Monday, July 22, 2013

Jim Fetzer

On JFK with "Live Mike"

NB: 162 minutes


  1. Great interviewee Jim and great interviewer Mike!!

    The magic bullet theory is the smoking gun of conspiracy and cover up in the assassination of JFK.

  2. Outstanding job. Jim details all the issues brilliantly. It boggles the mind how people can watch one show on the biased "History" Channel and conclude that all the arguments against the 'lone nutter' theory are crap.

    "Yes I did It" button. Nice!

  3. Jim Fetzer.

    I have followed and greatly respected and admired your teachings since, say 2005. That was when I got my first computer. My favorite of all your presentations --- ( until tonight ) --- was the lecture you gave on Nov. 16, 2005 at University of Minnesota-Duluth entitled “JFK, 911, and Wellstone.”

    You gave an absolute stellar performance tonight! And your host was a perfect match. He would let you talk --- on and on --- and then at some point (and he to always seemed to know the appropriate time) he would ask a question --- and off you’d go again. It was just an amazing performance really by both of you. I enjoyed it so much.

    And I really laughed out loud along with both of you after he’d asked you “where’s the brain?” and followed with “that really would be the smoking gun to prove conspiracy” to which you replied , something like “Well, just about everything I’ve all ready presented to you tonight proves conspiracy!” I mean this is such a serious topic. We all really need to laugh once in awhile!

    Thanks again both of you.