Monday, October 21, 2013

Mark Novitsky

Whistleblowing can be hazardous to your health


  1. Remember, there are
    real whistleblowers
    and there are
    fake whistleblowers.

    I believe Mark Novitsky is a real whistleblower with the information I have at this time.

    I think Karen Hudes is a fake whistleblower.
    I and many others believe Karen Hudes, a Jewish attorney who had a high level position at the World Bank for many years, is involved in a psychological operation, and we are working on an idea of exactly what her psyop is.

    It amazes me that Dr. Fetzer takes Hudes at face value and that Mr. Novitsky does too, as do almost all of the alternative radio show hosts since they have been having her as almost a regular guest on their shows for over six months.

    I am a bit curious as to exactly how Mark N. determined that NewGen was "overcharging" its customers, car dealerships. I am also a little puzzled at how Novitsky could have been so naïve to believe TeleTech and even going back to work for them.
    I cannot automatically accept at face value TeleTech's reason why "they had to fire Mark so they could face their stockholders" and “had to” start legal actions against Mark. To me, one should consider that TeleTech, who was in like flint with State Dept. and several other major governmental entities, was so "very interested" in Mark's information and hired him back so as to "reel him in", keep him quiet, and out of the way, to keep Mark from further whistleblowing with prominent public and private entities. In other words, TeleTek may have all along been just as corrupt as NewGen.

    I just feel very let down when I hear the solution is that we should go to our congress member's office, and attend their Town Hall meetings and stand up and speak out That has proven for almost 20 years to be a useless dead end, to say nothing of the fact that it may more clearly identify yourself as a “domestic terrorist” to our police state operatives.

    One real solution is for alternative media to try to determine who is a real whistleblower and have those persons on their shows and let the guest talk. That is itself a strong solution.

    I would mention also that there are there are
    real firings and real blackballing from employment
    and there are
    fake firings, sheep dipping a person to lend credibility to the official story of the overall Big Lie event the government is pushing at the time.

    Best I can tell Mark Novitsky was really fired and really blackballed and really lost his family and is the real deal. (I do not quite understand how a wife or spouse can leave and divorce their spouse because he or she took a courageous stand, believed in the rule of law, loved their country, and did the right thing, but I have seen this many times.)

  2. Jeanon,

    Remember, there are real comments and shills. Is a person who documents this chronology a real or fake whistleblower? A famous journalist seems to think I am a real whistleblower:
    So does this German website:

  3. Having known Jeannon for far longer than I have known Karen, I am caught in the middle in believing in them both. I do not underestimate Jeannon, but I would be seriously disturbed if she were right and I were wrong about Karen Hudes, who seems to me to be bona fide and doing what she can to straighten out a World Bank that has gone off the rails.

  4. It's worse than you know, Jim. Just do a little digging, and all will be exposed.