Wednesday, October 23, 2013

James Norwood / Jesse Ventura



  1. Regarding the JFK assassination TV coverage, view "Three Shots That Changed America " where one TV anchor man actually says live on air only minutes after the assassination of JFK:-

    " This has to be a conspiracy! One man could not have done this!"

    Check it out!!

    1. Dean, This is an important observation. The featured commentator on ABC was Jim Haggerty, who was at the time a Vice-President of ABC Paramount Pictures. On the air, Haggerty remarked, “I think this [the assassination of President Kennedy], like the Puerto Rican attempt in front of the Blair House in 1950, has to be a planned conspiracy.” Based on the earliest information being reported about JFK’s death by sniper fire in Dealey Plaza, Haggerty immediately suspected that the assassination of President Kennedy was not the work of a lone fanatic, but was similar to the attempt made by multiple assassins planning to shoot President Truman at Blair House in 1950. The television clip with Haggerty’s commentary suggests that his use of the word “conspiracy,” which was repeated on multiple occasions during the interview, was selected carefully by a major media figure at a time when “conspiratorial thinking” was not the subject of ridicule that it is today.

    2. Are you sure it was Jim Haggerty?
      I remember the anchor man saying it but don't recall him mentioning Puerto Rico. Are you sure it's the same one?
      I saw it on a History Channel DVD boxed set.
      It was the Three Shots That Changed America DVD. The disk that shoed TV coverage. The guy just said something like " This has to be a conspiracy. One man couldn't have done this." or something similar.
      It was just after the assassination had happened.

      That's the History

      Check it out.

      Thanks for your reply.

    3. Correction:


  2. Better a Conspiracy "buff" than a Lone Nut BUFFOON!!

  3. On second thoughts, James...maybe you're right....maybe it was Jim Haggerty. An okdish gray haired man?
    Anyway...somebody said it!

    Thx again.

    1. Dean,

      Undoubtedly, there were multiple broadcasters and commentators using the word “conspiracy” in the early coverage of the assassination. But the most prestigious was almost certainly Jim Haggerty, the former press secretary of President Eisenhower. The excerpts from the ABC broadcast of Haggerty’s description of the assassination as a “conspiracy” appear on the DVD “ABC New Classics—The Assassination of President Kennedy” (2007), which is available from Amazon.

    2. Thanks for the ABC info, James.

      Appreciate it.


  4. but this is all larry silverstein 'pull it' or building7 demise announced prematurely by the bbc or no plane wreckage or bodies in shanksville or ... they actively encourage these 'conspiracy' rabbit-holes to keep you tied up for years in a fantasy adventure, and away from the real-deal faked heart of matters. governments change. blame one of them. the powers behind governments don't change so much. you have all been sucked into a charade for years. you are the equivalent of the alex jones 9/11'ers, with jim leading the troupe/posse. everything was explained in clear and indisputable terms in both the sandyhook and boston hoaxes (more so in even later hoaxes like Nairobi and Woolwich) everything! the fakery goes back to jfk (and rfk), and beyond. what makes you think it wouldn't? the Kennedy's were 'elites'! what's more culto proves all this ffs, and much more. have you not been led by the noses long enough? wake up and smell the bullshit everywhere, and not just around your own neck of the woods!

    the psy-op mechanism exposed;

    1. I'm going to try to assume, for the moment, that you are a well-meaning fellow, pshea, and not yet another of Cass Sunstein's many cognitive-infiltration hacks.

      But what you, Abirato and Culto are positing is an absolutely massive conspiracy to FOOL the public by FAKING virtually every major, politically significant news event that centers on violence -- going back at least 50 years. (Hey, why not hundreds, even thousands of years while you're at it...)

      So what would be the MOTIVE for such an elaborate process of charades and magic tricks, one which would have to consciously involve literally hundreds of thousands of journalists, scholars, public officials, business executives and ordinary citizens? And where are the inevitable "leakers" who would have tried to expose the fakery?

      (Maybe they were all murdered too, but only in a pretend way, of course!) ;)

      If this is neither madness nor the sowing of Sunstinian confusion, then perhaps it is a rather puerile twisting of the Hindu concept of "Maya".

      Naive delusion, however, is my diagnosis, fueled by a desperate need for cognitive resonance, with confirmation bias acting as a powerful catalyst.

      Get over it, man. JFK was killed to facilitate the "unspeakably" evil plans of a coalition of the very factions he obstructed, and it was done in a Masonically symbolic, ritual manner to keep many more mouths closed (among the elite) than would likely have otherwise been the case.

  5. have you actually gone through the evidence presented by Culto over the last three years, andy?

    be honest now.

  6. pshea, you have gone off the deep end. I really don't know what to make of you. What is your background? your level of education? your career or profession? A person who would doubt that JFK, RFK--and, no doubt, MLK--were in fact assassinated is either unfamiliar with the evidence or suffers from cognitive impairments.

  7. deep end my arse! why don't you answer my question jim? have you studied culto's extensive research on the jfk staged assassination or not? it is irrelevant who I am, where I come from, what I do etc. when it comes to this. I have followed the evidence and that has lead me to the same place that the evidence from 9/11, 7/7, sandyhook, boston etc. has lead me - straight to fucking fake-ville. I have asked you this same question on numerous occasions, and you have refused to answer every time, always and ever only to offer up the same ad hominem responses. can you please answer the question with a yes or a no!

  8. Pshea,

    The answer to your question is “no.” The JFK assassination was not a “staged” event. It was not “faked.” It was not a “psy-ops” event. Over eighty eyewitnesses at Parkland hospital attended to and observed the deceased president.

    This blog will be most successful if it focuses on the main issues of the podcast—teaching the JFK assassination, new books on the assassination, and Jesse Ventura’s new book on the assassination. The blog will not be successful if it focuses on issues that have no bearing on those topics.

  9. james; I asked jim did he study Culto's work, and he refuses to answer. I will ask you the same question. Ed charini, who jim has had on as a guest and who also worked for years on the case with groden, also now fully supports the idea that it was a staged affair and has produced an hour long video alongside copious amounts of other compelling evidence which proves the fakery. this blog should be about truth and the search for it. it has now been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that fakery is indeed the case. your comment doesn't sit well.

    1. Ed Chiarini is full of crap just like you. Jimmy Carter is JFK? Oswald was really country singer Jimmy Reeves. Give me a break! Go fuck yourself too Kennedy Killer!

    2. Stop it, Ralph, you're ruining the Universe!

  10. Groden's true identity as a deep-disinfo agent, although vociferously claimed many years ago by his former writing partner Harrison Livingstone, has only recently been incontrovertably self-proved by Groden's own pitiful, wishing-will-make-it-so defence of the fraudulently altered Zapruder Film as genuine. The fact that the ludicrous cointelpro-clown (or is it "absurdist-performance artist") Chiarini now claims to have been a "teenage researcher" for Groden only helps to seal the deal.

  11. do you know something George ozil?'re some langer!

    Index to the Thread;

    but there's a 50/50 chance the future is bright.

    now remember james, andy and jim, the importance of study before dismissing out of hand!

    See Ya!

  12. you must enjoy disgracing yourself chris.
    keep it up. you are good at it.

  13. I get along with everyone mark. I have seen you active on letsroll forums. do you care to add your two cents regarding Culto's work at LRF?

  14. What has happened in the last few years, is that with more and more real fake identity used for operations, and almost always fake stories put out with faked (altered) photographs, more persons are beginning to wander into the "It is all fake" idea. This has happened in a specific way at September Clues, though their reasons are more understandable than in someother cases, while they remain wrong about some of it. It has also happened at the valuable but of coirse, as a forum, overeager LetsRollForum, and also happened to Ab Irato, who decided that some fakes meant all fake. We have to distinguish between asking difficult questions and sometimes indeed finding more weirdness, versus thinking all possible ideas actually pan out.

    1. Thank you, Clare, for reminding us that just because we keep on "finding more wierdness" doesn't mean that all POSSIBLE ideas (I assume you mean conspiracy theories...) actually pan out.

      Yet I have a strong suspicion that far more high wierdness (courtesy of some of the same behind-the-curtain perps that brought us the 9/11 conjuring show) is still on the way.

      Please pause and consider that the very same "nonfiction" cable-TV channels that keep laying it on thick with "Oswald-the-lone-nut" and "Osama-toppled-the-towers" pseudo-documentaries, month after month and year after year, ALSO are the channels that keep bombarding viewers with "Ancient Aliens," "UFOs" and "Masonic Symbolism" propaganda -- for hundreds of hours each year.

      Esotericists Picknett and Prince nailed this booga-booga intel-agency scam shortly before 9/11 occurred, when they published their covert-op expose' book titled "The Stargate Conspiracy". Outraged as they were to discover that today's spooks have been "co-opting" the ancient gods of Egypt all over the place in the post-Roswell era, the authors warned of still more bizarre deceptions, drenched in occult symbolism (as 9/11 was soon to be) still to come -- from the bowels of Langley, Tavistock, etc.

      It may be a stretch, but not a very extended one, to expect that the occultic/covert-ops boys' next big-time false flag will appear to land in a saucer, right on the White House lawn, or maybe at United Nations Plaza.

      (Remember Ronnie Ray-gun's "slip of the tongue" about a literal "Star Wars" someday against invading ETs. And long before that curious pontification, General Macarthur was quoted to similar effect.)

      Or perhaps it will be the long-delayed carrying out of a once-favored paranoid fantasy known as "Project Blue Beam". (Hey hologram fans, Jim included, check out that biz!)

      And should the finally perfected "beam" succeed in bringing about its covert operators' demonic dream of a conjuring a new, world-capturing religion, will the few-remaining sane among us, who then RIGHTFULLY exclaim "IT'S ALL FAKE," be just as thoroughly ignored as the fabled "Little Boy Who Cried Wolf"?


      It's called "operant conditioning," isn't it?

      And maybe Culto and Co. are merely unknowing cogs in the gears of SOMEBODY'S infernal machine.

  15. enough of the patronising bullshit clare (and andy). I will ask you the same question that I asked the others (who continue to fail to answer); have you gone through culto's research, yes or no?