMELAND.

    Instead of constantly attacking ’em.


  3. P.S. nick dean, Joshua and anyone else out there in fetzer-land ... Joshua's sometime sidekick, the rather lovely 'Syrian Girl' recently went where Joshua won't and said, indeed, those darned white folks too ought to have rights, control of their historic nations, group pride, political representation and all that nice stuff Josh wants for da Palestinians, da Red Man, da African and so on (everyone but honkey!).

    She even said all this on David Duke's show, horror of horrors!

    Take a leaf outta Syrian Girl's book, Josh and start being a genuine anti-racist and treat all peoples fairly and with respect. Even your own (although I do sometimes wonder whether you're really English, what with your Jamasian-London patois! Get some self-respect you buffoon!)

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